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The New Life Education Trust

All here can change if the Magician choose.
If human will could be made one with God’s,
If human thought could echo the thoughts of God,
Man might be all-knowing and omnipotent;
(Savitri /457) – Sri Aurobindo
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The meeting started at 10.30 AM with Mother’s music. President Sri
Sriballav Panigrahi presided over the meeting. At the beginning, Sn Niranjan
, Secretary, Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centre, Sundargarh
welcomed the participants and wished. the meeting a success.
Sri Sriballav Panigrahi, President desired that a core committee
consisting of a few members out of the Executive Committee may De
formed which may seat on regular intervals and the Executive Body meeting
may seat once in either 4 months or 6 months. This will be discussed and
decided in the next meeting.
Minutes of the last E.B. meeting held on 9.10.2005 held at Matrubhaban
Cuttack which was sent to everybody was read out and confirmed. Then
the following decisions were taken.
1. It was reconfirmed that the errata list of the present text books will
be prepared and inserted in the corresponding text book before the next
academic session., Kumari Anjali Tripathy was requested to take the
2. Sri Narendra Bhai from Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondichery has sent
his best wishes and gratitude to all the organisers of different Centres
where the Sanskrit workshops were organised sincerely.
3. It was learnt that even after regular and repeated request the
attendance of the teachers,meet, students meet organised by the New
Life Education Trust has been poor. It was decided that Sarbeswar Bhai
of Satya Zone, Lalit Bhai of Samarpan Zone, Prafulla Bhai of Sangati
Zone, Debi Bhai of Samata Zone were requested to enquire through their
district organisers the problems and reasons of non attendance of the
schools which could be taken care of.
4. The New Life Education Trust Co-ordinators were advised to contact
all schools coming under their jurisdication and encourage them to
participate in all activities of the Trust.
However President proposed to have state level students meet among
students of Std- VIII to Std-X, Zonal level students meet among students
of VI, VII and district level students meet among students of below std -
VI. After detail discussion the proposal was kept pending and it was
decided to continue as before.
It was also decided that the schools who cannot afford the camp dues,
the Secretary may allow them some concession. But in any case these
should be limited to needy schools only.
It was also proposed that the district level and Zonal level meets may
be conducted at sufficient gap from state level meets.
It was suggested that a Calender of events of all district level, Zone
level and State level meets, seminars, camps, conferences be printed in
the beginning of the academic session.
A proposal to organise a meet of the English medium schools at
Rourkela or Biramitrapur those are affiliated to the NLET once a year was
raised by Sri Saroj Patnaik. He was requested to look to the physibility
and utility and give a report in the next meeting after which decision may
be taken up for organising the meet.
It was suggested to select the students to participate in the state/
Zonal/District level by looking to their attendance, extra curricular activities
and other performance.
The accounts of the NLET circulated through the last proceedings
‘was read out and confirmed. Though the account was audited interna!ly
still it was decided that this account will also be audited by a chartered
It was decided that the text books will be reprinted immediately so that
all books up to std V shall be available by 25th March 2006. The new text
books will be available by end of May, 2006. The new books include all
Text books of std VI and English book of std VII.
Sri Arabinda Mohapatra produced certain report regarding the mistakes
from the Oriya text books available and introduced in some Integral Schools
in KG classes. But he was pointed out that the New Life Education Trust
is not going to print any text book for KG classes. Hence Sri Mohapatra
was requested to prepare a multilingual script of the Oriya Text Book
published by the Trust for standard-I.
The President along with Sri S. Mohanty, Joint Secretary and Sri Sarat
Ghosh of Raghunathpur have met the Secretary, Education. Although the
Secretary was convinced about our work, still he wanted to have everything
in detail in pen and paper. The achievements, statements of our experiment
is under preparation which will be submitted to him shortly. The secretary
however wanted to have the teacher student ratio as 1:40 instead of 1 :20
in our high schools earlier approved in our scheme.
It was understood that this year again the schools under plan scheme
will get 33% of the total sanction budget as only 10 lakhs out of 28 lakhs
have been sanctioned. The concerned schools were requested to receive
as early as possible the cheques from Trust office at Khandagiri and
deposite the UC immediately so that the balance amount could be asked
for after submitting the UC of the sanctioned amount.
It was decided to prepare a form for the Trust co-ordinaters which they
will fill up while visiting the Integral Schools.
The Secretary submitted a proposal for Sri Aurobindo University to be
started at Dalijoda. The purpose of the University is to educate everybody
in Sri Aurobindo & The Mother’s Philosophy and Ideal. Everybody present
expressed their happiness on the proposal.
It was decided that President Sri S. Panigrahi along with Sri Aparti
Charan Dash & Sri Saroj Pattnaik will visit New Delhi to discuss in the
labour department about the EPF affairs of the Integral Schools of Orissa.
Then the problems of the Individual schools of western Orissa were
taken up. About Bhatlaida, Purna Bhai & Saroj Bhai were requested to
visit and find solution. Regarding Brajrajnagar, President himself
programmed to visit on 29th Jan 2006 and requested Secretary to
accompany. Both of them would attend a meeting on 29.1.2006 and short
out problems there. Affiliation of schools were then taken up.The following
schools were affiliated to the New Life Education Trust as mentioned
against each.
Place of SAIEC
Gada Kujanga
Padampur Jagatsingpur
R. Udaygiri
Sareipur Balasore
Kelakata, Boudh
It was decided to hold the next All Orissa Sri Aurobindo Integral
Education Students meet during Dec, 2006 at Indrabati, Nabarangapur.
The next E.B of NLET will be held on 5.3.2006 at SAIEC, Itamati. The
authority of SAIEC, Itamati were requested to make necessary
arrangements for the meeting. Sri Saroj Pattnaik proposed a vote of
thanks specially to the authority of SAIEC, Sundargarh for their help and
co-operation. The meeting ended with silence.

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