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Role of spirituality in inspiring prefigurative political practice

Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra 

AMBALAL BALKRISHNA PURANI (26.05.1894, Surat — 11.12.1965), a disciple of Sri Aurobindo who came under his influence in boyhood. He, along with his brother ...
15 hours ago — Questions and Answers 1954Conversations based on the Mother's essays on education and three small books by Sri Aurobindo: Elements of Yoga, Bases of Yoga and ...
On Dhammapada (13 September 1957) - The Mother. 101 views · 6 hours ago ...more. Arvind T Akki Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry ... The Golden day Supramental ...
14 hours ago — Sri Aurobindo's poem 'Bride of the Fire" is very much Vedic in essence as well as in its occult and spiritual significance. The power of Fire (referred to ...
Savitri, Sri Aurobindo - Page, 79. Arangaswamy Ganesh · 2:47 · Savitri, Sri Aurobindo - Page, 78. Arangaswamy Ganesh.
'Bride of the Fire' is a poem written by Sri Aurobindo. The poet invokes the God of Fire, Agni and asks him to embrace his life for eternal pleasure.
... Sri Aurobindo Ashram School. Sri Aurobindo Society•649 views · 20:08 · Go to channel · SRI AUROBINDO - GLIMPSES OF HIS LIFE | TELUGU | Film on
Savitri by Sri Aurobindo Page 128 in Tamil. Savitri by Sri Aurobindo Page 128 in Tamil. 1 view · 9 minutes ago ...more. buzzutopia. 142. Subscribe.

Check out my new @NewBooksNetwork interview with Stephen Phillips of @UTAustin about his new work from @BloomsburyPub, “The Metaphysics of Meditation: Sri Aurobindo and Adi-Sakara on the Isa Upanisad.”

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Stephen Phillips, "The Metaphysics of Meditation: Sri Aurobindo and Adi-Sakara on the Isa Upanisad" (Bloombury, 2024)

Source: New Books in Philosophy…

Differences Between the Practice of Magic and Spiritual Action… via @santoshk1

Dharma’s expansive multiple-life metaphysics, premised on the fundamental truth of consciousness rather than its materialist dismissal as an epiphenomenon, is its most unique, precious and indispensable philosophical contribution to the human experience.  

A thread.

Education is the key driver of growth. Nehru was one of the world's most intellectually gifted leaders. He had the far-sight to reach out to leading scientists, like Mahalanobis, Homi Bhabha & Vikram Sarabhai & establish the early IITs, IIMs. Let us not destroy this great legacy.


R Yadava, N Harihar - 2023 -
203 days ago - … Sri Aurobindo thus extends the involutionary logic of our … Sri Aurobindo thus argues in defence of higher states of … , Sri Aurobindo put it in the synthetic tenor of the Veda: …

[B] Making the'Woman': Discourses of Gender in 18th-19th century India

S Dutta, S Tandon - 2023 -
218 days ago - … As a dark, angry, tongue-lolling, bloodthirsty annihilator, Kali falls outside the Aryan-Vedic-Brahminical construction of the goddess as a fair benefactress, a benign power. …

Could Kali Be Bharat Mata?: Interrogating Iconicity in Indian Goddesses

N Mukherjee - Making the'Woman' -
218 days ago - … Ironically, this aided a narrative construction of India’s history which saw the Vedas as the … 2 Sri Aurobindo’s original composition of Bhavani Bharati can be accessed here: …

[PDF] Learning from Auroville's seed; in quest for the (unrecognizable) eternal space-time

J Ribeiro - Time and Space -
217 days ago - … Or according to the Vedic tradition: how to create the universe and all his galaxies … As we have seen, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother called this higher mystery the supermind…

Sri Aurobindo in the University

S Mohanty - Indian Literature, 2023 - JSTOR
212 days ago - … They know about the translation theories of Susan Basnett, 9 but not those by Sri Aurobindo who had ably translated the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Indian epics. …

[PDF] Noam Chomsky's 'stimulus-free language': A pedestal of mantric poetry

N Kumar - 2023 -
207 days ago - … the yoga of, what Sri Aurobindo terms, ‘psychicisation’. … of mind in the light of Sri Aurobindo’s ‘integral yoga’ and … our attention to the discoveries of the Vedic Rishis …

[B] Vedanta Philosophy of Management vol-1

S Deb - 2023 -
211 days ago - … social change in terms of Vedic work ethics and code of … are synthesized with the Vedic work principles to uplift … of management with the Vedic rules of work practices, in …

Towards a Spiritual Model of Cosmic Education Based on Advaita Vedanta Philosophy

R Pulido-Moyano - Philosophy and Cosmology, 2023 -
225 days ago - … authors, Vivekananda and Aurobindo, who led the … the philosophical culmination of the Vedas, and Advaita … by other Indian thinkers like Aurobindo. The 20th century …

[PDF] Indian Knowledge System: Nurturing the Course of Time

SB Singh, S Kumar - LITERARY QUEST -
224 days ago - … The most ancient texts of knowledge are the Vedas. All four Vedas are enshrined with all types of knowledge which are relevant today also. There is a need to introspect …

[PDF] Sri Aurobindo's Yogic Vision of 'Electron'as a Form of Consciousness and the 'Probability Wave'of the Quantum Theory

N Kumar - 2023 -
223 days ago - … Such scientific truth, it is reiterated, comes into the vision of the yogic consciousness of man in as much as we see in Sri Aurobindo and the ancient Vedic Rishis also. …

[PDF] Politics of languages: Decoding the Hegemony of Translation

S Kumar -
220 days ago - … of our great writeº including Sri Aurobindo, Ravindra Nath Tagore and some others is … such as The Ramayana, The Mahabharata, Vedas, Puranas and other works of great …

[B] The Metaphysics of Meditation: Sri Aurobindo and Adi-Sakara on the Isa Upanisad

S Phillips - 2024 -
232 days ago - … the Vedanta tradition and Aurobindo is a towering figure … “you,” whereas according to Aurobindo it comes as a divine … Framed around Aurobindo's translation of each of the …


N Kumar - European Journal of Literary Studies, 2023 -
235 days ago - … in the light of the yogic discovery of Sri Aurobindo, a literary luminary of the 19th-20th … ancient Vedic Rishis, the vision which is contained in the poetic line of the Rig Veda …

The Legacy of Cultural Synthesis and the Evolution of Indian Writing in English

NL Ravaliya - … Peer-Reviewed E-Journal-ISSN 2454-8596, 2023 -
234 days ago - … is the Vedas that serve as the foundation for Indian literature. It has persisted in … Aurobindo said that he was a self-illuminated ecstatic mystic who did not possess the …


P SENGUPTA - Afro Eurasian Studies, 2023 -
234 days ago - … book from class 3 to 8 has a chapter on Vedic maths. The banned practice of Sati is … of India and misrepresented heroes like Sri Aurobindo and Bal Gangadhar Tilak. It was …


N Kumar - European Journal of Literature, Language and …, 2023 -
233 days ago - … see in the case of the Vedas, the Upanishads, and the Gita. It is to be noted that these poetic masterpieces have been found by Sri Aurobindo to have been written from the …


233 days ago - … When Aurobindo preaching the essence of Bhagavad-… Sri Aurobindo ignited the mind of the devotee by defining … In the Vedic age the Sabha and Samithi too acted like the …

[PDF] Tourism, Mountain, and 'Mystic Fire': A Study on Spiritual Journey of a Vedic Sadhak Living in Panchasee Mountain in Central Nepal

D Tripathi, G Millar, TR Kaini… - Journal of Tourism and …, 2023 -
233 days ago - … It presents spiritual experiences of a Vedic sadhak, born and raised in the west, lived in Sri Aurobindo Ashram in India for forty years from his young age and now has been …

The Metaphysics of Meditation

S Phillips - 2024 -
232 days ago - … literature in Hinduism called “Veda,” much of which was … kara’s audience, Aurobindo’s as well, although Aurobindo is … to root “Vedic” texts earlier than any Upani s .ad. The …

Conceptualizing Future Trends of Teacher Education in India

MN Mohamedunni Alias Musthafa - Teaching and Teacher Education in …, 2023 - Springer
246 days ago - … India has a prolonged heritage of education starting from the Vedic period itself that … be categorised into education during the Vedic period, development under the western …

[B] Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati 'The Martin Luther of India'

A SHARMA - 2023 -
245 days ago - … In the words of a famous Indian spiritualist, poet and revolutionary, Aurobindo Ghosh; … Swami Virjanand was well- versed in the Vedic texts especially in Vedic grammar of …

Huma Betang Philosophy, Multicultural Life and Metaphysical Unification in the Upanisads

PR Joyo - International Proceeding On Religion, Culture, Law …, 2023 -
244 days ago - … While the Vedic poem describes an undifferentiated reality in the beginning of the world, several … Aurobindo states, Īśā, it is the same God who dwells in the entire cosmos (…

British Translators, Bhagat Singh, and 'Atheism': How 'Reverse Translation'Alters the Meaning of Philosophical Concepts

R Vanita - Language Ideologies and the Vernacular in Colonial …, 2023 -
243 days ago - … of thought nāstika that did not accept the Vedas. By this definition, Buddhism, Jainism … On the other hand, a nāstika does not accept the Vedas, from which may (or may …

[HTML] Unpleasant happenings in a so-called 'Culturally Developed State of Bhadraloks'

S Chatterjee -
243 days ago - … Aurobindo was also arrested for planning and overseeing the attack and imprisoned in … In Pondicherry, Sri Aurobindo dedicated himself to his spiritual and philosophical …

[PDF] Bhagwat Gita Spirituality meets Yoga

NK Jain -
241 days ago - … Sri Aurobindo speaking on Gita have said - … Persons who are learned in the vedas who utter syllabus Omkara and who are great sages in the renounced order enter into …

Between the Two Mother Indias: Normativity and the Home

JD Luther - Queering Normativity and South Asian Public Culture …, 2023 - Springer
241 days ago - … Aurobindo Ghosh, an early nationalist (later to transition into the spiritual swami Shri Aurobindo… that believed in the primacy of Vedic values, established in the 1870s by …


I Hall - 2023 -
242 days ago - … HSS branches hold regular meetings—known as shakhas after ancient Vedic schools—and raise funds for the RSS and BJP. They also run public campaigns to uphold …

[PDF] Dangerous Ramifications of Recent Ghar Wapsi Efforts

K Grane - NEXT, 2024
… This idea is built on the concept of Hindutva and the Hindu nationalist movement. … Hindutva describes a culture that has merged with the religious practices of Hinduism to create an … By such means, we see Hindutva enlarge the umbrella …

[PDF] 'India's historically shaped pluralism not easy to dislodge; diversity always part of its landscape': Rajeev Bhargava

India’s plural tradition, safeguarded by a constitutional commitment to a secular democracy, is going through challenging times. The founding ideals of a multi-religious, inclusive Indian nation are fast being reshaped by a majoritarian formulation of the …


PT Thao
… Thanks to those mentioned researching tasks, this paper is expected to help us evaluate Indian diasporas in Southeast Asia as an integral … been an integral components of Malaysia. As a result, their distinguishing cuisine and its unique …

[PDF] Tradition and modernity: integration and innovation of dance therapy in different cultural backgrounds

S Cao - 2024
This study deeply explores the integration and innovation of dance therapy in different cultural backgrounds, revealing its diversity and extensive global application. The study found that dance therapy shows significant characteristics and differences …

The Library: Where Knowledge and Inspiration Meet

N Abutayeh, L Fakhir, M Angawi - Artificial Intelligence and Economic Sustainability in …, 2024
… and engage in self-directed activities, making them an integral part of the prison environment in support of educational and rehabilitation … Effective practices like meditation and yoga courses are additionally offered to prisoners to encourage …

Alternatives to Capitalism in the 21st Century

E Barinaga, H Gerhardt, L Martell, F Adlo
… Some assume that this sudden change in how the government engages with Auroville is linked to the BJP’s recent (mis)appropriation of Sri Aurobindo as a Hindu nationalist emblem. Lawsuits filed by Auroville residents in an attempt to restore an …Responding to critiques that spirituality discourages activism, this work is revelatory of the strategic role and influence of spirituality in inspiring, informing and sustaining prefigurative political practice, while providing an honest analysis of the challenges of direct democracy, as well as prefiguring an alternative form of economic organization within a mainstream capitalist context.

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Study of needs seems to be fundamental to philosophical inquiry

 Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra

Ciclo de Estudos da CASA Sri Aurobindo SAVITRI, Parte II, Livro VI, O Livro do Destino Canto II - O Caminho do Destino e o Problema da Dor (final) Livro VII ...
8 hours ago — Sri Aurobindo points out that the Vedic Rishis managed the expression of their thought through a system of double values by which the same language served ...

A quick look at the origin and form of Indian philosophy suggests that its goals might not have been to discover properties of the world at all. A salient goal for philosophical inquiry, distinct from the sciences, could be to formulate conditions of human reflective needs for cognitive agents to lead rational lives. The study of needs seems to be fundamental to philosophical inquiry since its presence can be located even in classical Western philosophy when it is shorn off its ‘scientific’ goals. Interestingly, the study of the mind—the contentious domain under consideration—offers some promising evidence on this issue.

Reflections on Human Inquiry: Science, Philosophy, and Common Life
Nirmalangshu Mukherji - 2017 - ‎Science
One could think of the novels and plays of Sartre, poetry of Sri Aurobindo, 'metaphysical' poetry of Donne, some later poetry of Tagore, some of the fiction by Milan Kundera, Kamal Kumar Majumdar, and the like.

Reading a collection of Kamal Kumar Majumdar's short-stories. By the far the most talented Bengali short-story writer, exceptional style.

One of the finest Bengali short story writers was Kamal Kumar Majumdar. Miles ahead of Sunil. Yet not popular among masses.

Comments2 ; Friendship and Affection (Ways of Love) - Sri Aurobindo. Arvind T Akki Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry · 989 views ; Jay Jay Maa - Mohan Mistry.


Jibanananda Das (17 February 1899 – 22 October 1954) -Bengali poet, writer, novelist & essayist in the Bengali language. Musing & melancholy, yet known for vivid and unusual imagery, he is called the `Poet of Purity'.

True, tho' I don't think Kshitimohan Sen comes anywhere near the depth/breadth/impact of such post-1835 Sanskrit scholars as Brajendranath Seal, Vivekananda, K.C. Bhattacharya, B.K. Sarkar, Sri Aurobindo, Sri Anirvan, P.V. Kane, & V. Raghavan - all products of English education.

You need to read good proper historians such as R C Majumdar, Jadunath Sarkar, Radhakumud Mukherjee or scholars on Indian civilization such as Kshitimohan Sen, Haraprasad Shastri, Sunitee Chattopadhyay et al  instead of communist ideologies madquarading as scholars in history.

Mrinalini Devi and Sri Aurobindo मृणालिनी देवी और श्री अरविन्द - सुश्री ...… via @YouTube

Sri Aurobindo on the four cognitive methods of Nature

A day to remember #MeghnadSaha  (6 October 1893 – 16 February 1956), #astrophysicist noted for  the Saha Equation, fundamental to all works on stellar atmospheres. The pix shows him (seated extreme left) with his teacher J.C. Bose, acclaimed physicist & plant physiologist

#JaminiRoy (11 April 1887 – 24 April 1972). The master of line and colour, who invented his own folk idiom and created his own paints. Did you know, he restricted his palette to just seven colours: Indian red, yellow ochre, cadmium green, vermillion, grey, blue and white?

A day to remember Bhabesh Chandra Sanyal (1901-2003). Painter, sculptor, art administrator, teacher, #BCSanyal set up #Lahore School of Fine Arts and #Delhi Silpi Chakra. He was at the center of art discourse in #India and the movement to take #art to masses. A self-portrait

Born today 1906, India’s foremost sculptor and painter, #RamkinkarBaij. Brilliant, eccentric, he gave two hoots to money, fame or critics’ opinions, but Immensely admired worldwide. A barber’s son he was mentored by #NandalalBose and #RabindranathTagore.

On my Facebook page, I recently posted photographs of two sculptures by Ramkinkar Baij.

#NitinBose (April 26, 1897—April 14, 1986). Influential director-cinematographer. Used playback singing for the first time in India. A scene from Natir Puja, the only film #RabindranathTagore directed (1932). Bose was the cinematographer and shot it in four days

#Pankaj Mullick (May 10, 1905-February 19, 1978), singer-composer who brought #RabindranathTagore to the masses through film music. Forever remembered for Diner Sheshev, Ghumer Deshey composed for Pramathesh Barua’s movie Mukti (1937) and for #Mahishasurmardini every Mahalaya

Jadunath Sarkar (10 December 1870 – 19 May 1958), forgotten historian. Yet in an age of #fake #histories he's remembered for his authentic primary sources. Have fond memories of his house at Lake Terrace as a student of Centre for Studies in Social Sciences @CSSSCal years ago.

Perhaps no one serenaded #Calcutta as much as  #MrinalSen, one of the doyens of India's new wave cinema. Far away from splashy  Bollywood, the city appeared as it was, warts and all. So lucky to have  had such cultural giants  when we were growing up.  Sen was born #Today 1923

Paved his own path & stayed without being swayed by the sparkle of the gem(Manikda/ Satyajit Roy) or raw genius of Ritwik Ghatak or magnificent majesty of Tapan Sinha, 

They were true stars without stardom !!

Born #today, 1908, Manik Bandyopadhyay, whose #books make my cry every time. A math student at #PresidencyCollege, he became the star of the Kallol #literary movement of #Bengal, rebelling against the influence of #Tagore to portray subaltern characters and experiences.

3B !!Manik, Bibhutibhushan & Tara Shankar !! Totally three stream but all enrich the ocean of Bengali literature!