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New Life Education Trust - 21st May 2006

Proceedings of the Executive Committee of the New Life Education Trust
held at Matrubhaban, Cuttack on 21st May 2006
The meeting started at 10.30 AM with 2 mts meditation. Sri Sriballav Panigrahi, President presided. Sri Prasad Tripathy, Secretary read out the Proceedings of the last Executive Body meeting held at Itamati on 05.03.2006 and it was confirmed. The following resolutions were then taken up.
1. The Executive Body of the Trust will sit every 6 months instead of 4
months and the core committee will sit at least every 2 months in which
any other member may attend if interested. If required, this Core Committee
may sit as frequently as possible giving very short notice. However, other
members of the Trust even if they are not members of Core Committee
may attend the meetings of the Core Committee if they so desire.
2. It was decided to send a letter of Gratitude to the Managing Trustee of
Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, Pondicherry for having spared the services
of Dr. Narendra Arya for Sanskrit workshop.
3. Regarding teaching of Sanskrit in our schools, it was re-emphasized that
each student of any Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centre must learn
Sanskrit as best as possible and for that Sanskrit should be made
compulsory for each child. It was learnt that some schools those were
not teaching Sanskrit in the higher classes in their schools have reintroduced
it from this session. However the Trust Co-ordinators were
advised to prepare a list of schools under their jurisdiction with status of
Sanskrit in their schools.
4. Anjali Tripathy proposed to start spoken English in our schools from Std-
I on-wards which was appreciated by all. She also proposed that teachers
having experience/training be kept in charge of Pre-Primary classes. In
case any teacher who have not received any training, has to attend the
refresher course training workshop on Pre-Primary.
5. Calender of the events of state of year 2006-07 have been finalised and
printed and published in Matrubhaban Patra which have been circulated
to all the schools.
6. The approximate workload per child per class has to be workout and sent to all schools.
7. Pabitra Mohan Baral proposed to start a permanent training centre for
the teachers of Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centres. After long
discussion the secretary was requested to place a proposal in the next meeting.
8. It was decided that list of the old books will be prepared at different sale
centres (Baragarh, Raghunathpur, Koraput, Khandagiri & Matrubhaban)
and placed in the next meeting and a decision will be taken for them.
9. It was also decided that the sub -centres will send the cost of books
sold along with a list of unsold books within 15 days of opening of the
school and latest before 15th of July to Matrubhaban, Cuttack.
10. It was further decided that the co-ordinators will collect the requirement
of books school wise from their area within Aug 2007 so that the no. of
books to be printed for the next year can be finalised much early.
11. It was decided that the 1st meeting of the Core Committee will be held on
6th August 2006 Sunday at Matrubhaban, Cuttack and next General Body
meeting of the New Life Education Trust during 26th to 30th September 2006.
12. Then the affiliation of the schools were taken up.
The following Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centres applied for affiliation.
The following members are requested to visit the centres and report to NLET.
Name of the place of Name of the members to be visited SAIEC
1. Thakurmunda Sashikanta Bhai, Narayan Bhai
2. Gurudapalli Samarendra Bhai, Braja Bhai
3. Diptipur -do-
4. Karatutha Sarbeswar Bhai, Ramesh Bhai, Narayan Bhai
5. Machhkund Surendra Bhai, Prasanta Bhai
6. Champeswar Mayadhar Bhai, Kaibalya Bhai, Narayan Bhai
7. Arakhia Nirupama Apa, Sarbeswar Bhai Ramakanta Bhai
8. Titilagarh Lalit Bhai, Braja Bhai
9. Gopalpur Sarat Bhai, Danu Bhai
10. Tileibani Purna Bhai, Dambaru Bhai, Aparti Bhai
The following SAIECs were affiliated (up to class V)
Name of the place of SAIEC Nature of Affiliation
1. Dullarpur (Dularpur) Regular
2. Katikata -do-
3. Khemeswar -do-
4. Talarampalli -do-
5. Siddheswarpur -do-
6. Mundalo Provisional for two years.
7. Sangrampur -do-
8. Jogisarada -do-
9. Palasingha -do-
The following Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centres are applied for affiliation upto Class-VII. The following members are requested to visit and report to New Life Education Trust.
Name of the place of SAIEC Members to be visited
1. Panchapada Niranjan Bhai (Barada)
2. Padarpada Prafulla Bhai (Sambalpur)
3. Kalapani - do-
4. Jagannath Prasad Pradipta Bhai (Khalikote)
5. Dedar Nuapalli Dr. Babul Pattanaik (Sambalpur)
6. Khairanga Ramesh Bhai (Ganailo)
7. Bardol Prafulla Bhai (Sambalpur)
A new Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centre at ‘Banamira’ is opened. The Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centre, “Paikakushadiha” is affiliated upto Class-VII provisionally for Two (2) years. The meeting ended with 2mts Silence Prayer.
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