Monday, August 28, 2006

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Evolve is Auroville International USA's newsletter, which is published 2-4 times per year. The Evolve Newsletter is our main means of communicating with the 1200 US residents who actively show an interest in Auroville.
As part of our membership program, we also write a monthly AVIUSA News flyer that is inserted into Auroville Today subscriptions in the USA. Membership to AVIUSA includes an Auroville Today subscription.
You may read the Evolve newsletter online, but if you would like to be added to our address list, which will also keep you updated about local events, etc, please contact us with your information, including postal address, phone number, and email address if you have one.
AVI-USA in United Nations Green Cities Expo with Green Century Institute
AVI-USA, in collaboration with the Green Century Institute,was honored to be a presence in the United Nation’sGreen Cities Expo.Green Century Institute (GCI), a project of theRudolph Steiner Foundation, intends to build Califia, anecological project envisioned for Northern California.Executive Director Michael Gosney visited Auroville inJanuary because Auroville is the largest and longestrunning ecological city of its kind, and decided tocollaborate with AVI-USA to give greater exposure to bothAuroville and the potential of Califia.At the main gallery, Auroville had a display at the artexhibition, which consisted of large posters and the videos“Towards a Sustainable Future” and ”The Dream of theDivine” running on televisions in a continuous loop.Thousands of people got perhaps their first exposure toAuroville with this display.On the occasion of the United Nations WorldEnvironment Day, June 3rd, the California Institute ofIntegral Studies hosted a symposium on Auroville andCalifia.
About one hundred and fifty people were inattendance for the panel moderated by Michael Gosneyand Bindu Mohanty, a current Aurovilian who has beenstudying at CIIS. Other members of the panel were KathyWalking, of the Adventure community in Auroville, whocoordinates with several universities in the US foreducational opportunities in Auroville, Reinhold Zeigler, arenewable energy pioneer and green design consultantwith Synergy International and GCI, and Charles Flores ofAVI-USA. The featured speaker was Lalit Kishore Bhati,one of the main town planners of Auroville, who gave afascinating PowerPoint presentation on Auroville.While the intention was to speak in equal parts aboutAuroville and Califia, the audience displayed a stronginterest in Auroville and its progress. After the symposium,many came and purchased videos and received literatureon Auroville and AVI-USA. Grace Aroha of Auroville andnow Lodi Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Peetham came to helpwith the sales, the profits of which went to Auroville.Overall, the collaboration with GCI was a greatsuccess, and AVI-USA hopes to do more fruitfulcollaborations with GCI and other like-mindedorganizations in the future.

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