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Sri Aurobindo Institute of Education, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Sri Aurobindo Institute of Education, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Devotee members of Sri Aurobindo and the Divine Mother started this school in the year 1983 at BK Block, Sector II of Salt Lake City, Kolkata. Later the school was expanded at CL Block on two bighas of land. The new building is called Miranka (in the name of Mother's lap).

Admission FORMS for Academic Year 2006-2007 will be sold from School Office from 16th Nov 05 till 23rd Nov 05 at 11:30 AM till 2:30 PM on Weekdays, 11:00 AM till 1:00 PM on Saturdays. Each FORM will cost Rs 200. Home Mother Sri Aurobindo Aim Feature Study Centre Notice Board Contact Us Notice Board
CL - 9-12, SALT LAKE, CALCUTTA - 700091

Special Programmes in February, 2008 in observance of the Mother's 130th Birth Anniversary and the 13th Anniversary of the Supramental Manifestation"Infinity was her movement's natural space; Eternity looked out from her on Time."-Sri Aurobindo
"Everyone should repeatedly be told: abolish your ego and peace will reign in you"- The Mother

February 2, Saturday Invocation
Reading : From the Mother’s ‘Prayers and Meditations’
Shri Tapan Mohan Chakraborty &
Smt Nitu Karmakar
Reading : From Sri Aurobindo’s ‘The Mother’(in Bengali) Shri Mrinal Kanti Pal Reading : From the collected works of Nolinida(Madhumayee Ma) Smt. Arpita Sengupta
Collective meditation
February 9, Saturday Invocation Reading : Sri Aurobindo’s Poem ‘Rose of God’. Smt. Aparna Banerjee & Smt. Ishita Majumdar Reading: From Sri Aurobindo’s ‘On The Mother’ (Bengali rendering) Shri Sambhunath Ghosh
A talk on the Mother Speaker: Shri Dipendra Nath Chakraborty Collective Meditation

February 16, Saturday Invocation A talk on the Mother Speaker: Shri Biswanth Ray Collective Meditation

February 21,Thursday Invocation
Introduction- Shri Sankar Banerjee
Release of the journal ‘Aspiration’, published by the Study Centre.
Laying the same at the feet of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother
A talk on the Mother
Speaker : Shri Dilip Kumar Roy
Collective Meditation
Distribution of ‘Aspiration’
February 23, Saturday Invocation
A garland of devtional songs.
Vocal - Artists of the Study Centre
Sitar – Shri Sujoy Bose (Disciple of Shri Manilal Nag
Tabla – Sukanta Debnat
February 29, Friday Invocation
Reading : Sri Aurobindo’s Poem, ‘The Golden Light’
A talk on the Supramental Manifestation
Speaker: Shri Jiten Banerjee
Concluding address
Collective Meditation
N.B. The programme commences at 5.00PM on all the days. The programme will be interspersed with
Ashram music and devotional songs. Weekly programmes are held at 5 PM every Saturday as
usual. The Study Centre Library remains open every Sunday from 5PM-6PM
All are welcome
All rights reserved Copyrights are restricted to Sri Aurobindo Institute of Education

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