Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sacred Indian Music: Dr. Haridas and Bina Chaudhuri Memorial Annual Celebration, June 22

Cultural Integration Fellowship
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April 2008 Program
Date April 06 TOPIC AND SPEAKER INFORMATION Making Life a Little Bit Better with Taiji and Qigong!
About the Speaker: Larry Wong is an Awareness Educator and Director of Wong's Taiji & Chi Gung for Health, Taiji and Qigong mentor, and certified accupressurist. He has also taught at the Bay Area Kaiser hospitals.
April 13 A New Perspective on Sri Aurobindo's Yoga
About the Speaker: Debashish Bannerjee, Ph.D., is a former director of the East-West Center in Los Angeles and a scholar in Integral Philosophy, Indian Art and History. Based on the recently published personal diaries from 1912-1920, he will share his research on Sri Auorobindo's Record of Yoga.
April 20 A Drop in the Ocean, I am the Ocean - Reflections on Individuality and Interdependence
About the Presenter: Anne Teich, Ph.D., is a Buddhist practitioner of the Theravada Forest tradition and the Academic Affairs Manager at CIIS.
April 27 Patanjali and the Yoga Sutras
About the Speaker: James Ryan, Ph.D., is a Vice President of CIF Board and a Professor of Asian and Comparative Studies at CIIS. He is also the co-author of the Encyclopedia of Hinduism.

May 2008 Program
Date May 04 TOPIC AND SPEAKER INFORMATION Fostering Group Coherence in Integral Consciousness
About the Speaker: JoAnna Zweig, Ph.D., PMP, has worked with groups in theatrical production and software application development in large companies for more than 35 years. She holds a Ph.D. from CIIS in Integral Studies. JoAnna is also the CEO of the Integral Systems Response, a technology project management firm as well as a belly dance and Iyengar Hatha Yoga teacher.
May 11 Tagore Jayanti - Celebration of Sri Rabindranath Tagore's Birthday
About the Speaker: Shaymoshree Diamond Gupta, Jaya Basu, Sudip Nag, Sky Basu, Mandipa Bhattacharya, Aditya, Oli Das, and Prodipta Gupta. Shaymoshree was born in Calcutta Brahmo family of many renowned Rabingrasangeet singers. She has also performed for West Bengal State Radio, Akashbaani Calcutta.
May 18 There will be no Sunday Service due to the Bay to Breakers.
May 25 There will be no Sunday Service due to the Memorial Day Week-end.

June 2008 Program
Date June 08 TOPIC AND SPEAKER INFORMATION A Creative and Harmonious Life: The Journey Begins. A Course in Integral Philosophy for Teens.
About the Speaker: Taun Relihan, Ph.D., is a poet, conceptual artist and a nurse. She works in hospice doing end of life education. Taun has an MS in Community Mental Health in Nursing, an MA in Arts and Consciousness, and a Ph.D. in Integral Studies from CIIS. Taun has also created a curriculum in Integral Philosophy for Teenagers.
June 8 Native American Sacred Land
About the Speaker: Luan Fauteck Makes Marks, MFA, Ph.D., is a scholar of Native North American Religions, an artist, and an activist for Native sacred places. Her important work, Great Mysteries: Native North American Religions and Participatory Visions appeared in Winter 2007 of ReVision: A Journal of Consciousness and Transformation.
June 15 The Lives of Sri Aurobindo
About the Speaker: Peter Heehs, Ph.D., was born and educated in the US but has lived in India since 1971. One of the founders of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives, Peter has published many books and articles. He will present and discuss his new book The Lives of Sri Aurobindo (Columbia University Press, May 2008). This book will be available for book signing and purchase at this event.
June 22 Sacred Indian Music: Dr. Haridas and Bina Chaudhuri Memorial Annual Celebration
About the Speaker: Sri Karunamayee, M.A. is renowned for her soul-empoweing music. She has refined her rendering of North Indian Classical Music under the tutelage of master musician Pandit Pran Nathji and holds Masters degrees in both philosophy and music, having served as an innovative educator in academic settings. She has founded Mother's Temple of Fine Arts at Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi. As a member of the Ashram, she has guided daily meditations through the help of music for 38 years. She has also edited its spiritual journal, Sri Aurobindo Karmadhara, and represents the path of integral yoga as conveyed by Sri Aurobindo and the Holy Mother.
June 29 Satsang- Chanting, Mantra, Meditation
About the Speaker: Community Event. All are invited to participate!

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