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Commentaries on the Isha Upanishad by Sraddhalu Ranade

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Commentaries on the Isha Upanishad Since January 2008
Detailed study of Isha Upanishad.
These weekly classes on Sunday have been led by Sraddhalu Ranade since January 2008 in M.P. Pandit House in Pondicherry when another major class on the reading of Savitri was over. The Upanishadic expression takes Symbolic Truth of Veda into a form that begins to touch the mind. The very name Upanishad means to sit near by, to sit in closeness. Literaturely, in its deeper sense it represents an inner communion with the Truth that seen, sensed, perceived, felt and remain in that closeness and communion.

The Synthesis of the Yoga Since January 2003
Detailed study in the context of Sri Aurobindo's other major works.
These weekly classes on Friday have been led by Sraddhalu Ranade since January 2003 in Savitri Bhavan, Auroville. These classes are helping to create a new atmosphere in Auroville, and are deeply inspiring to many people. We feel honoured that Savitri Bhavan has become the venue for these very special sessions.

"The New Creation" , 10 March 2008
In an introductory note to Savitri, Sri Aurobindo states that this narrative“ … is not a mere allegory, the characters are not personified qualities, but incarnations or emanations of living and conscious Forces … ” [...]

Auroville Festival in Russia , 5 February 2008
In August a small team of Aurovilians were in Russia as a part of festival of Auroville in Ethnomir. Founded in 2006 Ethnormir is an 84-hectare cultural complex 90 kms west of Moscow in the Borovsky district of Kaluga Region. [...]

"Agni – the Flame within" , 31 January 2008
The canto entitled The Secret Knowledge is one of the more mystical cantos in Savitri, and though many of the passages seem simple enough in appearance one senses a deeper meaning running through the diverse images and ideas and descriptions [...]

Russian Flat Bells , 20 January 2008
Another time he set up the bells on a large hill and as he was playing them he saw that the people gathered in concentric circles down the hill. This was Mother’s guidance to me and I have kept the arrangement of concentric circles for both OM choirs. [...]

Narad ( Richard M. Eggenberger ) , 19 January 2008
Narad has got his heavenly name directly from the Mother. At the present he is actively involved in the manifestation of Matrimandir Gardens and the bringing down "The New Music" to be realised here. [...]

Ivan Leonidov " The City of the Sun", 1943–1959 , 12 January 2008
Meanwhile he wrote down sketchy dreams-visions about City of the Sun - the capital of the world which has stretched on man-made island somewhere in Indian ocean. [...]

Works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother , 05 January 2008
The Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust has now officially made available the Mother's and Sri Aurobindo's written works on its website. All the volumes of the "Collected Works of the Mother" and those that have already been published of the "Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo" are available for download in PDF format at, respectively [...]

Sraddhalu Ranade , 16 December 2007
Sraddhalu Ranade will be presented on this web site. We will provide regular, up-to-date and comprehensive information on various activities, lectures, retreats, and workshops which will be or have been offered in Auroville and the Ashram. [...]

New photos , 14 December 2007
Sergey has uploaded some of his photos from his pilgrimage in Indian Himalayas : Goecha La trek in Sikkim, retreat with Sraddhalu in Nainital, Binsar, Kausani, Almora. [...]

New website , 11 December 2007
We are happy to inform you that our new website was launched on 11 December 2007. One primary goal of the website is to bring to a wider audience our aspiration to a higher life and to share our experience of living in Auroville; we might also go so far as to say we aspire to be an additional bridge between all those who [...]

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