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The Mother's Work In Orissa: Monthly News - April 2008

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On 8.3.2008 the 12th Annual Function of Sri Aurobindo Integral Centre, Bankatara was celebrated at Bankatara. It was organised by Raghunath Rout and Simanchal Bhai.

On 17.3.2008, a Workers' Meet was orginised at Integral Education Center, Parasmba. This meet is organised once in every two moths. The participants discussed on the subject "The Blessings of The Mother". The meet was conducted by Sri Simanchal and many devoted wokers joined in that meeting.

A special study circle was organised in the village Ghantashila under the leadership of Lalit Mohan Bhai... On 12.3.2008 the Womwe Study Circle was held at Mattruniketan, Borea. In this study circle Lalit Bhai said on the subject " The philosophy of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo", and Harischandra Bhai and Tapibara Bhai made their discussions on different subjects like " Who is this Mother" and " Why should we be the followers of the yoga of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo?"

On 22.03.2008 The District Level Exstudents' Meet of Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centres of Koraput District was organised at Irrigation Colony, Jeypore. It was orninised by Tiki Apa. C.H. Nirakar conducted the Question-Answer Programme...On 24.3.2008, Narayan Nayak organised a Sri Aurobindo Study Circle in his house of the block Dashamantapur. Swarnalata Pattanayak managed this study circle. Prsant Kumar Swain discussed on " Our preparation for the Future Race". Nirakar Bhai in a Question-Answer programme answered the quests of the participants... A Question-Anser Promme was organised by the study circle of udaynath Library, Sunabeda... On 25.3.2008 C.H. Nirakar, in a discussion told on the topic " Sri Aurobindo's Yoga is essential even for the ordinary people"... On 26.03.2008 a discussion was held on " The Mother and Sri Aurobindo and their Yoga."... On the same day a Study circle Conference was hels at Ekamba. Nirakar Bhai cleared the doubts of the participants... On 27.03.2008 Bijaylakshmi Swain in her house ornised a special study circle at Bijayanar. Nirakar Bhai participated in the discussion on " The prepation for the Coming Future"... A District Level Sri Aurobindo Study Circle was held courtyard of Sri jagannath Temple of the village Sashahandi. It was organised by Sachidananda Ratha and in this discussion Nirakar Bhai told on "Life and Education".

On 15.3.2008, Amita Kar of Makhanpur organised the third annual study circle in her house. Bhaktahari Ratha and Fakir Sankhua discussed on the subject "Sadhana of Integral Yoga".

On 6.3.2008, Narendranath Pati of Chandbali organised the Annual Sri Aurobindo Study Circle in his house. Bhaktahari Ratha, Arabinda Sahoo had participated in this meeting and spoke on subjects. The topics those were discussed are - " Sri Aurobindo's Yoga and the other yogas" and " Discipline and Sri Aurobindo Study Circle." ...On 8.3.2008 at Sradabhaban, Savitri Swadhaya Mandal was organised. Subodh ku Das narrated briefly about Savitri and Indramani mahal gave his talk on "The Golden Day"... On 16.3.2008 in the Annual Study Circle of Nirakar Nayak of Samaraipur, Bhaktahari Ratha, Indramani Mahal, Dr. Golak Sahu, Hrishikesh Panda and Brajamohan Mishra etc participated in the discussion on "The Philosophy of Yoga of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo". ...On 20.3.2008 a special function was organised in the house of Suryamani Nayak. In this meeting Ganesh Prasad Behura acted as the President, Ramnarayan Bhai, Krupasindhu Kar, Niranjan Nayak, Gangadhar Panigrahi etc participate din the discussion... On 23.3.2008 a new study circle was opened in the house of Buddhiram Barik of Basanikharada. "Integral Yoga of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo" and "Why Sri Aurobindo Study Circle?" were the subjects of discussion and the participants took part actively in the discussion.

On 1.3.2008 the District Level Women's Study Circle was organised at Charampa. Ajaya Bhai, Kalpana Apa, Sabita Apa, Rajashree Apa etc participated in the discussion... Akshya Ku Mallick of Kalinga Nagar observed the Annual Session oof Sri Aurobindo Study Circle in his house. Yoga Sadhana Of Sri Aurobindo was the topic on which the discussiuon continued... Another Annual Study Circle was organised on the same day in the house of Rajashree and Saroj Kumar Pattanayak. Here Mrutyunjaya Bal said about " What we learn from Sri Aurobindo Study circle" and Saroj Bhai discussed on "Why should we organise Sri Aurobindo Study circle"?... 2.3.2008 In a specially arranged Sri Aurobindo Study Circle Fakir Bhai discussed about "The Mother's opinion on the Birth-Day."...5.3.2008 Lakshmi Apa, Brundaban Bhai, Anant Bhai etc participated in the Annual Sri urobindo Study Circle of Janhabi Apa of Padmapur... 7.3.2008 "Awakening of the Psychic" was the topic for for discussion in ther Annual Sri Aurobindo Study Circle of Jayahari Singh of Baldevjeu Colony, Keonjhar... 8.3.2008, A students' camp for two days was organised at Sikulabahala. Guna Bhai, Laksmi Apa and Brundaban Bhai etc participated in the camp... On the same day Murali Bhai of Kainipura celebrated the Annual Sri Aurobindo Study circle at his home. Janaki Apa and Guna Bhai participated in it. A new study circle was opened at Padmapur.

On 1.3.2008 Bihari Nayak, of Durganagar organised the fourth Annual Sri Aurobindo Study Circle... Nabin Bhai conducted the 10th Annual Sri Aurobindo Study Circle. Prasant Bhai told about "The need of Sri Aurobindo Study circle."... 2.3.2008 the Monthly Sri Aurobindo Study Circle was held in Subas das's house of Durganagar... 3.3.2008, Kirtan Bhai conduted a new Sri Aurobindo Study Circle in Manoj Seth's house. The participants discussed about "Children's Mother"and "Brief life-history of Babaji Maharaj"... On 8.3.2008 A Sri Aurobindo Study Circle was organised at Kirtan Bhai,s home at Adarsha Nagar... On 9.3.2008 the Annual Sri Aurobindo Study Circle was observed in Pankaj Kumar Das's house...Surendra Kumar Behera and Anadi Bhai participated in the meeting... On 11.3.2008 in a special Sri Aurobindo Study Circle at Bhuliatikta Anadi Bhai participated and this was organised in the house of Sailendra prasad Das... On 13.3.2008 the 11th Annual Sri Aurobindo Study Circle was organised in Subas Das's house of Durganagar, Jharsuguda... On 14.3.2008 Ashok Kumar Behera ornised the Annual Sri Aurobindo Study Circle in his house. Prasant Bhai, Nabin Bhai, Ramesh Bhai and Maheswar Bhai participated in this study circle... On 18.3.2008 Ranka Biswal of Indira Nagar, orgainised a Sri Aurobindo Study Circle in his house.

On 3.3.2008 the 23rd Annual Sri aurobindo Study Circle of Women's Section. Niranjan Mohanty concted this study circle. In this gathering Debidutta Kar discussed about " Sri Aurobindo Study Circle: Why, what and How?

A Students' Meet was orgainised at Sri Aurobindo Pathamandir, Siddheswarpur from 20.3.2008 to 22.3.2008,. The techers and students of various schools participated in this meet and took part in the discussion on "Aim of Life" and "Ideal child".
On 2.3.2008 Kendrapara Dibyajyoti Society Meeting was organised... Sri Aurobindo Study circle of Abhimanyu Sethi, Hurasahi, was orgainised on the same day. "The Mother is stll present now" was the topic for discussion in this study cicle... On 9.3.2008 a new Sri Aurobindo Study Circle was opened in Batakrushna Sethi's house of Ganja village, which was conducted by Subash Rout. subhadra Apa discussed on " Who is this Mother?". in this study circle the participants had come from various blocks... The Annual Sri Aurobindo Study circle was orgainised in the house of Chitta Bhai of Karilopatna. Maguni Bhai, Ranjan Bhai etc participatedin this meeting...Sri Aurobindo Study Circle of Chitta Ranjan Rautray was orgainised at Karilopatna...On 10.3.2008 Pitambar Chuli of Marsaghai observed the Sri Aurobindo Study Circle in which Sarbeswar Bhai, Bidhan Bhai, Susant Bhai, Rasananda Bhai, and Ranjan Bhai etc participated... on 11.3.2008 Nikunja Bhai of Nagapur, Nayin Apa of Jajanga celebrated the Annual Sri Aurobindo Study Circle in their houses. Pravat Bhai, Sarbeswar Bhai, Bhagabati Bhai etc participated in these discussions... Auromira Study Circle of Kapleswar celebrated its first Annual Sri Aurobindo Study Circle. The discussion was made on "The New Birth and the Transformation of Consciousness"... In the study circle of Prafulla Bhai of garapur, Maguni charan Das, Bhagabati Prasad Das etc participated in the discussion...On 12.3.2008 Mahuri Bhai, Pravat Bhai and SukaBhai participated in a newly opened Sri Aurobindo Study Circle in the house of Bhakta Ranjan Mishra of Kulasahi village... A new Sri Aurobindo Study circle was opened by Maguni Charan Das. In this Study circle Pravat Nayak, Maguni Charan Dash, Sukadeb Samal, Malay Kumar Jena etc discussed on the subject " The necessity of Sri Aurobindo Study circle"... A Question-Answer Programme was organised in the Annual Study Circle of Alok Kumar Jena of Marilo village...On 13.3.2008 The Annual Sri Aurobindo Study Circle was celebrated in Baulanga village and Chakrapur village... On 14.3.2008 the Annual Sri Aurobindo Study circle and a new study circle were organised in the Mahakalapada Block... On 15th and 16th of this month The Annual Sri Aurobindo Study Circle was celebrated in different villges of Marsaghai Block... On 19.3.2008 Sri Aurobindo matrukrupa Study circle of Ghodadanda village observed its second Annual Study Circle. This was conducted by Bankim Chandra Pradhan. Maguni Charan Dash discussed on "Lights of Yoa" and "Self opening and self surrender."...20.3.2008 "Yoga and Life" was the subject for discussion in an annual study circle of Chanchol village... On 21.3.2008 Nityananda Bhai of Karanja village organised the annual study circle... On 23.3.2008 The Annual Sri Aurobindo Study circle was observed by Gopal Bhai of Darabaga village... A special session of Sri Aurobindo Study Circle was held at Khairabad. "Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and individual effort" was the topic for discussion, in which satyabadi rout, Malaya Kumar Jena, Shukadeb Samal, Garima Mohanty, sarada Apa, Santosh Kumar Nayak etc participated... On 24.3.2008, Mamatamayee study Circle of Hemant kumar Mohanty of Naranpur village observed the annual study circle. In this "Desire, Food and Sex", a portion from the book "Bases of Yoga", was discussed by participants like Mamata Mohanty, Shukadeb Samal etc... On 28.3.2008 Sri Aurobindo Study Circle of Bhagi Bhai, Pentha villgecelebrated its annual session... On 29.3.2008 the annual Study circle of Auromira Study Circle was celebrated in Bhakta Ranjan kar,s house at Kulashi village. Adikanda Sahoo discussed on the subject "The Role of Sri Aurobindo Study circle."...On 30.3.2008 the 24th Sri Aurobindo Study Circle Conference was organised at Haladharpur Village.

On 9.3.2008. Sri Aurobindo Intgral education Centre, Kadamian celebrated its 2nd Annual function. In this ceremony Kailash chandra Kuanar said about "Woman, the mother of a disciplined race", Ajay Kumar sahoo told on "Babaji Maharaj", and Pravat Bhai told on "All life is Yoga and All Life is Education". The students perfomed in the cultural programme. Sanchita Mohanty and Sadashib Bhai joined the meeting as the Chief Guests... In the evening A new study circle was opened in Jhuni Apa's house.

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