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How can we prevent Auroville becoming “a second Goa”

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The April 2008 issue of Auroville Today deals with Auroville's guests and visitors. The past guest season has been the busiest by far. The tensions it has generated in Aurovilians and visitors alike is raising searching questions like, what are our expectations of visitors and guests? What can they bring? Can we do more for them? And how can we prevent Auroville becoming, as one Aurovilian put it, “a second Goa”? Closely related to this issue are the newly developed Matrimandir access policies.

In this issue we also portray two units: AVITRA , Auroville International Translators; and Tree Care – a unit involved in arboriculture (the art and science of tree care). The article Showing promise deals with the community of Promesse, located on the Tindivanam – Pondicherry highway.

The article Russians in Auroville deals with another community: that of the Russians in Auroville – 48 of them, apart from the over two dozen other Aurovilians who were born in the former Soviet Union, but are now passport-holders of fiercely independent nations.

The issue further contains reviews of the exhibition Blue Invasion , showing the work of artists Monique Patenaude; a review of Kalidasa's play Shakuntala, or the Ring of Remembrance ; a review of the performance of the Auroville Renaissance Cappella with songs on the theme of Death and beyond; and a review of the Bharata Natyam performance on the Kaluvelli Siddhar legend, the ancient legend of how Auroville was predicted thousands of years ago by Lord Shiva himself.

In the section ‘animal care' we show the work of Auroville's Pony farm. The issue is concluded with a small reverie on Beauty in Auroville.

Here follow a few of the articles. We wish you happy reading. By following the links you are welcome to read a few of the articles. We wish you happy reading. Please subscribe if you want to read more, or ask for a free copy. Details are elsewhere on this web page.

Statement on the inaccuracies contained in the BBC video on Auroville

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