Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sri Aurobindo Health Squard Training 3rd to 23rd May 2008 at Matrubhaban, Cuttack

Calendar of Events in 2008 Event Date Venue

Sri Aurobindo Health Squard Training 3rd to 23rd May 2008 Matrubhaban, Cuttack
Schedule 08:00 AM - 10:00 AM 10:00 AM - 12:00 Noon 02.30 PM - 04.30 PM 06.30 PM - 08.00 PM 08.00 PM-09.00PM
04.05.08 Sunday INTRODUCTORY SESSION Objective of the Training Dr. Babul Kumar Pattanaik Foundation of Health Ramakrushna Causes of illness Ramakrushna Group Presentation
05.05.08 Monday The Body- its Structure Dr. N. Swain The Body - its Functions Dr.N. Swain Normal Pulse, Blood Pressure, Temp, Weight, BMI Dr.J.M.Senapaty Prevention of illness Prof. Bijayeeni Mohapatra - Do -
06.05.08 Tuesday Naturopathy Dr.R.N. Das Food in Health & Disease Dr.N. Swain Snakebite, Poisoning Dr. B.N. Mohapatra Cures of illness Dr.Brajakishore Khandai - Do -
07.05.08 Wednesday Naturopathy Dr.R.N. Das Diarrhea, dehydration, Heat-stroke Dr.Babulu Ku. Pattanaik Primary care in medical problems in the community Dr.J.K Panda Planes and Parts of the being Dr.B.N.Mohapatra - Do -
08.05.08 Thursday Naturopathy Dr.R.N. Das Basics of simple Biochemic Treatment Gadadhar Mishra Common Skin problems Prevention and care Dr.Binodini Behera Transformation of suffering Dr.Madan Mohan Sahoo - Do -
09.05.08 Friday Naturopathy Dr.R.N. Das Biochemic in Common illness Dr.A.B. Dash Leprosy
Dr.Binodini Behera Cycle of Life Dr.J.K. Panda - Do -
10.05.08 Saturday Acupressure in Health Dr.Prasanna Kumar Das Acupressure & Magneto
Therapy Dr.Prasanna Ku. Das - Do -
11.05.08 Sunday Acupressure Dr.Prasanna Kumar Das Acupressure & Magneto Therapy
Dr.Prasanna Kumar Das Color Therapy Dr.Manjula Kar Acupressure & Magneto Therapy
Dr.Prasanna Ku. Das - Do -
12.05.08 Monday Primary Care in Common ENT Problems Dr.Balabhadra Nayak Enlightened Motherhood Pramila Parija Anita Patra First Aid - introductory & pretest Dr.Bikash Prasad
Why DEATH? CH.Nirakar - Do -
13.05.08 Tuesday Care of teeth Dr.Hemamalini Rath Common Dental Problems Dr.Hemamalini Rath First Aid Dr.Bikash Prasad Beyond 'Health' & 'Illness' CH.Nirakar - Do -
14.05.08 Wednesday Physiotherapy Dr.R.N. Das Physiotherapy Dr.R.N. Das Problems of Aged and Care of elderly Dr.J.K. Panda Intuition in Diagnosis and Healing Dr.B.N. Mohapatra - Do -
15.05.08 Thursday Physiotherapy Dr.R.N. Das Physiotherapy Dr.R.N. Das First Aid Dr.Bikash Prasad Common gynecological problems Dr.Shyama - Do -
16.05.08 Friday School Health Programme - I Dr.Bijayeeni Mohapatra Dr.S.K. Sahoo School Health Programme-II Dr.Bijayeeni Mohapatra Dr.S.K. Sahoo First Aid Dr.Bikash Prasad
Group Activities in School Health Programme - Do - Acupressure in Disease Dr.Prasanna Ku. Das
17.05.08 Saturday School Health Programme-III Herbal Garden Dr.P.K. Nanda First Aid
Dr.Bikash Prasad Safe motherhood Smt.Anita Patra Dr.Kabita Swain - Do -
18.05.08 Sunday Healthful eye exercises Abha Kanungo Acute Surgical Emergency Early Detection and Safe referral Dr.Bijay Ku. Sahoo Environmental Sanitation and Pollution Control
Dr.Renubala Samal Health seeking in the community Dr.Madan Mohan Pradhan - Do -
19.05.08 Monday Management of Health Centre Dr.Sanjay Swain Biomedical waste anagement
Dr.Sanjay Swain First Aid-conclusion & posttest Dr.Bikash Prasad Cancer- What? Why?
Prevention & Early detection Dr.Pranabandhu - Do -
20.05.08 Tuesday Healthful eye exercises Abha Kanungo Basic Lab Techniques Nisith Ku. Rout
Practice of basic lab. techniques Decision making in primary care Dr.Shyama
Departure for Dalijoda
21.05.08 Wednesday Village health survey at Dalijoda Inner methods of Healing Sri Dharanidhar Pal Practice for cultural programme
22.05.08 Thursday Common Medicinal Herbs Dr.Pravakar Herbal Preparation Dr.Bipinananda Mishra Herbal treatment of common ailments Dr.P.K. Nanda Cultural Programme
23.05.08 Friday Action Plan Presentation Concluding Session Examination & counseling of school children of Sri Aurobindo Shrikshetra

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