Sunday, April 20, 2008

How to propagate the Study Circle movement to each and every corner of Orissa

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The 38th All Orissa Sri Aurobindo Study Circle Conference and The Birth Centenary Celebration of Babaji Maharaj Sri Ramakrishna Das were held in the premises of Matrubhaban, Cuttack from 4th to 7th April 2008. Prof. Ashok Das of JIPMER, Pondicherry (a longtime associate of Sri Ramakrishna Das and Mother’s Work in Orissa) and Prof Biswanath Ray from Calcutta were guests of honour.. 3389 delegates participated in the scheduled programme held for four days.

4TH APRIL 2008 The Conference was inaugurated with the hoisting of The Mother's Flag at 5.30 pm by Sri Sriballabh Panigrahi, the President of NLET. The participants who had come from every corner of Orissa sang VandeMataram and took part in a March Past despite the moderate drizzling of rain at that time. An exhibition "Relics Centres In Orissa" as the theme was then inaugurated. It exhibited the beautiful displays of 65 Relics Centres of Orissa and some basic information about them. The Exhibition remained opened for all the four days. There was collective Meditation around the Samadhi daily from 6pm to 6.15pm. The Inaugural Session began with the Mother's Music at 6.30pm. recitation of the lines “O strong forerunner…” from Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri by Dr.Shyama Kanungo; the welcome address was then delivered by Sri Nityananda Samantray, Trustee of Matrubhaban. Sri Gadadhar Mishra, Secretary, Matrubhaban Trust gave an introduction about the Conference, the guests, and the topics to be discussed during the Conference. The First Volume of The Collected Works of Sri Ramakrishna Das was inaugurated by Prof. Mohapatra Nilamani Sahu and the Souvenir for the conference, 2008 was inaugurated by Prof. Biswanath Ray. Dr. Malabika Ray was the first speaker of the evening. Her deliberation gave a deep insight on the subject " Sri Aurobindo- the Guide and the Announcer of a secure Future." Prof Biswanath Ray gave the first talk on the series '' Our Tribute to Babaji Maharaj" wherein he described the way of Babaji's life. Prof. Mohapatra Nilamani Sahoo shared his intimate experiences with Babaji Maharaj. The session ended with a Cultural Programme by the students of Matrubhaban

5TH APRIL 2008 On the second day of the conference, the Morning Session was held from 8.30AM to 12 Noon. The first of the series of symposia was held on ‘Vital Transformation’, keeping confined to the subject as discussed in “Letters on Yoga” by Sri Aurobindo. The participants of the symposium were Sri Rabi Padhi, Sri Purna Chandra Mohapatra, Dr. Malabika Ray, Dr. Debidutta Kar, Sri Subash Ch Kar, Sri Pravakar Mishra. They elaborated on the particular portions assigned to them from the original volume. Each delivered well prepared presentations in their own unique styles and manner, which created a keen interest on the subject among the audience… In the Afternoon Session (from 2.30 to 4.30Pm), there was a discussion on the various activities for the observation of Babaji Maharaj's Birth Centenary. Sri Anadi Ch Swain and Sri C.H. Nirakar were present in the meeting as the Co-Ordinators… The Evening Session started with the recitation by Smt Bandita Ray. Dr. Ashok Das from Pondicherry, Dr. Archana Nayak, Prof. Chandrasekhar Rath were the speakers for the session. Dr. Ashok Das gave the second talk on "Our Tribute to Babaji Maharaj". He described many aspects of Babaji Maharaja's life and his unique method of organization. His talk was simple, but poignant, living ; it made an indelible impact on the audience. Dr. Archana Nayak and Prof Chandrasekhar Rath discussed on 'Aim of Integral Education – to know oneself and to control oneself’. In the Cultural programme, the students of Sri Aurobindo Kala Kendra presented many devotional songs.

6th APRIL, 2008 On the third day, in the Morning Session, the discussion on the chapter of Sri Aurobindo’s Letters on Yoga-‘Vital transformation continued. The participants were Sri Santosh Kumar Gahan, Suvendu Nayak, Sanjay Kumar Mohapatra, Sk. Abdul Kasam, Smt Kananklata Mohanty, Sri Prakash Chandra Panda, Dhanneswar Mohanty, and Dharanidhar Pal. Each deliberation was thorough, well planned and gave clarity on the subject to the listeners… In the Afternoon Session of the Organisation Meeting various aspects of different activities like the Sri Aurobindo University, July Tour and Dasakarmadhara were put up for discussion. The Convener of Sri Aurobindo University spoke on the purpose of the University and gave details about the Junior Learners. Similarly various suggestions were given for the July Tour and Dasakarmadhara . Information regarding the website was given to the audience. As the website is being updated the audience were asked to send relevant information for its various sections… The Evening Session started with a song rendering by Amzad Bhai. Sri C.H. Nirakar the first speaker elaborated on the subject "The Necessity and Certainty of a Glorious India." based in the Light of Mother and Sri Aurobindo. He placed his ideas in a novel manner that infiltrated into the hearts of the audience.Prof Biswanath Ray gave the third talk on "Our Tribute to Babaji Maharaj". He explained "How Babaji Maharaj is a unique continuation of Past, Present and Future."

7th APRIL 2008 On the last day in the Morning Session the last portion of ‘Vital Transformation’ was discussed. The speakers were Sri Bhagirathi Mohapatra, Prasant Kumar Swain, Ramesh Chandra Sahu, Radhakanta Mishra, Ramesh Chandra Nayak, Dr. Archana Nayak, and Sri Balakrushna Nayak. The concluding remarks were given by Prof Biswanath Ray. In the Afternoon Session the participants first discussed on "Relics Centres In Orissa". Anadi Bhai gave many suggestions on how to propagate the Study Circle movement to each and every corner of Orissa. He told the organizers not to limit themselves to one place only but to make themselves available in the untouched areas, so that the work could progress and more and more people could get the benefit of knowing The Mother and Sri Aurobindo and participate in Their work. The Closing Session began with the Mother's Music. Dr. Shyama Kanungo recited Sri Aurobindo’s poem "Surrender". Dr B.N. Mohapatra and Prof Biswanath Ray were the speakers in the last session. On the series of talk on "Our Tribute to Babaji Maharaj", Prof Ray gave the last talk on " The Presence of the Mother in his (Babaji's) life. Dr. B.N. Mohapatra spoke on "The Mother-Destination of Sri Aurobindo's Yoga". Sri Gadadhar Mishra gave the concluding remarks and Sri Prasad Tripathy delivered the vote of thanks to the participants

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