Sunday, April 20, 2008

My role in The Mother’s work in Orissa has reached a certain stage. I no longer have to go there as before

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I have the faith that the work I was doing would still go on even though I am no longer in the fore front. In fact it would go on even better.

With regard to this, had there not been a clear directive from The Mother, the path that I was treading and the nature of my work would not have changed. At the moment, this is the directive and indication that is received. There are always different levels of working. My role in The Mother’s work in Orissa has reached a certain stage. I no longer have to go there as before. The work has to be organised from here as far as possible through letters.

Regarding this, Babaji Maharaj has also clearly given the same opinion and decision. "The Work has to be done remaining here. There is no longer much necessity of going out. The work out side can spontaneously get organised." I too believe very strongly that there should be no obstacle in the progress of the work any more. Therefore the responsibility has now increased to a great extent for all of you.

Receiving the inspiration from The Mother within the heart one has to go forward with the work. The Mother’s Presence is there subtly with us. It is absolutely necessary to become conscious of this.

In view of the stage at which work in Orissa has reached , my going there is no longer necessary. Within sometime the work will stand up firmly by itself. The work which was so dear to me for such a long period, now wants to take a new turn on its own. This does not mean that I am retiring from the work. Some may think that way but it is totally untrue.

Your well wisher

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