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Pabitra Baral proposed to computerise the accounts of the NLET and make it up-to-date

PROCEEDING: The meeting of the Executive Body of the New Life Education Trust was held on 16.3.2008 at Matruniketan, Angul at 11.00 am with President Sri Sriballav Panigrahi on chair and two minutes silent prayer.
In the beginning, Principal Babita Pradhan, Angul welcomed all participants. Then the President Sri Panigrahi proposed 2 minutes silence prayer for late Animesh Samantaray. Then the deliberations were started with the action taken notes remarked by the Secretary.
1. Trust coordinators were requested to submit the list of schools where the students are appearing at the Common VII Examination for this year 2008.
2. Rudra Bhai of Dhenkanal described the situation of Dhenkanal Integral Education Centre. It was decided that the matter shall be discussed with the Education Minister in the next appointment very shortly.
3. Anjali Tripathy readout the planning of the Integrated Book for Standard-I which she proposed to complete during Summer vacation. Her subject was Our Body. It was decided that a Workshop will be conducted with some senior teachers of the Integral Education Centres in the coming Refresher Training to prepare projects. Anjali Tripathy will take the responsibility of the Workshop.
4. Pabitra Baral assured that the sub-committee will submit the syllabus for 3 months training programme in the next meeting. However, he expressed that Sri Sebak Tripathy, NCERT, Meerambika, Dr. Debi Prasanna Patnaik and the authorities of Sri A.I.C.E. at Puducherry are to be contacted for preparation of the syllabus. It was decided that Ramakanta shall remain in-charge of the 1st Batch of trainees to be taken during July to September 2008 and during this period Binod will attend both Cuttack & Bhubaneswar office. Subsequently, Birendra and Hari Bhai (Koraput) may be considered for taking responsibility of training programme.
5. Accounts of Teachers’ Meet, Students’ Meet and Organisers’ Meet were readout and approved. They are as follows :
(a) Teachers’ Meet (Khandagiri) Receipt – Rs.33,260/- Expenditure – Rs.71,861/-
(b) Students’ Meet (Khallikote) Receipt – Rs.13,350/- Expenditure – Rs.39,355/-
(c) Organisers’ Meet (Matrubhavan, Cuttack) Expenditure – Rs.19,109/-
6. Dr. Bijayani Mohapatra, Jt. Secretary proposed to contact different agencies of the Govt. for collection of funds for the Trust. It was therefore decided to form a "Fund Collection Committee" with the following members :
i) Dr. Bijayeeni Mohapatra, Convenor ii) Sri Sarat Chandra Ghosh, Member iii) Binod, Member
7. It was decided to appoint Sri Mahendra Swain, a Senior devotee of AG Office as honorary auditor for the financial year 2007-08. He should be intimated immediately.
8. It was also decided to appoint Sri Chaitanya Mohapatra as the Chartered Accountant to check the accounts and make it up-todate till 2008.
9. It was decided that the education centres those are receiving SFA should maintain separate Cash Book for the SFA.
10. It was also decided that a meeting of all 54 Integral Education Centres receiving SFA will be convened at Bhubaneswar to make them aware about the maintainance of Cash Book for SFA.
11. It was decided to conduct the Refresher Training camp during 3rd to 23rd May 2008 at Matrubhavan, Cuttack.
12. President suggested that the authorities of all Integral Education Centre should think of some sort of beneficial schemes for their teachers to help them in their need.
13. It was decided to have the next Executive Body of the Trust on 18th May 2008 at Matrubhaban, Cuttack.
14. Pabitra Baral proposed to computerise the accounts of the NLET and make it up-to-date. It was agreed and Pabitra Baral was requested to assist in this matter.
15. A tentative budget was placed in meeting for the year 2008-09 and it was approved.
16. A proposal was raised to print in all our text books so that this cannot be sold outside.
17. A subcommittee was formed consisting of Shri G. Mishra, Vice-President Shri P. Tripathy, Secretary, Shri S. Mohanty, Jt. Secretary; and Dr. B. Mohanty, Jt.Secretary to thoroughly check and recommend the education centres for affiliation.
18. President proposed vote of thanks to the management of Matruniketan, Angul for providing nice arrangements for holding the meeting.
19. The following Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centres have applied for affiliation. The members mentioned against each were requested to visit the centres and report to New Life Education Trust for extending them affiliation.
S.N. Name of place of SAIES Name of members to visit & submit
1. Matrujyoti, Jogisarda, Bolangir – Braja, Lalit Mohan Khuntia, Anup Sahoo
2. Nayagarh – Ramakanta Sahoo, Tareswar Ratha, Parikhita Bhai
3. Rairpur, Balikuda, Jagatsinghpur – Binod, Rabindra Rout, Sarbeswar Mohapatra
4. Ma Nuapalli, Ganjam – Surendra, Udayanath Reddy, Sasadev Behera
5. Hirakud, Sambalpur – Purna, Satya Narayan Babu Prafulla Chandra Panda
6. Champeswar, Cuttack – Binod, Kaibalya Jena, Sarbeswar Mohapatra.
7. Athamalik, Angul – Binod, Arabinda Pradhan, Sulochana Sahoo.
8. Seulasahi, Nimapara, Puri – Ramakanta Sahoo, Tareswar Ratha, Kanan Apa
9. Khemsuar, Balibil, Jajpur – Narayan Agasthi, Purusottam Bhai, Sarbeswar Mohapatra
10. Duburi, Danagadi - Jajpur – do
Affiliation of New Integral Education Centers
1. Maneswar, Sambalpur – Purna, Satya Narayan Babu Prafulla Chandra Panda
2. Jiral, Dhenkanal – Binod, Sulochana Sahoo, Rudra Mohan Mohanty
3. Siksha Niketana, Barpali – Braja, Prafulla Panda Laxmi Apa (Cement Nagar)
The following Education Centres could not be taken into consideration as the visiting reports from the concerned members have not been received in the Trust. However, they are again requested to submit their visiting reports as early as possible. So that their cases of affiliation may be considered in the next meeting.
Gadakujanga-Jagatsinghpur, Singheswar (Balugaon)-Khurda.
The meeting ended with 2 minutes silent prayer.
Printed, Published & Edited by Sri Gadadhar Mishra on behalf of the Matrubhaban Trust & Printed at Graphic Art Offset Press, Nuapatna, Cuttack-1 & Published at Matrubhaban, Sri Aurobindo Marg, Cuttack - 753 013. E-mail - Please visit us at : THE MATRUBHABAN PATRA APRIL 2008
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