Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer Refresher Training Camp - 2008

Summer Refresher Training Camp of Sri Aurobindo Intergal Education Teachers - 2008
3rd to 23rd May 2008 Matrubhaban, Cuttack

DATE 8.00-9.30am Group Discussion 9.45-10.45am Concluding Remarks 11.00-12.30pm Group Discussion 3.00-4.30pm Group Discussion
03.05.08 Inagural Ceremony Integral Yoga & Integral Education Dr. B. N. Mohapatra
04.05.08 On The Mother & Sri Aurobindo Gadadhar Mishra Living the life leads to the Aim Do we follow principles Dr. Shyma Kanungo Ramakanta Sahoo
05.05.08 Matter-the Base Niranjan Moharana The Source of Energy The Domain of Knowledge Sanjay Mohapatra Anjali Tripathy
06.05.08 Indentity through Love Rabi Parhy Tapasya & Mukti The Child has a need Ch.Nirakar Pravakar Mishra
07.05.08 Among the Children in a class Sanjay Mohapatra A Real Guide Sanjya Mohapatra Planes & Parts of the being Dr.B.N. Mohapatra The new Consciousness Prasad Tripathy
08.05.08 Evaluation of a New system Arabinda Dash Emergence of the New Education Let us know (Through indirect method) Ch.Nirakar The Fire Wihin Dr.Shyma Kanungo
09.05.08 Blue Print of aLesson Dr.Sarojbala Pattanaik Personality of a Teacher Teacher & Taught Rabi Parhy Leelabati Behera
10.05.08 Skills in Learning Dr. Sarojbala Pattanaik Namajapa An Integral Edu.Centre in making
Prasad Tripathy Ch.Nirakar Child Centered Education Neeta Sarkar
11.05.08 to 23.05.08 WORK SHOP

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