Friday, April 17, 2009

Sri Aurobindo Yoga Sikshya Sadan, Biramitrapur Managing Trustee: Arjun Sahu

Sri Aurobindo Yoga Sikshya Sadan
Sri Aurobindo Study Circle
Biramitrapur Code : (SAN.SUN.R17)
Managing Trustee : Sri Arjun Sahu
Date of Installation : 17th April, 1984, 4.30 PM
Installed by : Sri Champaklalji
Library attached : Yes
Garden attached : Yes
Integral School attached to the Premises of RC : Yes
Ashramites : One
Timings of Public Darshan of RC : 7 AM to 9 PM
Cost of Construction : RS.60,000 (APPX. SIXTY THOUSANDS ONLY)
No. of persons visiting daily : About 30 persons daily
Plan made by : Sri Purna Chandra Pattnaik
Flooring Marble finish : Yes
Daily activities of the Ashram : Daily Meditation,Weekely Study Circles,and other functions etc.


In Orissa all the Relics Centres are independent bodies mostly trusts and invariably a Sri Aurobindo Integral School is attached to it. This is the centre of inspiration to Sri Aurobindo Study Circle activities and Centres gratefully received Relics and consider this as a chance to serve The Lord materially.
The construction of each Relics Centre in Orissa expresses a special dimension of Architectural beauty.
Sri Aurobindo's Relics has come to Orissa fifteen times to sixty-five places. And at each time Relics is received by Government of Orissa with state honour.
Complete list of Sri Aurobindo Relics Centers in Orissa (in Tabular format)

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