Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shri Suryanarayanan has given a series of talks on "Savitri"

Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore
Proudly Presents
"The Power of Thought" by Shri Suryanarayanan
The Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore is pleased to present a talk on "The Power of Thought" by Shri Suryanarayanan on 08-March-2009 (Sunday) at 6 P.M. at our premises at the SIFAS building, Starlight Road.
Shri Suryanarayanan has given a series of talks on "Savitri" at Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore from 1997-99. His translation of Sri Aurobindo's play "Vasavadutta" into Tamil was published in 1996 in Chennai. Currently, he is working on a Tamil translation of 'Perseus, the Deliverer', which is another of Sri Aurobindo's plays. He has also begun a translation of cantos 1 and 3 of the "Book of Love" in Sri Aurobindo's "Savitri".

"Everyone has countless possibilities within him of which he is unaware and which develop only if he does what is to be done in the way it should be done.. There is a genius within everyone of us - we don't know it. We must find the way to make it come out - but it is there sleeping, it asks for nothing better than to manifest; we must open the door to it". - The Mother

The power of thought is one such power. Often, we do not make conscious use of this power. At times, we unconsciously use it against ourselves. The Mother says

"Human thought is very creative in the mental world. All the time when you are thinking, you are creating forms and you send them out in the atmosphere and they go and do their work…".

On the other hand, negative thoughts are extremely harmful but they are repeated all too often in our heads if not verbally. The Mother quotes the Dhammapada as saying

"Whatever an enemy may do to an enemy, whatever a hater may do to a hater, the harm caused by a misdirected mind is even greater".

In this talk, Shri Suryanarayanan will share some of his experiences harnessing the power of thought, and will touch on simple ways to apply the same in our day-to-day life.

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