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Solutions to ego problems and How to face difficulties of Life

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Solve your ego problems Express Buzz - Swahilya: 30 Apr 2009 11:46:00 PM IST

THE teachings and works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother form the content of many books have been published by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. The Anna Nagar Centre of Sri Aurobindo Society is in the process of picking up nuggets of precious quotes and philosophies and presenting them as little books of about 30 pages.

Two books - Solutions to ego problems and How to face difficulties of Life were released last week at the Om Shree Annai Dhyana Maiyam. Chairman of the Anna Nagar Centre of Sri Aurobindo Society, has compiled and edited the two books and translated them into Tamil.

On facing difficulties of life, he says the first challenge or difficulty occurs when parting from the mother’s womb. The challenge he faces is whether he can survive in the atmospheric air. The baby cries and with effort begins to inhale and exhale the atmospheric air. If he does not face difficulties, he dies.

Each stage of development is a difficulty. The child has to learn with difficulty. The evolutionary process has intrigued these challenges and as a result of it, we find the present ladder of evolution adorned with man - the mental being. The super human - supra mental being has to evolve. Difficulties will persist until the supra mental being with a similar consciousness is born. He quotes Sri Aurobindo to point this out:

An awakening must come in the earth-nature and in the earth consciousness which will be, if not the actual beginning, at least the effective preparation and the first steps of its evolution towards a new divine world order….For those who could so open themselves and remain open, there would be no limitation to their development and even no fundamental difficulty; for all difficulties would be dissolved by the pressure of the Supra mental light and power from above, pouring itself into the mind and the life-force and the body.”

In the other book ‘Solutions to the ego problem,’ he says it is an omnipresent and universal problem. There is a clash of egos between parents and children, which is called ‘generation gap.’ There are ego problems among siblings and husband and wife. The most notorious clash of egos is between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law!

Besides petty individual egos, there are bigger egos such as family ego, caste ego, tribal ego, state ego within the same country that do not allow the bounties of nature to be shared equally. The clash of egos among political parties and cadres of the same party totters the stability of governments. There are national egos that prevent amicable mutual solutions and harmony among neighbouring countries. Egos among the developed nations, developing nations and the countries that are yet to develop, mar the progress of humanity. Nations that possess nuclear power, vie with each other because of their egos. Even in the field of sports, ego does not hesitate to show its ugly head among the captains and their teams. The ego of big nations with their power of veto, obstruct the progress and sweetness of life.

The books were released on an evening of meditation and chanting of mantras. N. V. Balu, chairman welcomed the gathering. Dr. Moovendhar Muthu, editor of the Tamil Moovendar Murasu and S. Mohan of the Ayanpuram Annai Dhyana Maiyam released the books. Dr B Muralidharan, secretary of the Anna Nagar Centre proposed a vote of thanks.

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