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The Seeker's Haven - For Mother's Kids

The Seeker's Haven - For Mother's Kids
Mother lives in Her children ... being bound together in a loose family..
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Raised under Mother's care at Sri Aurobindo Ashram, a Sadhak answers questions like 'how can we incorporate the ‘higher concepts of life?'
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Tum Padharo Maa..
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When I began the search for the Lap of Mother, the first lead I found were Her devotees. Some of my questions were "who is in charge, where are the Elders, and is there a council"?? It has become a... Tagged: introduction
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Blog Posts Love and contradiction
Contradicting Lovingly When I was young, in college and still sorting out the everyday contradictions in terms of human relationships, one of the features of my life was to understand the attitude of my parents towards me. From one angle it was clear that I was precious to them and from another angle, they seem to take me for a nincompoop. At one end of the spectrum I was supposed to do them proud by coming up to some standards that were never clearly defined while at the same time I was not… Continue
Posted by PK on December 14, 2008 at 7:34pm

The Law of the Way.....
We have always been reading and listening to calls and suggestions to surrender ourselves to The Mother and let Her lead our life, and live our life as She wills and rules. When we aspire to ascend to a higher Life, this way of Surrender seem to be a very easy. To some even it looks like a short cut because they would feel I don’t have to do anything, and She will do it for me. Indeed it is true that our sole prerequisite in the Integral Yoga is to surrender ourselves to The Mother, be a dedica… Continue
Posted by Gopal on December 6, 2008 at 10:38am

On Terrorism....what Aspect of The Mother is to be called?
Last three days probably we have always beeen concerned, discussing, thinking about the terror attack on Mumbai. i myself worked in the great city of India, for two years and know it dynamism very well. for me personally the city very close because it is in mumbai i started feeling the presence of The Mother around me. and an attack on mumbai certainly got me worried and i have been offering prayers to The Mother. the difficult time seems to be over by now. but there is a point to be discussed… Continue
Posted by Gopal on November 29, 2008 at 10:37am — 1 Comment

The Case for Taciturnity Now that my baby is over one year old, I receive instructions from all including my doctor to focus on teaching my child to articulate words and communicate in a spoken language that we understand. I am asked to repeat certain words and commands so that the child learns faster and we may be able to communicate more easily with the child. Every time we meet a friend or relative, the first question that is posed is “Has she started to speak? Which words can she speak now?… Continue
Posted by PK on November 20, 2008 at 1:16am

More on marriage relationship
THE MATING DILEMMA There is so much talk of marital discord nowadays. Every journal or TV program is discussing it. My view is that I do not see any special discord that we do not have in our every day lives that necessitates a special name. It is the same old clash of two desire entities that we encounter everyday, everywhere and with everyone, each wanting its own way to the exclusion of consideration for the other. Selfishness and self-centeredness are part of the gifts endowed us by nature… Continue
Posted by PK on November 17, 2008 at 5:30am

DOES THE GENIUS HAVE A FACE? The first impression rules our prejudices? How reliable is it? How do we judge others? It is easy to go by stereo-types and there are many such images that are embedded in our memories; the doctor with his stethoscope, the ascetic in his orange gown is easy to recognize. The rural guy in his dhoti and his loose kurta and pajama are easy to place in contrast to the city Alec in his jeans and T-shirt. These are so obvious that often we use them to cloak our real perso… Continue
Posted by PK on November 15, 2008 at 5:28pm

Knowledge by Identity....
In Savitri Book 1 Canto 3... i got exposed to a wonderful message by Sri Aurobindo - "Knowledge by Identity".. A consciousness of beauty and of bliss, A knowledge which became what it perceived, Replaced the separated sense and heart And drew all Nature into its embrace. i have been trying to dig more into it and today i found an answer by The Mother to one question - "Can we know the Universe without any instruments or any such helps?" (please dont mind. i am not able to make the exac… Continue
Posted by Gopal on November 15, 2008 at 11:12am — 5 Comments

To marry or not to marry
On this question: Dear friends, One question that has bothered me for quite sometime is the decision to get married. I am 28. Would probably decide to get married (in India, if things take their uninterrupted course, it would mean an arranged marriage according to my parents etc) in a few years time. On one hand, I have references to Sri Aurobindo's letters to one of his disciples where he says not to expect any sanction from Him regarding indulgence of the latter's lower nature (something to t… Continue
Posted by PK on November 14, 2008 at 8:41pm — 4 Comments

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