Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Be faithful

Managing Trustee : DR. KALPATARU BISWAL
Date of Installation : 9th, December, 1970, 10 AM
Installed by : Sri Ramakrishna Das
Library attached : Yes
Garden attached : Yes
Integral School attached to the Premises of RC : Yes
Hostel attached to the school : No
Timings of Public Darshan of RC : 5.30 AM to 8 PM
Cost of Construction : Rs. 50,000 (Fifty Thousands)
No. of persons visiting daily : Within 100
Plan made by : Sri Ramakrishna Das
Flooring Marbel finish : Marble finished.
Daily activities of the Ashram : Daily Meditation in the morning and evening. Weekely Study Circles and other functions

The very idea of Sri Aurobindo's Relics at Jagatsinghpur, the first Relics Centre of Orissa, came from Babaji Maharaj Sri Ramakrishna Das. In the year 1969, in a letter to Sri Jagannath Mohanty, the first secretary of Sri Aurobindo Study Circle, Babaji Mahaj expressed his wish for the installation of Sri aurobindo's Relics at Jagatsinghpur. He himself gave the plan and the construction was ready by December, 1970. The sacred Relics was given the state honour and brought by the minister Sri Santanu Kumar Das. Babaji Maharaj Sri Ramakrishna Das, Sri Udar and Sri Manoj Das accompanied the Relics from Pondicherry. The Mother gave a message on this occasion "Be faithful"

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