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Matrujyoti, Betnoti, Mayurbhanj: 10th December 2003

Betnoti, Mayurbhanj : Code : AST.MAY.R55
The Study circle of this small way side town of Mayurbhanj district started in 1969 in the residence of late Sri Upendra Mohanty, a class IV employee of the Department of Electricity. Prapatti had been associated with this centre since its inception. We remember the current of inspiration that touched our hearts in a 3 day Youth and Students camp in 1975 in the premises of the Maharaja M.P.C. High School of Betnoti. In another three - day camp at Baripada where Prapatti was present, there was a proposal to start a school at Betnoti. Prapatti flared up saying
“Do you think it is a joke to start a Sri Aurobindo Integral School that you will open a school just anywhere?! It requires much preparation of the individuals who start it”. After some time closing his eyes he said “ Yes, a school can start at Betnoti but where is the place? Where is the building for the same? Instantaneously late Sri Mohanty burst forth that he would offer his own house and land for the work.
This is the beginning of Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centre at Betnoti. The school opened on 21st February, 1979. All the members promised before The Mother’s Photograph that all through their lives they would help the centre to grow.
The visit of Prapatti, Chittaranjan Das, Madhusudan Mishra, Bhaja Krushna Sahu and above all the close association of Anadi Charan Swain have guided our steps. We are proud of the visit of Sri Champaklalji who came here twice. We are very grateful at the Feet of The Mother for the help and sympathy from all sources that we have received.
Now the enshrinement of the material Portion of the Lord by Prof Chhotenarayan Sharma from Sri aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, on the 10th of December 2003 at 12 P.M. has fulfilled our long cherished aspiration. © 2005 Matrubhaban, Sri Aurobindo Marg, Cuttack-753013

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