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The Integral Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo: Contributors

ARABINDA BASU. Spalding Lecturer in Indian Philosophy and Religion, University of Durham, Durham, England. Spalding Visiting Lecturer, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Member, Committee of Experts on Translation of Representative Works, International Council for the Study of Philosophy and Humanities. B.A. and M.A., University of Calcutta.
SATISCHANDRA CHATTERJEE. Head of the Department of Philo- sophy, University of Calcutta. Visiting Professor at the University of Hawaii, 1952. Author of: The Nyāya Theory of Knowledge; Fundamentals of Hinduism; Problems of Philosophy; An Intro- duction to Indian Philosophy (co-author with D. M. Datta). M.A., P.R.S., and Ph.D., University of Calcutta.
HARIDAS CHAUDHURI. Professor of Indian Philosophy and Chair- man of the Department of South Asia, American Academy of Asian Studies, San Francisco. President, Cultural Integration Fellowship, California. Lecturer in Indian Culture, Rudolph Schaeffer School of Design, San Francisco. Formerly Professor and Head of the Department of Philosophy, Krishnagar Govern- ment College, West Bengal. Fellow of Yoga-Vedanta Forest Academy, Rishikesh, India. Delegate to: The Silver Jubilee Session of the Indian Philosophical Congress, Calcutta, 1950; The Sixth National Conference of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO, San Francisco, 1957. Author of: Sri Aurobindo: The Prophet of Life Divine; The Philosophy of Integralism; The Rhythm of Truth; Prayers of Affirmation; Indian Culture (co-editor with Dr Matilal Das); and some books in Bengali. M.A. and D.Phil., University of Calcutta.
TARAKNATH DAS. One of the co-workers of Sri Aurobindo during the first Indian Independence Movement. Lecturer in different American colleges and universities including The Catholic Uni- versity of America, City College of New York, Queen's College, New York University, Columbia University, University of Hawaii, University of Southern California, University of Mary- land, and Pace College, New York City. Co-founder and the present Director of Taraknath Das Foundation, New York. Author of: Is Japan a Menace to Asia; India in World Politics; Indian Struggle for Freedom; Foreign Policy in the Far East; and others. A.B. and M.A., University of Washington. Ph.D., Georgetown University; Ph.D.(Hon.), University of Munich, Germany.
SIDNEY KARTUS. Member of the Arizona State Legislature ( 1944-56). Observer for Arizona State Legislative Council of Colorado River Litigation before U.S. Supreme Court. Re-elected member of Arizona House of Representatives for 1959-60. Author of reports and articles on reclamation, historical and other subjects including the pamphlet Aurobindo: Prophet of Modern India.
S. K. MAITRA. Honorary Professor of Philosophy and formerly Head of the Department of Philosophy, Banares Hindu Uni- versity. Director of The Indian Institute of Philosophy, Amalner, 1917-18. President, Indian Philosophical Congress, 1948. Author of: The Neo-Romantic Movement in Contemporary Philosophy; The Philosophical Currents of the Present Day; Social Organization in North-East India in Buddha's Time; An Introduction to the Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo; Studies in Sri Aurobindo's Philo- sophy; The Meeting of the East and West in Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy; The Spirit of Indian Philosophy; Whither Philosophy; and numerous articles published in different journals. M.A. and Ph.D., University of Calcutta.
T. M. P. MAHADEVAN. Professor and Head of the Department of Philosophy, University of Madras. Visiting Lecturer in Cornell University, 1948-9. President, Indian Philosophical Congress, 1955. Delegate to Goethe Bicentennial Convocation at Aspen, Colorado, and to East-West Philosophers' Conference at the University of Hawaii, 1949. Publications include: The Philosophy of Advaita; The Upaniṣads: An Anthology; The Fundamentals of Logic; Whither Civilization and Other Broadcast Talks; Gauḍa- pāda: A Study in Early Advaita; Time and the Timeless; The Idea of God in Śaiva-Siddhānta; Outlines of Hinduism. M.A. and Ph.D., Madras University.
Lecturer in English and Assistant Professor of Radio-TV, San Francisco State College. Formerly Lecturer at College of San Mateo, California. Writer, producer and staff announcer at different radio stations of Northern California. Member of the Guild for Psychological Studies, San Francisco and Middleton. Winner of the Aurobindo Essay Contest in Northern California, 1958. A.B., S.F. State College; M.A., University of California; Ph.D., College of the Pacific, through The American Academy of Asian Studies.
JAY R. McCULLOUGH. Assistant Professor of Philosophy, San Jose State College, California. A travelling scholar of oriental culture in the Far East in 1956. Member, Board of Governors, American Academy of Asian Studies. Publications include: 'Indian Theism and the Importance of Moral Acts,' in The Review of Religion, November 1956; 'Human Understanding in a Technical Age', in The Ananai, Shimizu, Japan, January 1958; and others. B.S. and M.A., University of Arizona; Ph.D., College of the Pacific, Stockton, through The American Academy of Asian Studies.
SISIR KUMAR MITRA. Professor of History of Civilization and Joint Director of Education, Sri Aurobindo International University Centre, Pondicherry. Formerly Lecturer in Cultural History at Rabindranath Tagore Viswabharati ( World University), Shantiniketan. Author of: Cultural Fellowship of Bengal; India's Cultural Empire and Her Future; The Vision of India; The Dawn Eternal; The Secret of India's Evolution; The Liberator--Sri Aurobindo; India and the World; Sri Aurobindo and the New World.
JITENDRANATH MOHANTY. Lecturer in Philosophy, Calcutta Uni- versity. Lecturer at Sri Aurobindo Pāthamandir, Calcutta. Publications include: Nicolai Hartmann and A. N. Whitehead; A Study in Recent Platonism. B.A. and M.A., Calcutta; Dr. Phil., Göttingen, Germany.
CHARLES A. MOORE. Chairman, Department of Philosophy, Uni- versity of Hawaii. Former Member of the Department of Philo- sophy, Yale University. Sometime Acting Director, Oriental Institute, University of Hawaii. Chairman, East-West Philo- sophers' Conferences, 1939, 1949. Editor and co-author, Philosophy --East and West. Co-editor, Jungiro Takakusu The Essentials of Buddhist Philosophy. Co-editor, A Source Book in Indian Philo- sophy. Programme Director of the Philosophy and Religion Section, the sixth conference of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO, San Francisco, 1957. Director, East-West Philo- sophers' Conference, Honolulu, 1959. A.B. and Ph.D., Yale. Sabbatical study as Guggenheim Fellow in India and at Oxford, 1947-8.
HAJIME NAKAMURA. Professor of Indian and Buddhist Philosophy, University of Tokyo. Visiting Professor, Stanford University, 1951-2. Delegate to: Congress on Cultural Freedom in Asia, Rangoon, 1955; The Buddhist Symposium held by the Govern- ment of India, New Delhi, 1956. Member of The Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute. Poona; The American Oriental Society; The International Academy of the Jains. Editor of: The Bulletin of the Okurayama Oriental Research Institute; Monu- menta Nipponica; Science of Thought. Author of: A History of Early Vedanta Philosophy, four vols. (in Japanese) (awarded the Imperial prize by the Academy of Japan); Ways of Thinking of Eastern Peoples, two vols. (in Japanese) (translated by the Japanese Commission for UNESCO into English); and sixteen other books in Japanese. D. Lit., University of Tokyo.
N. A. NIKAM. Professor of Philosophy, Mysore University. General Secretary, Indian Philosophical Congress. Associate Fellow, Silliman College, Yale. Member of: Executive Committee of the International Institute of Philosophy, Paris; Executive Com- mittee of the International Federation of Philosophical Societies, Brussels; UNESCO International Committee on Inquiry into the Teaching of Philosophy; East-West Philosophers' Conference, Canberra, 1957; UNEESCO East-West Colloquium, Brussels, 1958; Institute on Ethics, New York. Writer of the Annual Proceedings of the Indian Philosophical Congress. Author of: An Introduction to Kant's Critique of Pure Reason; the article entitled 'Realism' in History of Philosophy, Eastern and Western; The Writs of Asoka (under publication by the Chicago University Press). M.A., St John's College, Cambridge.
RAYMOND F. PIPER. Professor of Philosophy, Syracuse University, 1917-54. Visiting Lecturer, University of California, summer 1926. Delegate to: International Congresses of Philosophy, 1920, 1926, 1937; International Congress of Aesthetics, Paris, 1937. Member of: Phi Beta Kappa; American Philosophical Association; Ameri- can Society of Aesthetics; University Methodist Church. Publica- tions include: The Fields and Methods of Knowledge (co-author with Dr Paul W. Ward); Preface to Philosophy: Book of Readings (co-author with Chancellor Wm P. Tolley and Dr Ross E. Hoople ); The Hungry Eye: An Introduction to Cosmic Art; four articles in Encyclopedia of the Arts. A.B., Wisconsin; S.T.B. and Ph.D., Boston.
A. B. PURANI. Member of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. Translator of Sri Aurobindo's main works in Guzrati. Visiting Lecturer in South Africa under the sponsorship of the Tagore Gandhi Trust Association, 1954. Visiting Lecturer in the United Kingdom, 1955. Author of: Sri Aurobindo: His Life and Teachings; On Art; Sri Aurobindo's Sāvitrī: An Approach and a Study; Sri Aurobindo in England. B. A., St Xavier's College, Bombay.
RUTH REYNA. Research scholar in Indian Philosophy in the Uni- versity of Florida. Member of: Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Epsilon Theta, and the like. Author of Contemporary Interpretations of the Concept of Maya in Hinduism (in the press). A.B., University of Southern California; M.A., Florida State University.
RISHABHCHAND. Member of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. Author of: The Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo, two vols.; The Divine Collaborators; In the Mother's Light, two parts. B.A., University of Calcutta.
ANILBARAN ROY. Extension Lecturer, Sri Aurobindo International University Centre, Pondicherry. Formerly Professor of Philosophy, West Bengal. Sometime member of the Bengal Legislative Council. Author of: The Gītā; The Message of the Gītā as Interpreted by Sri Aurobindo (editor); Mother India; The World Crisis; Songs from the Soul; India's Mission in the World; Sri Aurobindo and the New Age; and several books in Bengali.
INDRA SEN. Professor of Psychology, Sri Aurobindo International University Centre, Pondicherry. Former Professor of Psychology, Delhi College. Author of: Integral Education (compiled from the writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother); and Science and Culture (compiled). M.A. and Ph.D.
K. D. SETHNA. Member of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. Editor of Mother India. Author of: Essays on Wells, Shaw, Chesterton and Hardy; The Secret Splendour; The Adventure of the Apocalypse; The Poetic Genius of Sri Aurobindo; Evolving India; The Indian Spirit and the World's Future; The Passing of Sri Aurobindo. B.A., Bombay University; Ellis Prize winner.
SRI SWAMI SIVANANDA. Founder and Director of The Life Divine Society, Rishikesh. Founder and Chancellor of Yoga-Vedanta Forest University, Rishikesh. A practising physician in the Federated Malaya States, 1913-23. A wandering monk, 1924-36. Author of about 200 books including: Principal Upaniṣads; World Religions; Rāja Yoga; Hatha Yoga; Kundalinī Yoga; Yoga Vedānta Dictionary; All About Hinduism; Brahma Sūtras; Mind, Its Mysteries and Control; The Moral and Spiritual Regeneration of the World; Spiritual Experiences; Srīmad Bhagavad Gītā; etc.
NINIAN SMART. Lecturer in the History and Philosophy of Religion, University of London. Former Lecturer in the University of Wales. Visiting Lecturer in Philosophy at Yale University, 1955-6. Author of a book on Buddhism and Vedānta which is shortly to appear. B.A. and M.A., London.
PITIRIM A. SOROKIN. Professor of Sociology and Director of the Harvard Research Centre in Creative Altruism. Author of: Contemporary Sociological Theories; Social and Cultural Dynamics; Social Mobility; Crisis of Our Age; Reconstruction of Humanity; The Ways and Power of Love; Social Philosophies of an Age of Crisis; and many other works translated into many languages. Editor of: Explorations in Altruistic Love and Behavior: A Sympo- sium; Forms and Techniques of Altruistic and Spiritual Growth: A Symposium. M.A. and Ph.D.
FREDERIC SPIEGELBERG. Professor of Asiatic and Slavic Studies, Stanford University, since 1941. Former Lecturer at Columbia University, University of Rochester, University of California, Berkeley, etc. Sometime Director of Studies, American Academy of Asian Studies, San Francisco. Visiting Lecturer, Institute for Analytical Psychology, Zurich, Switzerland, autumn 1956. Publi- cations include: The Bible of the World (co-editor); Alchemy as a Way of Salvation; The Religion of No-Religion; Spiritual Practices of India; The Living Religions of the World. Research in India under a Rockefeller grant, 1949. S.T.M., Hamburg; Ph.D., Tiibingen. Fellow of Yoga-Vedanta Forest Academy Rishikesh.
RAMA SHANKAR SRIVASTAVA. Professor of Philosophy, Ranchi College, Behar. Member of the Board of Philosophical Studies, Behar University. Former Head of the Department of Philosophy, Gaya College. Author of Sri Aurobindo and the Theories of Evolu- tion (in the press). M.A., Banares Hindu University; D. Litt., Patna University.
H. P. SULLIVAN. Research scholar at the School of Oriental Studies, University of Durham, England. B.D., University of Chicago.
JUDITH M. TYBERG. Founder and Director, East-West Cultural Centre, Los Angeles, 1953. Visiting Lecturer at different cultural centres in England, Wales, Germany, Scandinavia, etc., 1935-6. Research work in Banares Hindu University and Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, 1947-50. Professor of Sanskrit, American Academy of Asian Studies, San Francisco, 1951. Author of: First Lessons in Sanskrit Grammar and Reading; The Sanskrit Key to India's Wisdom. M.A., M.Th. and Ph.D., The Theosophical University, Point Loma; M.A. in Indian Religion and Philosophy, Banares Hindu University.
K. C. VARADACHARI. Reader in Philosophy, Sri Venkatesvara University, Andhra. Former Lecturer at Madras Christian College and Union Christian College. Author of: Metaphysics of Sri Rāmānuja's Śribhāsya; Theory of Knowledge in Śri Rāmānuja's Philosophy; Living Teaching of the Vedānta; Idea of God; Aspects of Bhakti; Introduction to Logic; and other works on Mysticism, Yoga and Psychology. M.A. and Ph.D., Madras University.
ERNEST WOOD. President and Dean, American Academy of Asian Studies, San Francisco, 1957-58. Formerly Founder and President, Wood National College, Madanapalle, 1913; Founder and Principal, D.G. Sind National College, Hyderabad, 1917; Organizing Secretary, National University of India, 1917. Publications include: The Glorious Presence; Practical Yoga; Great Yoga Systems of India; Yoga Dictionary; Mind and Memory Training; Occult Training of the Hindus; The Bhagavadgītā Explained; and many others.

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