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1. Dr. Alok Pandey, MBBS.,MD (Psychiatry)
Dr. Alok Pandey has been working in the light of Mother and Sri Aurobindo for more than 15 years. He has developed the working concept of Integral Health and Integral psychology which he is using in his life and practice. He is one of the founders of SAIIIHR.
2. Dr.Arati Sharma, BHMS
Dr. Arati Sharma works as a Homoeopathic Physician at SAIIIHR, Homoeopathic Clinic and Keloid Research Centre. She has prepared the frame work for the Keloid research project & compiled relevant extracts on body, health and illness from "Letters on Yoga" by Sri Aurobindo. She was a lecturer at S.K Homoeopathic Medical College, Beed and has visited many colleges for delivering lectures.
3. Dr. D.B.Bisht, MBBS,M.D,Ph.D,FAMS.,DSC
Dr. D.B.Bisht was professor and Head of department of Medicine at JIPMER, Pondicherry and later took over as its Director. He then moved to Delhi as Director General of Central Govt. Health Services and from there to the WHO's South East Asia regional office at Delhi. He is now the Director Research in Apollo Hospitals and Chairman of SAIIIHR. He is one of the founders of SAIIIHR.
4. Dr.Soumitra Basu, MBBS.,D.P.M.,M.D, (Psychiatry)
Dr.Soumitra Basu was the Project director of a drug detoxification and counselling centre sponsored by the Central Ministry of Welfare; a consultant psychiatrist to the Dept. of Home (Jails), Govt. of West Bengal; consultant to Alakendu Bodh Niketan (an institute for the mentally handicapped); an Hon. child psychiatrist in the child guidance clinic, Calcutta; and a research scholar in the 'Multi-centered study of drug abuse among students' a project of the Central Ministry of Welfare. He is the author of the book on 'Integral Health' and Editor of NAMAH. He is one of the founders of SAIIIHR.
5. Dr.U.R.Pachegaonkar, G.C.E.H (Homoeopath)
Dr.U.R.Pachegaonkar is working as the Chief homoeopathic physician in the Keloid Research project of SAIIIHR under the auspices of the Health and Family Welfare Dept. (ISM&H), New Delhi. He was the principal of Homoeopathic Medical college Latur. He has been the Professor and the Head of Department of Medicine and guide for post graduation courses in Homoeopathy at the S.K Homoeopathic Medical college, Beed. He was a physician at the Homoeopathic Municipal clinic at Ambajogai. He is a senate member of the Maharastra University Health Sciences, Nasik.
6. Dr.Vandana Gupta, MBBS
Dr. Vandana Gupta has been working in SAIIIHR since its inception. She has learnt Homoeopathy, Pranic healing, Iridology, Perceptible breath and Tarot cards through the years. She has been working on the Flower Remedies based on the Mother's significance since the last 10 years and has evolved with the concept of an Integral approach to healing. She is the coordinator of SAIIIHR and one of the editors of NAMAH.
7. Mr. Vijay Poddar
Mr. Vijay Poddar is the director of SAIIIHR. He grew up in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and is a teacher at the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Pondicherry. He is also the Director of Sri Aurobindo Institute for Research in Social Science and a member of the executive committee of the Sri Aurobindo Society.
8. Dr.Yogesh Mohan, MBBS
Dr.Yogesh has been working in SAIIIHR since 1992. He has learnt Acupressure & Pranic healing. He conducted the field study for medicinal flora in the Pondicherry city. He has done the compilation on health, body and illness from the Mothers Agenda. He has completed his MD in Community Medicine from Jawaharlal Institute for Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, Pondicherry. His dissertation was on “A Qualitative Study of Spiritual Well-Being”, where in he conducted an exploratory study of spiritual well-being, and based on that developed a research tool to assess ‘spiritual well-being’, which on preliminary psychometric testing shows good reliability and validity. At present he is working as a Senior Resident in the department.
Visiting Faculty /Closely associated
1. Dr. A.S. Dalal
Dr. A.S. Dalal was the Director of Klamath Mental Health Centre at Oregon, USA. He then became the Co-director of the Institute of Integral Psychology, Ojai, California from 1982-84 and then the coordinator of the out patient services at Randolph County Mental Health Centre. He has been the compiler of many books on Mental Health, Psychology and Yoga, from the writings of Mother and Sri Aurobindo. He is now associated with the research advisory activities of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and the Editorial Board of NAMAH. He is a practicing homoeopath at Tresor Nursing Home, Pondicherry.
2. Dr. Aparna Agrawal, MBBS,M.D. (General Medicine)
Dr.Aparna Agrawal is an associate professor of Medicine at the Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, Pondicherry. Her special field of interest has been Gastroenterology and Diabetology.
3. Dr. Debabrata Sahani, M.D. (Opthalmology)
Dr. Debabrata Sahani is associated with SAIIIHR Since his student days. He worked extensively on the project of Unconventional Noninvasive Diagnostic Techniques and used it in his practice. He is now residing in Orissa.
4. Mrs. Dhan Palkhivala, B.A.,L.L.B., Yoga Teacher
Dhan 'Ben' as we call her is a versatile personality. She is a student of BKS Iyengar and a sadhika of Sri Aurobindo's Yoga. She is an advocate, a healer, an organisor and a Yoga teacher at Bombay. She has been associated with the activities of the Sri Aurobindo Society since the beginning.
5. Dr. D.E .Mistry, MBBS.,M.S.
Dr.D.E.Mistry, was inspired by the reading of the works of Sri Aurobindo vis and vis homoeopathy. He has worked as a surgeon in the V.M.M. Medical College Solapur as a head of the surgical unit. After leaving the medical college he has been exclusively devoting his practice to treatment of all acute, chronic and terminal cases by homoeopathic remedies. He also uses the Biochemic remedies and the Bach Flower remedies. He has been associated with SAIIIHR since its inception and is editor of NAMAH.
6. Mr. James Anderson, M.B.A.
Mr. James Anderson, from England came to Pondicherry looking for a deeper spiritual understanding. He is now involved in the various facets of the work at SAIIIHR. He has finished the compilation of reference on Flower remedies from the Agenda. He helps in the proof reading and editing of NAMAH. He is also a Reiki channel.
7. Dr. Karoon Agrawal, MBBS,MS M.Ch (Plastic Surgery)
Dr.Karoon Agrawal is the Professor and Head of the Plastic surgery dept. at the Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, Pondicherry. He has done innovative work in the field of cleft Palate surgery and designing a clip for ear lobe keloids. More than 45 research papers have been presented by him in national & international journals. At present he is closely associated with SAIIIHR in the keloid project.
8. Dr. K.H. Krishnamurthy, B.Sc.(Hons), M.SC., Ph.D., F.B.S.
Dr.K.H.Krishnamurthy was Professor & UGC emeritus scholar, teaching at the Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, Pondicherry. He has specialised in Botany. He is a poet and a writer. He has developed a new methodology 'Pharmacolinguistics' for identifying plants from their Sanskrit names. He has written many books in diverse fields as Botany, Ayurveda, Poetry, Science and the Indian heritage. The Bhela Samhita has been for the first time been translated by him into English. He has received honours in Linguistics, Botany and Ayurveda. He is on the Editorial board of NAMAH.
9. Dr. Michael Miovic, BA (Psychology), M.D.(Resident in psychiatry)
Dr.Michael Miovic, a psychiatrist in Boston is part of the team who is helping to develop the Integral Yoga Psychology. He has been contributing extensively to NAMAH and is interested in the development of SAIIIHR.
10. Dr. Natalie Tobert, Ph.D (Anthropology)
Dr. Natalie Tobert is a multifaceted person who has moved from ceramics to archeology to Anthropology to Psychology. She is associated with the 'Scientific Network' group in England. She has been interested in the work at SAIIIHR.
11. Dr. Neeraja Bisht
Dr. Neeraja Bisht, daughter of Dr.D.B. Bisht is an ophthalmologist in Pondicherry. She was associated with SAIIIHR through the WHO project on the Spiritual dimension of Health. She is interested in the welfare of its team members, Society & animals.
12. Dr. P.V. Sharma, A.M.S (Ayurveda), M.A.(Sanskrit and Hindi)
Dr.P.V.Sharma graduated in Ayurveda in 1940. He was the Dy. Director of Health Services (IM) Bihar. In 1963, he joined as Prof. of Dravyagnna in the Postgraduate Institute of Indian Medicine at BHU. Later he became the Director of the Institute and Dean, faculty of Indian Medicine. He is associated with many groups to promote the use and spread of Ayurveda nationally and internationally. He has authored 50 books. Many major Ayurvedic texts have been translated by him into English as Caraka Samhita, Susruta Samhita etc. He is an honoured member of the SAIIIHR team being on the advisory board of NAMAH and SAIIIHR.
13. Mr. R. Ramanan, B.A., M.A.
Mr.R. Ramanan is a certified Handwriting Analyst, and a Professional Graphologist through the application of Grapho Cybernetics, a self modification program, he is helping many persons, especially children, to remove negative traits. He is also a Pranic healer and a Reiki Grand Master.
14. Dr. Sharmila Basu, M.Phil. (Psychology)
Dr.Sharmila Basu is working in the field of criminal psychology since the last 10 years. She has co-authored a number of papers on drug de-addiction with Dr. Soumitra Basu. She is deeply interested & closely associated to the team at SAIIIHR.
15. Sheela Pakiam, B.Sc., Peace Pilgrim
Sheela Pakiam, a Malaysian has been living in the light of the soul from childhood. This inner quest brought her to Pondicherry and SAIIIHR where she is helping in all facets especially the Flower remedies. She has collected the data on flowers from all sources, is doing a compilation of references from the Mother, looking after the medicinal plants and spreading joy, peace and love.
16. Mrs.T. Vijaylaxami
Mrs.T.Vijaylaxami, is a Professional Graphologist and helping many Children by imparting the skill of handwriting. She is a Practioner of Neuro Lingustic Program, a Pranic healer and a Reiki Grand Master.

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