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Rishabhchand left his body

The Mother
Strangely, you might say there are numbers of miracles, that is, things that contradict all habits, but they hide, they veil themselves - but as for me, I see them. You know that in the night that followed the darshan, they found Rishabhchand...
[[An old and very faithful disciple whose body was found on the beach. This is the continuation of the series that began with Bharatidi, then Amrita, Pavitra.... Rishabhchand was the author of Sri Aurobindo - His Life Unique. ]]
For almost a year he had asked me to leave. So, when he asked me to leave (he asked quite in earnest: he was suffering a lot, quite miserable), I did what I always do: I presented his request to the Supreme Lord and said to Him ... And then, he didn't leave. He recovered. He recovered and for some time he was much better. But his will to go remained. So then, on the day of darshan (I think he saw me, I don't know), he disappeared from his room, and they found his body partly on the shore, partly in the water.
As it was a public place, the police asked for an autopsy, and it was done: there wasn't a drop of water in his stomach, which means he didn't drown. And it does seem, according to what people say, that he didn't drown (but I didn't see the body, so I am not absolutely sure), but one thing is sure, it's that he left his body, and another thing is sure, it's that he did not kill himself.... He went out before 4 in the morning (they don't know at what time - sometime in the night). At 4 they realized he had gone out. No one heard him leave. And he died, obviously but he did not kill himself. So what happened?... He had a bump at the forehead: he fell down...
But he didn't drown, I am sure of that. It's a so-called "accident," which means he left ... You understand, he was really imploring to go, and he went out - he must have been guided where he had to go... Yes. But they told me too, that's how they broke the news to me! They told me that Rishabhchand had "committed suicide." There was in me a categorical NO.... I didn't say it. I didn't say, I waited; because if I had said something, they would have ... I didn't say anything, I waited. Then they told me that the police had demanded the body, and later on they said, "Well, the police found there wasn't a drop of water in his stomach." So he didn't throw himself into the water. And it was the only thing he could have done...
I said, "He's quite all right, he didn't kill himself" - I'm sure of that. But I found it was ... it was all guided so wonderfully! It was ... (how can I put it?), to make myself understood, I prayed: I prayed that if it were really possible, well, let him be helped to leave. And that's what was done (but I had done it the previous time). It came just at the right time. He had completed his work; you see, the first time when he asked to leave, he hadn't completed his Life of Sri Aurobindo, while this time he had completed it - he had nothing more to say. ma/agenda/11/1970-04-29

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