Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sri Aurobindo Legal Unit, Matrubhaban, Cuttack

A Report On 31st December, 2006 the second working committee meet of
Sri Aurobindo Legal Unit
A Report – On 31st December, 2006 the second working committee meet of Sri Aurobindo Legal Unit was held at Matrubhaban, Cuttack. The meeting started with two minutes meditation. The members and friends working in legal fraternity having interest in The Mother’s Work were present.
Gadadhar Mishra welcomed the participants and explained to all present about the subject for discussion “Registration of Sri Aurobindo Study Circles should be as Society or Trust”. After a detail discussion and examining different aspects of the problem , all agreed that Sri Aurobindo Study Circles should be registered as a Trust”. A format of the Trust deed which is generally followed in Orissa, was given to all present and their comments were invited. It was decided to meet again on 21st January,2007, at 11AM for final preparation of the Deed which could be followed throughout Orissa.
All present agreed that the brothers and sisters serving The Mother are not employees and it is really insulting to stamp them like this. They are all members of Sri Aurobindo Study circles and all effort must be made to stop the degradation of their status. For legal facilities, all who are serving The Mother like this should give an undertaking in stamp paper as affidavit that they are not the employees but serving for a divine purpose. This will be intimated to New Life Education Trust for further course of action. The meeting of SALU for 2007 will be held on 2nd Sunday of June(10th June,2007) and 4th Sunday of December(23rd December, 2007).
A proposal to have a session of SALU at Sri Aurobindo Ashram , Pondicherry. The date and time of this visit will be decided afterwards. Convenor Sri Akshya Kumar Mohapatra requested all the members to be present in the meeting of 21st January 2007 and participate in the discussion. The meeting ended with one minute silence and gratitude at the Feet of The Divine Mother.
Sri Akshya Kumar Mohapatra

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