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Auroville Today January 2007

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January 2007 Editorial:
Land purchase for the city of Auroville , stopped during the tenure of the previous Secretary of the Auroville Foundation, has been renewed with vigour. Since the new Secretary, Mr. M. Ramasamy I.A.S, took office at the beginning of November, 5.88 acres in the City area and 2.63 acres in the Greenbelt have been purchased. A number of other land deals are in the pipeline. But it is still a drop in the ocean. In the City area, 220 acres still have to be secured. In the Greenbelt , the first priority is to secure about 500 acres to consolidate existing forest and farming areas. ‘Landpurchase', says Mr. Ramasawmy, “is my most important task.” One and a half months later Auroville Today requested him for an update.
The January issue also gives the views of Richard Register, is a well-known advocate of redesigning cities for the benefit of people and nature rather than automobiles, who, during a brief visit to Auroville with his associate, Kirstin Miller, he made a presentation on ‘ecocities' and expressed the hope that Auroville would be one. We also present a new book on AV Architecture, published by Prisma, which underscores what interesting architecture we have in Auroville.This issue also reports on the Consequences of Compassion. Relations with one of the neighbouring villages became strained when a young boy, who had been caught stealing in Auroville, was returned to his village as he was very young. However, the boy, perhaps hurt by the consequences of his action and the dishonour brought on himself and his family, committed suicide by hanging the next day.
Then there is a view of what to be done to increase Auroville's population which, in the period August 2004 – November 2006, grew by a mere 2%.In the section Health care, this issue carries an article about new ways in homeopathy. Homeopath Peter Holl, who is participating in developing new pathways in homeopathy, talks about his work. In the section food, we report a new product from Auroville's cheese unit La Ferme: delicious goat cheese, and in the section agriculture about the progress of Auroville's farms, five of which are now certified ‘organic.'It is not often that Auroville gets a donation of art. But recently, a bronze statue of, called ‘L'Offrande', 'The Offering,' was donated by Canadian sculptor Robert Lorrain and installed in the pond near CafĂ© Morgan at the Town Hall. ‘The Offering', says Lorrain, ‘is the result of various inspirations and attempts to express the meaning of ‘offering' as described by Sri Aurobindo in his ‘The Synthesis of Yoga':What are the experiences of a newcomer to Auroville? Amy, a Californian Newcomer, shares her experience of two years living in Auroville. What were her first impressions of Auroville? “Not so good,” she says. “I couldn't reconcile what I had seen on the Web about the spirituality of the place and what I saw with my own eyes.”Also read about the life experience of Krishna, who runs the Auroville Transport Service. Phone for a taxi, and the chances are great that you get him on the line. But who is he, and how did this service develop?The issue also carries Dianna's experiences of learning Tamil and teaching English; obituaries of Suresh Joshi and Seyril Schochen, impressions of celebrating Deepam, and a review of the play ‘The Rainmaker'
Here follow a few of the articles. We wish you happy reading. Please subscribe if you want to read more, or ask for a free copy. Details are elsewhere on this web page.

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