Monday, September 25, 2006

The Gnostic Centre

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Foundation Course for Facilitators
After a two month break, we had a collective session on Sunday, 2nd July, followed by a final session on Tuesday, 18th July. The focus now is on finalising the dissertations, for which the first drafts have been submitted to the facilitator, and individual sessions fixed up to receive detailed feedback. The dissertations will be handed in by end July. From 12th to 16th August, the entire group will spend time in Nainital (at Sri Aurobindo Ashram-Delhi branch’s Himalayan centre), along with the facilitator and two external examiners (Dr. Debashish Banerji and Dr. Kavita Sharma). During this time the students will make verbal presentations on their projects and a viva towards final evaluation will be held. The students will also design workshops/courses that they will offer in the coming months through the Gnostic Centre - putting into action whatever they have imbibed from this year long course, as facilitators.
Ameeta Mehra
15th August 2005 to 15th August 2006

Self-Awareness Intensive
After the Self-Awareness Intensive for some of Vimhans faculty, The Gnostic Centre held another 2-day intensive for a group of 32 outstation postgraduate Psychology students who had come to Vimhans for a 5 week practicum in clinical psychology.

The conceptual and experiential inputs on inwardising the consciousness, understanding the parts of the being, the various modes of consciousness that we operate from and the impact on our behaviour, interactions, work, etc., were taken up during the first half of Saturday.

This was followed by the students identifying areas of their own interest for further work, so that the learning became practical and applicable:
Indian Psychology and its approach to therapy
Emotional Insecurity
Emotinal Instability
Balancing Social & Career Concerns
Spirituality & Self-confidence
Procastination & Laziness
Anxiety & Anger, Aggression
Conflicts of Values & Impact on Behaviour
The following day, after a morning of reading, reflection, discussion, the students presented the main points in sub-groups. This part of the intensive helped to make the learning very personal and real for each one of them.

Resource person: Aditi
24th & 25th June
Intensive for Vimhans for postgraduate students of Psychology from different educational institutes of north India
Generating Pure Energy & Consciousness in the Body
The two days were spent largely in learning and practising the various asanas and pranayamas for the purification of the body through various pranas - the physical, the five vital pranas, the mental and the emotional prana. The workshop included a session on healing as well.
Swami Vidyanand

Resource person: Anuradha
8th & 9th July
Workshop (Hathyoga, Pranayama, Mantra & Dhyana)
The Life Divine
(a book by Sri Aurobindo)
Ameeta Mehra
Saturdays, 9-10am
Study Circle

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