Thursday, September 07, 2006

Matagiri, Mount Tremper, NY

SPECIAL DAYS21 February : Mother's Birthday Darshan29 February :The Golden Day: The Descent of the Supramental24 April : Darshan Observance: Mother's final arrival in Pondicherry15 August : Sri Aurobindo's Birthday Darshan17 November : Observance of Mother's Mahasamadhi24 November : Darshan Day - Siddhi day5 December : Sri Aurobindo's Mahasamadhi
9 am (please arrive ten minutes early)
Reading and Meditation
Light Chores
Wednesdays in September
7:30 Reading, meditation and discussion
Home of Julian and Wendy Lines
Call 679-5358 for information
Gallery open by appointment
Working with Narad
Wednesday - Sunday, September 20th - 26thCleanup and Work on the Matagiri Grounds and or 845.679.5358
Narad, (Richard Eggenberger), a longtime member of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville, is an expert on landscaping and horticulture. He had conversations with the Mother about the spiritual significance of flowers. He is a past President of the Plumeria Society and author of books on plumeria and oleander. He created the website:
This is a chance to come together and work together in the Aurovilleand Ashram spirit, and we really hope that you will be able toparticipate. Each evening, there will be a special talk or presentationby Narad.
Our focus with be primarily on cleaning up the woods and burning brush,with the possibility of some planting and landscaping and gardening.Work gloves, chain saws, pruning saws, shovels and rakes are welcome.Vegetarian pot luck donations are appreciated.
We especially encourage tenting, though the evenings may be crisp.Local B&Bs and camping at Wilson State Park are listed at:
Tentative Schedule
Wednesday 9/2011 am arrival White Plains1 pm Lunch at Wendy & Julian's (WJ)3 pm Visit Sam and Eric, walk the property to confirm burn site and work program5 pm Wendy's yoga class6:30 pm Dinner7:30 pm Wednesday night Study Circle (WJ)
Thursday 9/21Morning: Marking trees to be cut and work to be doneNoon Lunch2 pm chainsaw work (cutting and limbing)6 pm Dinner7:30 pm Savitri Reading
Friday 9/22Chainsaw workNoon LunchChainsaw work6 pm Dinner7:30 pm Savitri Reading
Saturday 9/239 am Reading and Meditation9:30 am Work AssignmentsNoon Lunch1:30 Work Assignments3 - 6 pm Matagiri Board Meeting6 pm Dinner8 pm Flowers and Their Messages - Matagiri Library
Sunday 9/249 am Savitri Reading in Meditation Room9:30 am Work Assignments9:30 Optional Yoga Class with WendyNoon Lunch1:30 Work Assignments4 pm Tea4:30 Savitri Reading in Meditation RoomCleanup
Monday 9/259 am Work Assignments9:30 Optional Yoga Class with WendyNoon Lunch1:30 Work AssignmentsClean Up
Tuesday 9/269:30 am Evaluation and Planning for next phaseLunchAfternoon departure for NYC7 pm NYC Study Circle / Flower Talk
People's Revolution
62 Grand Street, 3rd FloorNew York, NY 10013
WHEN VISITING MATAGIRI Please call to inform us of your plans to attend at 845-679-8322 between 9 and 4 or email info@matagiri.orgAll events at Matagiri are free and open to the public. Donations in support of our work are needed and welcome.
Matagiri is located at 1218 Wittenberg Road in Mount Tremper, NY 12457
Meditation and Karma Yoga Saturday Mornings Starting Saturday, May 1st through
Saturday November 20th
9 am Reading and Meditation9:30-10:30 indoor and outdoor work
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