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Sri Aurobindo Medical Association, Cuttack

13th Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo Medical Association at Matrubhaban, Cuttack on 8th September, 2002
The Sri Aurobindo Medical Association observed its’ 13th anniversary on 8th September, 2002 at Matrubhaban, Cuttack. The theme for this year was “HOLISTIC APPROACH TO HEALING - THE NEED OF THE HOUR”
The registration of the delegates started at 8AM by Sri Padma Charan Mohanty and Smt. Nanda Biswal. A beautiful folder with a note book, a pen and a copy of the Souvenir printed for the occasion was given to each delegate.
The inaugural session started at 9 AM in the meeting hall of Matrubhaban with invocation by Smt. Bandita Ray and welcome address was given by Dr. Sudhir Brahma. He welcomed the delegates and guests. The participants were a mixed group from most parts of Orissa consisting of doctors from allopathic, homoeopathy, ayurveda, naturopathy, paramedical, two batches of Sri Aurobindo Health Squad trainees and well-wishers . Dr. Shyama Kanungo presented the annual report describing the activities of the association since its inception from 1976. Prof. J.M.Senapati, emeritus Professor and B.C.Ray Award Winner, gave the inaugural address. The meeting was presided by the state conveyor of the Association Dr. Babulu Pattnayak, ex Director, Health Services, Govt. of Orissa. The vote of thanks was given by Dr. Bijayeeni Mohapatra.
This was immediately followed by the next session presided by Prof. Satyabrata Kar, ex Addl. Secretary, Health & Family Welfare, Government of Orissa, and co-chaired by Dr. Bijayeeni Mohapatra. The guest speaker was Dr. Alok Pandey, a psychiatrist serving in the Indian Air Force , Editor of NAMAH, and a sadhak of integral yoga of Sri Aurobindo. He discussed on the subject of ‘Holistic Approach of Healing’ at length. This was followed by interaction from the audience. Some poignant queries on the issue were put forth which Dr. Pandey answered. His words revealed a new dimension of healing that compelled the healer and the afflicted to go within and above to discover the solutions concomitantly existing with the problem. He said the sufferer did not have a problem, he WAS THE PROBLEM.
The next session was a panel discussion on the practice of holistic method on a model case {a 65 year old male diabetic with cataract, osteoathritis and enlarged prostrate} .The participants were: Dr.Bipinbihari Pradhan (Naturopathy), Dr.Biranchi Narayan Mohapatra (Allopathy),
Dr.Bipinanda Mishra(Ayurved), Sri Udaya Charan Panda (Yoga Therapy), Dr. Bikash Kumar Prasad (Homoeopathy), Dr. Jayanta Kumar Panda was the co-coordinator. The discussion concluded with suggestions from Dr. R. K. Tuli from Apollo Hospital, New Delhi.
The organizational meeting was held from 2.30 to 4.30 PM. In the meeting the aim ,the ideal and the way of working of Sri Aurobindo Medical Association was clearly spelt out.
The following points were widely discussed -
1.Sri Aurobindo Medical Association like Dasakarmadhara is one of the programme of Sri Aurobindo Study Circles of Orissa. So, in every district there will be a Sri Aurobindo Medical Association organized by the district Sri Aurobindo Study Circle.
2. But the principle of working of these units will be formed in the All Orissa Sri Aurobindo Study Circle Conference (April Conference) at Matrubhaban, Cuttack after consulting all the Zonal, District and Block Conveners present .
3.Sri Aurobindo Health Squad activities will always be encouraged in every district and blocks so as to make all have health conscious habits and to keep always in front the glorious ideal of physical transformation for which Sri Aurobindo and The Mother are ceaselessly working.
4.The first -aid training camp is one of the activities of Sri Aurobindo Health Squad which will be taken up locally according to their readiness.
5.Dr.Braja Khandai suggested for opening a permanent office of Sri Aurobindo Medical Association at Matrubhaban.
6.A proposal given by Dr.Tuli to hold an All India Conference on Holistic healing in Orissa was placed before the house. This was tentatively welcomed by the members present.
7.To the enquiry of Dr. Nityananda Swain., Dr.Pratap Rath, Dr. Sudhir Brahma and Dr. Bijoy Sahoo on the working of Sri Aurobindo Health Squad Training programmer, Dr.Shyama Kanungo clarified that it was only a basic primary level integrated health care and first aid that the Health Squad was supposed to render to the community as a programmer of Sri Aurobindo Study Circles in Orissa; moreover they were educated as to where to draw the line for timely and safe referrals to the appropriate place. They were made aware of Govt. facilities locally available and advised to work as facilitators at the grass root level.
At this the meeting came to an end with a minutes silence.
The last session, which was chaired by Dr. B.K.Khandai and co-chaired by Dr. Pratap Chandra Rath, was a guest lecture by Dr.Ravinder Kumar Tuli on ‘Practise of Holistic Healing –its feasibility'. He mentioned how the WHO and other world bodies were beginning to accept the concept and need of Holistic healing and it was high time to rationally integrate all the systems of healing. He showed how he actually went about the practice of it at the Department of Holistic Medicine at the Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, which he heads. Success cases of treatment of Migraine, frozen shoulder, hypertension, torticolles were demonstrated by him. He also shared his results of a WHO project on effect of Acupuncture on Poliomyelitis patients. On the whole it was a challenging and thought provoking session. Vote of thanks and report of the day’s activities were presented by Dr. Prashant Kumar Nanda.

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