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Core Committee of the New Life Education Trust

Proceedings of the Core Committee of the New Life Education Trust meeting held at Matrubhaban, Cuttack on 06.08.2006
The meeting started at 11 AM with President Sri Sriballav Panigrahi on
chair and 2 mts silent Prayer.
Silent Prayer was observed for the passing of Dr. Nirodbaran of Sri
Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry and Smt. Nandini Satpathy, the Ex Chief
Minister of Orissa.
Sri Prasad Tripathy, Secretary read out the Proceedings of the last
meeting held at Matrubhaban on 21st May 2006 which was confirmed.
Then the following resolutions were made after detail discussion.
1. Sanskrit should be studied in our schools from the beginning. Each
school must have sufficient staff to teach Sanskrit interestingly. Materials
to teach Sanskrit in classes from Std. I to III be prepared and provided
to each school. Teachers orinentation training programme on Sanskrit be
taken up so that the subject can be taught with interest.
2. Workshop on Spoken English will be taken up so that teaching
English through Oriya may be avoided.
3. Workload per student per week shall be calculated by Neeta Sarkar
& Anjali Tripathy taking into account both residential and day scholar
schools whic will be circulated to all the schools.
4. Proposal for a permanent training centre shall be placed by the
Secretary after the General Body meeting. A committee was formed with
Sri Gadadhar Mishra, Sri Sankar Mohanty, Sri Pabitra Mohan Baral & Sri
Prasad Tripathy (Convenor) to discuss in detail before the proposal is
5. The next All Orissa Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Worker’s meet
will be held during 26th September to 29th Sept’2006 with General Body
meeting on 29th Sept’2006 at 10AM. All members of Sri Aurobindo
Integral Education Centres are requested to attend.
6. One Permanent Secretariate Pass for the New Life Education Trust
may be applied and obtained for use by the office bearers and members.
7. An assistant may be provided to the Secretary to help in the day to
day work and especially to look after the total publication work with
Cuttack Head quarter. He will be exclusively for regularising the printing
of the text books in time.
8. A room for office of the New Life Education Trust either be provided
in the premises of Matrubhaban or constructed by Trust. Sri Gadadhar
Mishra, Vice President took some time to decide over this proposal and
confirm in the next meeting.
9. Text book on Social Study for Std VI has been delayed due to various
reasons. It was decided to complete the printing work as early as possible
preferably before the Puja vacation.
10. Latest position of the Text Books be prepared by 31st August.
11. The next meeting of the Resource Committee be held on 27th August
to finalise about the Text Books for Std VII and Revision of Text Books
for std I to V.
12. Next Core Committee shall sit on 3rd September at Matrubhaban,
Cuttack to review the activities of the Executive Body before the General
Body meeting.
13. Actual expenditure towards Tour by the Trust Co-ordinators during a
month may be re-imbersed on submission of a datewise monthly Tour
statement to the Secretary at the end of each month.
14. Rs. 5000/- is sanctioned for payment to Sri Santosh Kumar Panda an
assistant teacher who is a cardiac patient for his treatment. He is requested
to send his application through proper channel.
15. The proposal for enhancement of the honorarium of the Trust Coordinators
were accepted which was decided by the subcommittee
constituted for this purpose.
16. New Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centres shall be considered
for affiliation if their proposals are recommended jointly by the New Life
Education Trust Co-ordinators & District convenor together. In case the
schools applied directly to the New Life Education Trust, present practice
continue for affiliation. Besides this, it is very much essential that each
member of the Managing Committee should have Study Circles in their
own houses.
17. Then the affiliation of the new Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centres
were taken up.
Name of the place District Nature of Affiliation
of SAIEC (Std- V)
1. Thakurmunda Mayurbhanj Provisional for 2 Years
2. Iswarpur Baleswar - do -
3. Gopalpur Bhadrak Permanent
4. Guderpali Baragada Provisional for 2 Years
5. Diptipur Baragada - do -
6. Titilagad Bolangir - do -
7. Champeswar Cuttack - do -
8. Risida Kalahandi - do -
Std - VII
1. Cement Nagar Baragada Permanent
2. Dedarnuapalli Sambalpur - do -
3. Kalapani Baragada - do -
4. Padarpada Boudh Provisional
5. Banapur Khordha Permanent
The following Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centres applied for
affiliation. The following members are requested to visit the centres and
report to NLET.
Name of the place of Name of the members to visit and
SAIEC submit report
For Affiliation of Std- V
1. Manijanga, Jagatsinghpur Narayan Agasti, Sarbeswar Mohapatra
For Affiliation of Std- VII
1. Paradeep, Jagatsinghpur Narayan Agasti, Sarbeswar Mohapatra
2. Rairpur, Jagatsinghpur Ramesh Dalai, Narayan Agasti
3. Gumura, Kendujhar Purna Chandra Mahanta, Maheswar Mahakud
The meeting ended with 2mts Silence Prayer.

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