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Sri Aurobindo Srikshetra, Dalijoda (Estd. 1974), is a cradle for the evolution of the future man

Sri Aurobindo Srikshetra
Sri Aurobindo Srikshetra, Kotashahi, Cuttack-754022 Orissa, India. Phone : 0091 6712873405

SRI Aurobindo Srikshetra, established since 1974, is a cradle for the evolution of the future man., inevitably entering into the spiritual and cosmic consciousness, surpassing the egoistic and ignorant physical prison. Man will grow in subtlety and strength unto the native domain of the spirit unfolding itself from secret cavern of the heart. Thereby the growth of population will be arrested and the immensity of physical needs shall be curtailed to the minimum. This is the vision that inspired Sri Babaji Maharaj and Prapatti to take this spiritual venture. We all members pray at the Lotus Feet of Sweet Mother to be worthy of it Dreaming on such a luminous future Sri Aurobindo Srikshetra marches onto discover the all fulfilling spiritual being beyond the range of the reasoning animal that is man in it's manifold activities.

1. AGRICULTURE - The kharif cultivation of paddy was enhanced to 40 acres but sugarcane decreased to 7 acres due to lack of rain water. Other crops like pulses, vegetables and tubers were continued as before. The practice of green manuring by broadcasting Sesbania in late summer was done.

2. DIARY - Few country varieties of cows were sold out and improved cross bread Jersey cows were purchased to have more milk yield as needed by the vegeterian sadhaks of the Ashram. Our milk product, the popular "Peda" fiend a good taste of appreciators at Cuttack.

3. ECO AND ENVIORNMENTS - Our green jewel, The forest, firm and the fields again radiated its shining three years after the super cyclone disaster. Visitors couldn't even apprehend if ever was there a cyclone sweeping this part. Champak Lake was excavated and widened by the financial benevolence of sister Elisabeth of Switzerland. We could be able to make cactus grafts in our Mother nursery of plants, ready for sale.

4. HANDICRAFTS AND COTTAGE INDUSTRIES - Our persons get trained in terra filter use. Dr. Surendra Ku. Khuntia of RRL gave demonstration and training at our campus. Our mango pickles and lemon pickles were appreciated after Ananda agarbatti. These are processed by our school students as a vocational training.

5. EDUCATION AND AWARENESS - We are officially permitted to open class VIII by the D.P.I. Secondary Education. Before this our students were appearing HSC examination under correspondence course since 1986.

6. HEALTH AND SANITATION - The Health center of Ashram was inaugurated by Mena Gupta, Principal Secretary Health and Family Welfare, on 13.04.2002. It was decided to make provision for general check up, laboratory diagnosis and gynic check-up here with the holistic approach of treatment amalgamating Ayurveda, Allopathy and Homeopathy. Devoted doctors from Cuttack offering free medical service were also taken to distant villages to conduct medical check-up and health awareness programmmes. Immunisation programmme of children once in a month are being regularly conducted. The Govt. has directed the doctor of Safa PHC to give service on each Friday at this Health Centre. The collector of Cuttack has also assisted for a bore well providing drinking water at the health centre campus.

7. INTEGRAL YOGA AND CULTURE - Shradhhalu Ranaday, a promising young sadhak of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry addressed a gathering of 3000 audience on the Annual Day of the Ashram on 04.04.2003. Free lunch was provided to the participants. Other periodical functions and daily deliberations are carried out in the usual decorum like study circle and meditation.

Our Study circle organisors toured over Anugul, Raghunathpur, Jaleswar, Rajgangpur and its interior areas in April, Indravati, Kotpad, Damanjodi of Koraput in May, Aska, R-Damodarpalli in June, all district level organisors meet at the district head quarters in July, Taharpur, Gopinathpur, Rourkela, Sundergarh, Kindira in August, Dharmagarh, Bhawanipatna, Ganailo, Berhampur, Anugul, Barkote and Deogarh in September, Duburi Dahanigadia, Taharpur, Rajsunakhala, Gania, Kalupada, Nachhuni, Berhampur in October, Kujanga, J.K. Road, TISCO, Chitri, Khallikote in November, Jharsuguda, Cuttack, Sabulia, Mundula, Kainipura and Ragunathpur in December, Panikoili, Talarampalli, Bhuban, Kaptipada, Khallikote, Kabisuryanagar, Baleswar, Bhubaneswar, Jaleswar, Jajpur and Rourkela in January 2003, Talarampalli, Sankhachilla, Kuchinda, Chhatrapur, Bhatalaida, Marugatha, Kindiara and Jagiapada in February and Kalapada, Taranga, Bhanjanagar, Jajpur, Alinagar, Chandabali and Panikoili in March. They conducted training camps and addressed seminars and conferences to give the message of Integral yoga of Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

ESTABLISHMENT AND INFRASTRUCTURE - The Health centre was equipped with the basic medical instrument and facilities for laboratory and to start with elementary medicine of allopathy, ayurveda and homeopathy. To maintain perfect hygiene a washing section was annexed to the dining complex.

SOCIAL INTERACTION AND INTEGRATION - Apart from providing economic shelter to more than 150 tribal families and giving them regular work and training the Ashram has become a tourist spot for its scenic beauty, purity, healthy air, plant nursery, seed bank, and spiritual way of living. Devotees and students from Sri Aurobindo Integral Schools of Orissa are coming in study tours to have the field knowledge on ecology and spiritual environment.

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