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19th All Orissa Conference of Sri Aurobindo Medical Association, 13th & 14th September 2008


Requirements :
1. Room with Mother SriAurobindo’s photographs in a central place.
2. Sign board of "Sri Aurobindo Integral Primary Health Aid Centre" outside the room.
3. Display board inside or outside the room on which should be written:- "Holistic Primary Care is rendered here under supervision of: 1) Registered Allopath 2)Registered Homoeopath 3) Registered Ayurved Vaidya 4) Certified First Aid Trainer 5) Certified Naturopath 6) Certified Yoga-therapist 7) Certified Acupressurist, Magneto-therapist & Colour therapist. Names and registration numbers of the experts should be mentioned with their consent.
4. Furniture (Tables, chairs, stools, bed, collapsible screen/partition for privacy, racks, shelves, cupboards)
5. Light sources, torch, heater, steam-inhaler fan.
6. Equipments- Sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, thermometer, clock, weighing machine, height measuring rod, trays, bowls, first-aid kits, tongue depressor, aural speculum, set for eye exercises, set for acupressure, magneto-therapy, colour therapy, box for Biochemic & herbal medicines, glass bottles as per colour therapy specifications
7. Safe drinking water source with glasses, taps with wash basin, buckets, mugs, soap dish with soap, clean towels, attached or nearby toilette
8. Dust bins of different colours for segregation of waste; bleaching water solution (0.5%), lysol for cleaning oilcloths and examination table, phenyl for cleaning soiled floor, acid for cleaning of lavatory
9. Brooms, cleaning cloths and place to keep them after cleaning
10. Drugs- of all disciplines meant for emergency and primary care- well labeled and kept separately and discreetly.
11. Documents :- Registers, Prescription pads, Slips, Charts,
12. Library of Holistic health related books of all systems.
Guideline for Signboard
Name of Study Circle/ Trust:
(Background Colour: Navy Blue ; Colour of Letters: White)

19th All Orissa Conference of Sri Aurobindo Medical Association 13th & 14th September 2008


Members of the healing profession as well as those interested in the healing science vis-à-vis their deep interest in a total knowledge of the human species especially its possibility of evolving into the next come under the banner of Sri Aurobindo Medical Association. It is an open organisation.

Last year on 8th & 9th September, 2007, we had covered an integrative approach to ‘Joint Problems’. A galaxy of experts from Indian Systems of medicine (Ayurveda & Yoga), Homoeopathy, Acupressure, Color Therapy, and modern medicine including physiotherapy had delivered their presentations which went a long way to render a near total understanding of the problem. The experts who gave their deliberations were Dr. Nityananda Swain, Sri CH Nirakar, Dr. Dhaneswar Pradhan (CDMO, Kendrapara) Dr. Uday Nath Mishra, Dr. Bidyut Kumar Das, Dr.B.N. Mohapatra, Dr. Madan Mohan Sahoo, Dr. Jayant Kumar Panda (S.C.B.Medical College, Cuttack), Dr. Prashant Kumar Patra (Pediatric specialist, Bisra ) Dr. P.K. Panda (Govt Ayurvedic Medical College, Balangir), Dr. S. Nayak (A.C.R. Homoeopathy Medical College, BBSR), Sri Iswar Chandra Mohapatra, Dr. Prasanna Kumar Das, Smt Manjula Kar.

An exhibition displaying structure and function of joints as well as the common joint diseases and their differing modalities of treatment including modern medicine, homoeopathy, Ayurvedic, acupressure, magneto-therapy, color therapy, pranic healing, autosuggestion, laughter therapy and finally spiritual effort calling for a supramentalised plasticity was organized by the members of Sri Aurobindo Students Association of S.C.B.Medical College and old students of SAIHSR, Matrubhaban.

Another feature newly added to the conference was the multi-specialty consultation stations, organized this time also, which apart from providing free service for the delegates adds another practical way of learning the treatment patterns of the different modes. The modern medicine component last time had included a free bone densitometry test provided by Messrs Indchemie Pharmaceuticals.

Free Two-day First Aid training programme for Sri Aurobindo Integral Schools were completed for the Cuttack district by Dr. Prashant Kumar Nanda and St. John’s Ambulance Trainer Sri Bipin Behari Kar.

The 8th state level training of Sri Aurobindo Health Squad on "Primary Holistic Health Care" with special attention to ‘School Health Component’ was conducted at Matrubhaban from 3rd to 23rd May 2008. The benevolent experts who imparted this training as a humble offering were – Prof. Jogendra Mohan Senapaty, Dr.Nityananda Swain, Dr. Braja Kishore Khandai, Sri Dharanidhar Pal, Sri CH Nirakar, Sri Gadadhar Mishra, Sri Prasad Tripathy, Dr. Balabhadra Nayak, Dr. Saroj Kumar Sahu, Dr. Biranchi Narayan Mohapatra, Dr. Prashanta Kumar Nanda, Dr. Bipinananda Mishra, Dr. Jayant Kumar Panda, Dr. Bijoy Kumar Sahoo, Dr.Krushna Chandra Dash, Dr. Madan Mohan Sahoo, Dr. Madan Mohan Pradhan, Dr. Renubala Samal, Dr.Binodini Behera, Dr. Bikash Prasad, Dr. Rama krushna, Dr. Prasanna Kumar Das, Smt. Manjula Kar, Dr. R.N.Das, Sri Iswar Chandra Mohapatra, Dr.Purnima Biswal, Dr.Hemamalini Rath, Dr. Kabita Swain, Dr. Arta ballav Dash, Dr.Pravakar Jena, Ms. Abha Kanungo, Smt. Pramila Parija, Smt Anita Patra, Sri Nisith Kumar Rout, Sri Krushna Chandra Dalai ( of Cure Well laboratories)

There were only 11 trainees who participated. They were Radha from Mugupur, Keonjhar, and Jharana from Ruchida, Bargarh, and Pradipta from Sareikul, Jagatsinghpur, Tunilata, Guru Prasad & Purushottam from Purnagram, Jagatsinghpur, Prajnaparamita from Balikuda, Jagatsinghpur, Manoj from Betnoti, Dr. Ram Prasad, Rupa, Anita from SAIIHR, Ranihat. They were however an enthusiastic group.

We call for better response from all Sri Aurobindo Centres of Orissa, especially those which run integral schools considering the valuable knowledge and skill and attitudinal inputs imparted so selflessly and benevolently by the experts. Need based knowledge and capability in ‘Primary Holistic Health’ would go along way in serving the centre, its school children as well as the community around from the platform of a higher consciousness.

The trainees conducted school health check up at the Sri Aurobindo Vidya Pith of Sri Aurobindo Shrikshetra, Dalijoda – the Cure Well Laboratories extended generous help in demonstrating and giving hands on experience to trainees in performing Hemoglobin estimation, Blood grouping & Rh Typing, urine sugar and albumin of the school children; a report of this check up prepared by Pradipta (one of the trainees) has been given in the souvenir. The trainees also independently conducted a village health survey on the ‘Health Seeking Behaviour’ in two hamlets – ‘Jamania’ and ‘Gadasahi’- around Sri Aurobindo Shrikshetra by the inputs provided by Dr. Madan Mohan Pradhan.

The action plan was given to trainees and encouraged to initiate them before the completion of the year 2009 in consonance with the birth centenary celebrations of Babaji Sri Ramakrishna Das. They were:-
1. Organisation of ‘Sri Aurobindo Integral Primary Health Aid Centre’
2. Weekly or daily Sri Aurobindo Swasthya Pathachakra and send report to Matrubhaban Patra / Navaprakash/Navajyoti
3. Organisation of annual ‘District level Sri Aurobindo Health Squad Training’ on "Primary Holistic Health Care"
4. Identify and involve local ‘Health Care Providers’ ( Health Workers, Anganwadi workers, ASHA, Lady Health Visitors, Doctors of all disciplines)
5. Build up a local SAHS team one of whom should attend annual State Level SAHS training at Matrubhaban.
6. Organisation of Administrative Committee for School Health Programme & conduct School Health Checkup annually with help of local doctor as per the minimum guidelines worked out by Sri Aurobindo Medical Association
7. Build up a small herbal garden and make at least one preparation under CUSAG

Let us give a big thrust to these efforts which are our essential prerogatives for the Sri Aurobindo Centres that we work in and envisage a Total Change of Society in the Light of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo- to ‘perfect life with a divine perfection.’

"Obey your soul, it alone has the right to govern your life."

Sri Aurobindo Medical Association extends its gratitude to the Managing Trustee of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry for giving us permission to print the photograph of Sri Aurobindo in the Souvenir.

08.00 - 09.30 AM : Registration
10.00- 10.30 AM : Collective Meditation
10.45-01.00PM : Looking forward
(Organisational meeting)
(For Members and Conveners & SAHS)
Special effort for
Babaji’s Birth Centenary:-
1. Finalisation of School Health Card
2. Finalisation of dates for District
Health Squad Training
01.00-02.30PM : Lunch & Registration
02.30-04.30PM : —— ‘Complementary Medicine and
Our Skin’- I
Chairpersons : Dr. S.M. Rahman
: Dr. Madan Mohan Dash
: Dr. Chaitanya Sahoo
Speakers 1. Naturopathy- Dr. R.N. Das
2. Priestly Cult - Sri Sarada Prasad Rana
3. Homoeopathy - Prof. Suryamani
4.30-5.30pm : Multi-specialty consultations
for delegates
6.00 -6.15 pm : Collective Meditation
6.20 PM : Opening of Exhibition on "OUR SKIN"
06.30-07.30PM : Inaugural Session
07.30–08.30PM : ‘Complementary Medicine and Our Skin’-II
Chairpersons : Dr. B.B. Pattanaik, Director ISM & H
: Dr. L.K. Nanda
: Dr. Bipinananda Mishra
1. Ayurveda - Dr. Jajneswar Nath
2. Yoga Therapy- Dr. Prafulla Kr. Mishra
3. Colour Therapy-Smt. Manjula Kar
14.09.2008 (Sunday)
4.45am-5.45am : Demonstration of Yogasans for Skin
Problems by Iswar Chandra Mohapatra
6.00-6.15am : Collective Meditation
7.00-8.00am : Breakfast
8.30-9.30 am : Registration
9.30- 11.30am : Opening Session
Chairpersons : Dr. Bishnupriya Devi
: Dr. Jogendra Mohan Senapati
: Dr. Babulu Kumar Pattanayak
Topic : ‘Our Skin – Its structure and function’
Speaker : Dr. Manjula Dash
Topic : ‘Common Problems of the Skin’
Speaker : Dr. Binodini Behera
11.30-1.30PM : Second Session
Chairpersons : Dr. Braja Kishore Khandai
: Dr. Basanti Devi
: Dr. Durga Charan Jena
Topic : Skin manifestation of Systemic
Speaker : Dr. Jayant Panda
Topic : Environment and the Skin
Speaker : Dr. Dhaneswar Pradhan
1.30pm-2.30pm : LUNCH
2.30pm-4.30pm : Third Session
Chairpersons : Dr. Sudhir Kumar Brahma
: Dr. Durga Charan Jena
: Dr. Prativa Kanungo
Topic : Leprosy – Its Causes, Management
and Prevention
Speaker : Dr.Chandra Shekhar Sirkha
Topic : Cosmetic Skin Problems
Speaker : Dr. Pratap Chandra Rath
4.30-6.00PM : Multi-specialty consultations for delegates
6.00-6.30 pm : Collective Meditation
6.30-8.30pm : Evening Session
Chairpersons : Dr. Bijoy Kumar Sahoo
: Dr.Braja Sundar Mishra
: Prof. Hrudananda Ray
Topic : Consciousness and Skin diseases
Speaker : Dr. B.N.Mohapatra
Topic : The Skin in the Transformed Body
Speaker : Sri C.H.Nirakar

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