Friday, February 22, 2008

On Friday 29th there will be collective concentration of 15 minutes in front of the statue

Arrival statue of Sri Aurobindo Savitri Bhavan :: 10:00 PM

A statue of Sri Aurobindo, which has been prepared in Pondicherry by a team of artist-craftsmen under the guidance of Lalit Verma, is expected to arrive in Auroville on the Mother’s birthday – Thursday 21st February – at about 10pm.
Under the rays of the full moon, Guru Purnima, it will be installed at the main entrance to Savitri Bhavan. It is expected to be in place by 11pm.
We are deeply grateful to Dr. Karan Singh for initiating the making of this statue and its installation in Auroville.
Dr. Karan Singh had intended to unveil the statue himself on February 29th. As he is unable to be in Auroville that day, everyone who would like to welcome Sri Aurobindo’s presence amongst us in this new form is welcome to come individually from 12 noon, Friday February 22nd onwards.
Flower offerings are welcome.
At 9.30 am on Friday 29th there will be the opportunity to join a collective concentration of 15 minutes in front of the statue, before the inauguration of the new wing.
for Savitri Bhavan
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