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Life has a spiritual culmination on this physical plane and not beyond

From: "SABDA, Sri Aurobindo Ashram"

The complexities of the modern world are often manifested in society through behaviour which is not easily understandable to the reasoning, surface mind. We see countless examples of the conflicting emotions and actions of human beings, unable to make their way among the labyrinthine choices of modern life and at a loss to comprehend their deepest selves. Modern psychology has developed along various lines in its efforts to unravel these threads of human malaise. In one of the new books introduced below, Sri Aurobindo and the Future Psychology, A.S. Dalal covers a wide spectrum of topics in the field of psychology with his gaze fixed on emerging psychological paradigms that he believes will eventually lead us to a psychology of the future, firmly rooted in the vision of Sri Aurobindo.
One example is his essay “Self-Awareness in Psychology and in Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga” where he brings out some of the parallels as well as differences between modern psychology and yoga regarding self-awareness:
One fundamental difference between the awareness aimed at in yoga and the insight fostered by analytical and other psycho-therapeutic methods consists in the effective power for change which the awareness brings.…Intellectual awareness, which belongs to mental consciousness, is relatively ineffective because of the relative impotence of the will-force – the mental will-power – associated with it.…In yoga, on the other hand, the aim is to attain a progressively more evolved state of being than that of mental consciousness, thereby attaining a progressively greater force of one’s being. To attain fullness of being, therefore, is not only, as previously stated by Sri Aurobindo, to be fully aware of one’s being, but also to possess its full force.
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Sri Aurobindo and the Future Psychology
Supplement to A Greater Psychology— A. S. Dalal with contributions by Brant Cortright, Michael Miovic, Alok Pandey ISBN: 978-81-7058-869-6 Publisher: Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Pondicherry Binding: Soft Cover Pages: 408 Price: Rs 125
Described by its author as a supplement to his earlier book A Greater Psychology, this collection of essays, which brings together both new and previously published articles, continues to examine and elucidate the psychological writings of Sri Aurobindo anthologised in that previous work. Here the author presents Sri Aurobindo's thoughts on such topics as the relationship between yoga and psychology, the concept of the unconscious in psychology, the relation between such terms as "person" and "personality" in the integration of the being, an integral view of cosmic consciousness, and the concept of the psychic being as a major contribution made by yogic experience to psychological thought and spiritual practice. The book also includes contributions by three experienced practitioners who have attempted to apply Sri Aurobindo's psychological thought in their clinical work.
Sri Aurobindo in Surat
— Narrated by Hiranmayi Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Centre, Surat Binding: Soft Cover Pages: 208 Price: Rs 175
Published to commemorate the centenary of Sri Aurobindo’s 1907 visit to Surat for the All India Annual Convention of the then Indian National Congress, the book acquaints the reader with the major political players of the day and the issues of contention between the Moderates and the Nationalists. Using the words of Sri Aurobindo, convention participants, and observers, as well as facsimile copies of Indian newspaper reports, the author unfolds the dramatic events before and during the convention, when all efforts at compromise and reconciliation between the two groups failed, leading to the climactic moment when the convention dissolved in an uproar of charged emotions. Sri Aurobindo’s leadership in awakening the country to the demand for swaraj is the primary focus of this narrative retelling of the Surat Congress Convention
Truth: Nothing Else Than
— A. K. Ray Publisher: Srinvantu, Kolkata Binding: Hard Cover Pages: 187 Price: Rs 75
A mathematician and a poet, the author of this collection of philosophical essays explores some of the profoundest questions man can ask himself about the creation and the nature of the Absolute as the creator. He adds interest and depth to his own observations by examining the thought of Leibniz, Descartes, Spinoza, Hegel, and Whitehead, all eminent philosophers and some also known as mathematicians and logicians, but it is in Sri Aurobindo's philosophical thought that he finds the widest perspective and most comprehensive view of life. Additional essays include "Entering the Hall of Logic", which delves into the philosophy of logic as it relates to thought and language, and "Into Language: An Introspection", which provides a brief philosophical look at grammar.
Nirvana and Beyond
— Words of Sri Aurobindo ISBN: 978-81-7060-273-6 Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry Binding: Soft Cover Pages: 72 Price: Rs 25 11:22 AM

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