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To foster intra- and inter-community dialog

The Purpose of SCIY (pronounced "sci-y")
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Our Vision: To consider emerging planetary science and culture in the light of Sri Aurobindo's integral yoga through mutually respectful dialogue, creative imagination, critical inquiry and non-dual epistemologies.
Our Mission: To discern trends within contemporary arts, sciences and technologies which appear to facilitate (or not) the co-evolution of integral spirituality, scientific research and emerging planetary culture.
Our Goals: To foster intra- and inter-community dialog among those who actively aspire to create a terrestrial environment which will advance an integral evolution of consciousness and thus a world of increasing truth, beauty and sustainable human unity.
Who we are: The founders and editors of SCIY are engaged in the study and practice of Sri Aurobindo's "Integral Yoga," a non-sectarian spiritual path toward realizing "a living embodiment of an actual Human Unity."* - Our aspiration for SCIY is to foster inclusive scientific, cultural and spiritual research that serves this realization. We invite those who share this aspiration to join us.
* Quote from Sri Aurobindo's spiritual colleague, Mirra Alfassa (also known as "the Mother"), in her Charter for the Auroville universal township project being built near Pondicherry, India.
"There are people who love adventure. It is these I call, and I tell them this:
'I invite you to the great adventure...' " more » Print Article Posted to: Main Page

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