Friday, April 06, 2007

Let's work towards a carbon neutral future in Auroville

AUROVILLE EARTH DAY 2007 The world is gearing up for another massive celebration of Mother Earth on April 22nd. Lets work towards a carbon neutral future in Auroville!
Wednesday, April 4, 2007 Earth Week Announcement (April 16th to 22nd) Earth Week Announcement (April 16th to 22nd)We have a week-long program of Eco-films, talks, conversation-cafe, children's activities, entertainment, exhibition and lots more - highlighting efforts towards carbon-neutral living in Auroville.We are looking for following assistance: Eco-talk (seminars) April 16th to 22nd: need one person as coordinator who would introduce the speaker, facilitate Q/A session and one more with technical skills to help speakers set up their laptop, connect with the projector etc. The talks/its arrangements will be from 4pm to 6:30pm
Specifically for April 22nd:
We are looking for musicians/performers who will create an ambiance at the Bharat Nivas venue (11am to 4pm) and hold performances at the Eco-fair (~3pm to later), entertainers and workshop with hands-on activities especially for kids at the Bharat Nivas venue (anytime between 11am to 4pm) and for all age groups at the Eco-fair (~3pm to late). Please see the details below:
Eco-fun: Eco-fun wil take place at the Bharat Nivas area between 11am and 4pm only. It is targetted for children which will also allow parents to go around Eco-feel exhibition and Eco-living expose going on at that time. We are looking for people who will hold activities for children - for any period within 11am and 4pm, for example art work, face-painting, jewelry making from natural materials etc. -- (It would be nice if the artists/performers can also hold similar activities later at the Eco-fair in the Youth Center - See the separate eco-fair announcement).
Entertainers at Bharat Nivas (between 11am and 4pm): We are looking for entertainers with music/acrobatic or other related skills for before/during lunch time or snack time - at/around Indus Valley venue (with tree/shade-cloth cover) - to create beautiful ambiance, engage the kids and spice up the air with a feel of earthy festivity.
Eco-fair - The all arouond fun event (~3pm to night at the Youth Center): is also looking for entertainers, musicians, performers, and other with varied skills to liven up the afternoon, evening, and night.... Please look for the details requirement for Eco-fair below (in a separate posting). If you would like to organize, participate at the Bharat Nivas (11am to 4pm) or Eco-Fair (~3pm to night) on April 22nd OR help with the Eco-Talk series between April 16th and 22nd (~4pm to 6:30pm each day) - contact Bridget/Nina (see email addresses below)and/or come by the weekly Earth-Day Meeting from 3-5pm at CSR compound. (Specifically for the Eco-fair you could meet fair coordination group on Tuesdays at 5pm at the Youth Center).
To make all this happen we will be grateful for your contributions towards Auroville Earth Day account #250064 Thank you very much for your support! The Earth Day Team Contact persons:Nina (, and Bridget ( Posted by Nina at 4.4.07

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