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New Life Education Trust - 08.04.2007

The world is a spiritual paradox
Invented by a need in the Unseen,
A poor translation to the creature’s sense
Of That which for ever exceeds idea and speech,

(Savitri / 649) – Sri Aurobindo
A meeting of the New Life Education Trust was held at Matrubhaban,
Cuttack on 08.04.2007 (Sunday) at 10 A.M. under the presidentship
of Sri Sriballabh Panigrahi, President of the Trust. The meeting
started with the observation of two minutes silence at the lotus feet
of the Mother. Then the agenda was taken up for discussion.
Sri Prasad Tripathy, Secretary of the Trust readout the minutes of
the last meeting of the Trust held at Matrubhaban, Cuttack on 16-
17 December, 2006 for the approval of the members and
simultaneously placed the action taken report on a few issues.
The decision of the Trust was reiterated that every member
present in the meeting must take initiative for ensuring maximum
participation of students and teachers in the various state level
programmes conducted by the Trust, viz, students’ meet and teachers’
summer refresher training programme and workers’ meet (Puja
vacation), etc.
It was revealed in the meeting that inspite of clear instruction/
advice not to appear in the Class VII Common Board examination,
a few schools are still appearing in the said examination this year.
The members took a very serious view to this and insisted to get
those schools delisted. However, it was decided to issue showcause
notice to these schools as to why the Trust should not delist
these schools. The members pointed out that this year Patnagarh
(Balangir), Irrigation Colony, Jeypore (Koraput), Rajabagicha,
Balasore, Sindurpank (Sambalpur) and Bhuban (Dhenkanal) schools
are a few among others who have appreared at the Common Board
examination for Class VII. The meeting once again reiterated its
decision not to appear at the Common Board examination for Class
V or VII in future.
It was revealed in the meeting that a few schools affiliated to
the Trust are also getting their Std. VII students admitted in other
general school, may be for allowing the students to appear in the
Board examination through the other school.
This was felt to be a bad precedence and should be stopped
The solution to these problems could be the introduction of
Trust published textbooks upto Std. VII. All the members were advised
to ensure that all the schools in their areas adopt Trust published
books definitely.
It was found out during the countersignature of the School Living
Certificates/Transfer Certificates issued by the schools that admission
registers are not meticulously maintained. It was decided that during
April Conference every year as usual the certificates will continue to
be countersigned by the Secretary after the records are verified by
the Trust Coordinators of the respective area with the assistance of
the Trust members of that area. It was felt that most of the schools
are not submitting the consolidated result sheets with abstract of
marks. The Secretary was requested to ensure production of duplicate
copy of result sheet before countersigning the Certificates.
In the matter of introduction of uniform dress code for the
teachers it was decided to take up the matter in the annual Workers’
meet to be held during Puja Vacation for taking a final decision.
The members re-emphasized the decision of the Trust not to
become members of EPF until the matter has been decided in the
High Court. It was further discussed and decided that each member
of the sponsoring pathachakra and teachers of the school will swear
affidavits renewing their commitment to the selfless service in the
school as a devotee of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.
Of late it came to light that at some of our centres due to
internal conflicts/disputes amongst Pathachakra members/teachers/
parents the image of the schools are tarnished. Even at some
centers they have moved to courts and sought the intervention of
the outside agencies like police. After detailed discussion on the
recent happenings at some schools it was resolved in the meeting
as under:
The Managing Committee of the school will be formed by the
sponsoring Pathachakra and the M.C. will be answerable to the
In the event of dispute arising on any matter the same will be
referred to the New Life Education Trust for taking a final decision
on it, and the decision so taken shall be accepted by all. This has
been approved by the Govt. in the Scheme of Integral Education.
As per the scheme of Integral Education approved by the Govt. in
its Education Department the Managing Committee of each School
in the functional formation of the sponsoring Pathachakra. Again in
the GO VI EA (Scheme)-34/86 61/85/EYS dated 6.02.87 it was
decided that the M.C. will consist of the following members: It is
further decided that the M.C. thus constituted will be a functional
formation of the Sponsoring Pathachakra and all members of M.C.
should normally be the members of the Pathachakra.
In case the decision of the Trust is not abided by, the only
option will be delist such school.
It was decided that at centres where court cases are pending
such cases will be referred to the Trust immediately within 15 days
time. These cases will be viewed by a Committee consisting of
Sri Sriballabh Panigrahi, President, Sri Mohapatra Nilamani
Sahu, Adviser, Sri Gadadhar Mishra, Vice-President, Sri Sankar
Mohanty, Joint Secretary, Kum. Anjali Tripathy,
Sri Prasad Tripathy, Secretary as Convenor of the Committee.
The first meeting of the Committee will be held by the end of April
Summer Refresher training camp for teachers: This year the
camp will be held at Cuttack from 7th to 27th May 2007. The
course fees will be Rs. 600/- for each participating teacher. Steps
will be taken to inject newness into the programme. A full day’s
programme will also be held at Dalijoda. All the Trust members were
requested to see that maximum number of teachers participate in
the said programme. At no other centre any camp will be organised
during this time.
Sanskrit Workshop at Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry:
Sanskrit Department, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry is organizing
a 15 day workshop at Pondicherry from 6th to 20th June 2007. 12
teachers and twice the number of Standard VI/VII student will
participate in the said programme. Sukanti Apa (Oupada, Balasore),
Bijayalaxmi Apa (Jeypore, Koraput), Sunanda Apa (Gopinathpur,
Cuttack), Narendra Bhai (Jharsuguda), Babita Apa (Banki, Cuttack),
Aditya Bhai (Damanjodi, Koraput), Mita Apa (Dhenkanal), Ashok
Bhai (Khallikote, Ganjam), Umesh Bhai (Dera, Anugul) were
selected to participate in the said programme. It was decided that
50 % of the expenses will be borne by Sri Aurobindo Ashram and
rest by N.L.E.T.
Visit of the students to Ashram during vacation: As per the
present practice when the students with their teachers from our
Schools visit the Ashram 50% concession in dining coupons are
permitted by the Ashram.It was felt the if advance intimation is
given to Navajyoti Karyalaya with copy to NLET the said tour
programme can be better organised and more fruitful.
Special Financial Assistance: Timely steps have been taken for
release of SFA under the plan and non-plan head.
Text Books: It was revealed in the meeting that due to nonreceipt
of manuscripts in time all the books could not be published
till date. It was stated that by the end of summer vacation all the
books will be ready
The following schools are accorded affiliation after positive
recommendations are received:
The following Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centres were affiliated
as mentioned against each.
Sl. Name of the Place of SAIEC Nature of Affiliation
1. Sabulia, Ganjam Std -VI & VII Regular
2. Soro, Balesore Std - VI & VII Regular
3. Raj Nilagiri, Balesore Std - VI & VII Regular
4. Arjyapalli, Ganjam Std - V Regular
5. Biramitrapur, Sundargarh Std - V Regular
6. Bhalumal, Jharsuguda Std - V Regular
7. Baruan, Dhenkanal Std - V Regular
8. Govindpur, Dhenkanal Std - V Regular
9. Kalinga, Dhenkanal Std - V Regular
10. Jari, Jajpur Std - V Regular
11. Hukutola, Jagatsinghpur Std - V Regular
12. Manuapalli, Ganjam Std - V- 2 Years Provisional
13. Paharsirigid, Baragarh Std - V- 2 Years Provisional
14. Kutra, Sundargarh Std - V- 2 Years Provisional
15. Panchapada, Dhenkanal Std - V- 2 Years Provisional
16. Netraji Nagar, Cuttack Std - V- 2 Years Provisional
17. Mangalpur, Jajpur Std - V- 2 Years Provisional
18. Remuna, Balesore Std - V- 2 Years Provisional
19. Bhadua Bhanduripalli, Balesore -do-
20. Karatutha, Borikhi, Jagatsinghpur -do-
21. Mundala, Alanahat, Jagatsinghpur -do-
22. Kothapada, Kuhunda, Cuttack -do-
The following Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centres have
applied for affiliation. The Members mentioned against each are
requested to visit the centres and report to NLET for extending
team affiliation.
SL. Name of the place of SAIEC Name of the member to
(For Affiliation of Std- V, VI & VII) visit and Submit
1. Binika, Sonpur Braja Mohan Behera Indramani
2. Themra, Sambalpur Prafulla Panda Purna Chandra Mahanta
3. Sunabeda-1, Koraput Prasanta Swain Surendra Nath Das
4. Gadakujang, Jagatsinghpur Narayan Agasti Sarbeswar Mohapatra
5. Barigaon, Keonjhar Janardan Acharya Purna Chandra Mahanta
6. Bellari, Kendrapara Bhagabati Prasad Das Ramesh Ch. Dalai
7. Padmapur, Jagatsinghpur Narayan Agasti Ramesh Ch. Dalai
(For Affiliation of New Education Centres)
1. Bansha, Naygaon, Jagatsinghpur Narayan Agasti Ramesh Ch. Dalai
The following schools could not be taken into consideration
as the visiting report from the concerned members have not been
received in the Trust. However, they are again requested to submit
their visiting report as early as possible, so that their cases of affiliation
may be considered in the next meeting.
Shyama Sundar-Anugula, Rairakhol- Sambalpur, Balimela
Malkangiri, Raj-sunakhala-Nayagarh, Jaloi-Sonepur, Parasumal-
Anugul, Gopabandhu Nagar- Balugaon, Khurda, Nahiadia-Kendrapara,
Gambharimunda-Khurda, Koira- Sundargarh, Susua- Jajpur.
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