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Kireet Joshi, S.P. Singh, and Neeltje Huppes


From Our Correspondent Saturday, August 8, 1998

KURUKSHETRA, Aug 7 — Kurukshetra University today began its new academic session with a seminar on "The philosophy and yoga of Sri Aurobindo" to commemorate the 125th birth anniversary of great Indian philosopher.
The seminar was sponsored by the Haryana Government and organised by the Department of English. The Vice-Chancellor of Kurukshetra University, Dr M.L. Ranga presided.
In his presidential remarks, Dr Ranga emphasised the relevance of the teachings in the Gita and those propounded by the great philosopher, Sri Aurobindo.
Dr Ranga said the humanitarian approach espoused by Sri Aurobindo was the only solution to the social problems confronting the nation. He called upon the audience to endeavour to emulate the great philosopher's spirit of nationalism and present his thought in simple terms for the benefit of the young generation. Sri Aurobindo's approach was a fine synthesis of the teachings in the Gita and the humanitarianism of Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar and Mahatma Gandhi.
Prof Kireet Joshi, president, Dharam Hinduja International Centre of India Research, deliberated on Sri Aurobindo's contribution to yoga and his synthesis of different systems of yoga called supermental yoga which was to him a mode of life rather than a system of thought.
In his keynote address, Dr S.P. Singh, Director, Dharam Hinduja International Centre of India Research, drew the attention of the audience towards Sri Aurobindo's Vedanta which sought to provide not personal salvation alone but salvation for the entire human race.
A large number of participants from various colleges and universities attended the seminar. Other distinguished scholars included Dr Shyam Asnani, Head, Department of English, H.P. University, Dr D.S. Mishra, Head, Department of English, Sardar Patel University. Dr S.D. Sharma, Chairman, Department of English Kurukshetra University, welcomed the Chief guest and other distinguished participants. Dr S.K. Sharma, Reader, Department of English, talked about the significance of the subject of the seminar. Dean, Arts and Languages, Kurukshetra University. Dr S.L. Paul, proposed a vote of thanks.
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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