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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Joya Mitter dedicated all at the feet of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

Tribute to a teacher who saw the future TNN | Feb 4, 2014 KOLKATA:
Sri Aurobindo Institute of Art and Culture on Sunday celebrated the birth anniversary of Joya Mitter, founder-principal of The Future Foundation School (TFFS) and a silent crusader of social educational reforms.
Joya di, as she was known, started from a humble background and shook off the shackles of a conservative family to create institutions that have stood the test of time. An ardent devotee of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, she pledged her jewellery to build Galerie La Mere, one of the few private art galleries in Kolkata, in 1995. It was her foresight that led TFFS to set up one of the first school computer labs in the city in the early 1990s. She also set up a printing press for underprivileged women.
"She was a multi-faceted personality, far ahead of her times," said TFFS principal Ranjan Mitter. "Her parents did not want her to study but she persevered and completed her education. She went ahead to do her graduation and BEd after marriage, got a degree from Government Art College and also a gold medal from Gitabitan."

Joya di was an inspiration to thousands of students, encouraging them to discover their talents and make their own path, say teachers and students. Singing sensation Monali Thakur, this year's Filmfare Award winner, is one her proteges. "Joya di is always an inspiration," Monali, a TFFS alumnus, said.
"What she thought back then is considered new-age education today. She created a platform for children to bloom," remembers Krishnokoli Mukherjee, head-senior school, TFFS. The school got ICSE affiliation, thanks to Joya di's 'personal touch'. "Joya di invited chief minister Jyoti Basu, made kochuri herself, and over a warm meal gently convinced Jyoti Babu why TFFS needed ICSE affiliation rather than Madhyamik," said Mitter.
Her futuristic outlook continues to inspire the institutions she created. TFFS is the only school in Kolkata that has French as second language, right from Class I. "Even when she was terminally ill in end-1998, she wrote to me saying, 'we are on the threshold of a new millennium. Let's make plans to take the school to the future'," said Shikha Guha, principal of Arun Nursery School.

Sri Aurobindo was a very strong influence on her life. "She identified 10 sites related to him and persuaded KMC to set up marble plaques to mark them. She also found the case files of the Alipore bombing case in a forgotten trunk in a dust-covered storeroom of Alipore court, along with judge P L Dutta. Much of what we know about Sri Aurobindo today is thanks to her," said Mitter. Joya di - pioneer soul-spirit - Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture Joya Mitter dedicated all she was and all she had - her life as her death - at the feet of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. 2nd Feb 2013 - Joya di's 77th Birth Anniversary

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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Materialism and moral consciousness

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Contrived non-partisanship produces comical consequences

Tweets now - Prasanna Viswanathan @prasannavishy@hguptapolicy come to think of it, he was an astute analyst. Contrived non-partisanship sometimes produces comical consequences
now - Harsh Gupta @hguptapolicy India is a working, albeit imperfect, democracy with a decent judiciary. If you as citizen approach UK to diss Modi, yes you are a traitor. now - Harsh Gupta @hguptapolicy - @m_vijayakumar Stop trolling me, Vijay. You hold your point of view, which I respect, and I hold mine.  View conversation
4 mins - Rohit Pradhan @Retributions - @saliltripathi @gupta521 No opinion columnist can be impartial. Because it is opinion. What you can ask for is that they should be fair.  View conversation

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Monday, February 04, 2013

Prapatti did the ploughing and Babaji sowed the seeds

  1. Savitri Era Learning Forum: Mother's Work in Orissa 11 Nov 2005 by Tusar N Mohapatra - With Mother's happy approval and Prapatti as an able instrument, the first phase of work included organisation of Study Circles, Student Associations, Women's Study Circle, zonal and state level Study Circle Meets. In the next ...
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  1. Savitri Era Learning Forum: Matrubhaban, a place of pilgrimage 7 Feb 2006 by Tusar N Mohapatra - One of the stalwarts of the Sri Aurobindo movement in Orissa was Sri Prapatti (Professor K.C.Pati), who sowed the seeds of this movement and gave it the dynamism it now has acquired by his indefatigable zeal in the early ...
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  1. It took us more than fifty days to cover almost the whole of Orissa 28 May 2008  - Babaji had a sincere collaborator in the form of Professor Prapatti who did the ploughing of the field if Babaji can be thought to have sown the seeds. Subsequently Babaji went to Orissa but rarely. He stayed in the Ashram ...
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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tusar N. Mohapatra, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum

1m - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty One-stop blog for curing all theoretical confusion and muddled thinking just a click away at Savitri Era Learning Forum - Posted by Tusar N. Mohapatra  Location: Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India - CV of an average Indian

Monday, June 04, 2012

Sri Aurobindo described Madhusudan as high-spirited

Science, Spirituality And The Modernization Of India - Page 247 Makarand Paranjape - 2009 - 271 pages - from the entrenched culture of dynastic succession in Indian religions and politics. The integral education movement in Orissa embodies aspirations of a practical spirituality as it works with children, parent and society for a more ...
Reflections and mobilizations: dialogues with movements and ... - Page 310 Ananta Kumar Giri - 2005 - 436 pages - Integral Education Movement in Orissa and the Wider Environment of Influence and Interaction The actors of integral education movement of Orissa have a vibrant and emotionally inspiring link with Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry.
Conversations and transformations: toward a new ethics of self and ... - Page 74 Ananta Kumar Giri - 2002 - 347 pages - Perpetual wanderer that he is, Chittaranjan left Agra in the mid-70s and came back to Orissa to devote full time to the emergent movement of integral education in Orissa, inspired by the vision of Sri Aurobindo.
Early women's writings in Orissa, 1898-1950: a lost tradition - Page 127 Sachidananda Mohanty - 2005 - 241 pages - Seven crore cry out Our country in a chorus was the refrain on the tip of our tongue. The activity of Aurobindo came very much into discussion and inspired me. I began to have deep regard for him and tried to know more about him.
Sri Aurobindo: A Contemporary Reader Sachidananda Mohanty - 2012 - 180 pages - The old Bengal Presidency had already been split up and Orissa, Bihar and Assam are now self-governing regional peoples. A merger of the Hindi-speaking part of the Central Provinces and the UP would complete the process.
The Religious, the Spiritual, and the Secular: Auroville and ... - Page 80 Robert Neil Minor - 1999 - 208 pages - and his later "spiritual work" ("Fate had cut out Sri Aurobindo for a very different type of leadership. ... Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya, the chief minister of the state of Orissa, and the chairman of the Sri Aurobindo Society, Navajata.
Encyclopaedia of Literature in English - Page 45 M K Bhatnagar - 2001 - Aurobindo, Sri — The Seer Poet (1872-1950) NK MISHRA Sri Aurobindo was born on August 15, 1872 in a highly cultured family in ... Panchayat College, Bargarh, Orissa.
Integral Education:thought & Practical - Page 623 R.N. Pani - Auro Mira School, Gangadhar Chetty Road, Ulsoor, Bangalore - 560 005. 27. Sri Aurobindo Integral School, At/PO : Addada, Via. Pedamaddali, Dist. Krishna, ANDHRA PRADESH - 521 390. B. LIST OF INTEGRAL SCHOOLS IN ORISSA 1
Sri Aurobindo and the new thought in Indian politics: Being a ... Aurobindo Ghose, Haridāsa Mukhopādhyāa, Uma Mukherjee - 1964 - 393 pages - Behar, Orissa, the Central Provinces, Gujerat, Sindh must take their place in the advancing surge ... It is for instance a cause for gratification that Orissa is beginning to feel its separate consciousness, and to attempt to grow into ...
If you really want to hear about it: writers on J.D. Salinger and ... - Page 216 Catherine Crawford - 2006 - 338 pages - Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Orissa and Dr. BK Nanda, Department of English, Ravenshaw College, Cuttack, Orissa, India while revising the essay. Works Cited Aurobindo. Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library Popular Edition, Vol.
The quest for music divine - Page xiii Suresh Chandra Dey - 1990 - 307 pages - Aurobindo Centre, New Delhi for inspiring me and helping me in various ways from time to time. ... music director Sri Radhakrishna Bhanja of Orissa, the famous vocal classical musician Smt. Sunanda Patnaik of Orissa, classical and ...
The dynamics of yoga: third series Madhav Pundalik Pandit, Madhav Pundalik Pandit - 1978 - 164 pages - INTEGRAL EDUCATION SCHOOLS IN ORISSA Till the advent of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, you know, spiritual life was a very specialised department of life, and yoga was the technical part of it. This was generally open to those who ...
All India Conference on the Relevance of Sri Aurobindo Today, ... Aurobindo Ghose, Sri Aurobindo Samiti, Aurobindo Ghose - 1975 - 106 pages - APPENDIX Sri Aurobindo Samiti The Nation celebrated the Birth Centenary of Sri Aurobindo in the year 1972. ... MEMBERS Sri AL Dias, Governor of West Bengal, Sm. Nandini Satpathy, Chief Minister, Chairman Orissa Sri Siddhartha Shankar ...
Sri Aurobindo Sisirkumar Mitra, Sisirkumar Mitra - 1972 - 215 pages - His generous character, sober devotion and loving heart charmed everyone,' said Sri Aurobindo. ... Jatin with four members of his party had gone to Balasore in Orissa to receive the cargo of arms and ammunition.
Sri Aurobindo: a biography and a history K. R. Srinivasa Iyengar, K. R. Srinivasa Iyengar - 1985 - 812 pages - In the nineteenth century, the 'Bengal' administration had included present-day West Bengal and East Bengal (Bangla Desh), and Bihar (including Chota Nagpur), Assam and Orissa. Even when Assam was formed (along with some Bengali border ...
Human rights and the law: universal and Indian - Page 338    Paras Diwan, Peeyushi Diwan - 1996 - 730 pages - It was asserted that Shri Aurobindo laid the foundation of a new religions and the Aurobindo Society represented a ... State of Orissa, AIR 1959 On 6; In Birakishoredev v. State of Orissa, AIR 1963 SC 1501, the question was left open.
Mother India: Volumes 37-38 Sri Aurobindo Ashram - 1985 - While addressing a mammoth public meeting in Orissa just the day before, she in an emotional tone said: "Even if I die in the service of the ... In one of his aphorisms Sri Aurobindo says: "...Christ from his cross humanised Europe"1.
Tāntric art of Orissa - Page 214 Jitāmitra Prasāda Sihadeba - 2001 - 238 pages - Sri Aurobindo calls it Supermind or Supra- mental Consciousness. There is direct perception of Truth (Pratyakasa) or immediate knowledge through Samadhi. You know things by a flash. Professor Bergson preached about Intuition in France ...
Indian History - Page C-236 - Satish Chandra Bose and Pramathanath Mitra played a leading role in founding this society; Aurobindo Ghosh and Sister ... by the police in Balasore (Orissa) on September 9, 1915 put up a most heroic resistance before courting death.
The liberator Sri Aurobindo, India, and the world Sisirkumar Mitra - 1970 - 307 pages - We have it from Hemchandra that according to Sri Aurobindo's plan Bengal was to be divided into six centres each with sub-centres, ... Ganeshchandra worked among the Indian army personnel as well as among the princely order of Orissa.
Epic and purāic bibliography: up to 1985 - Page 379 Heinrich von Stietencron, P. Flamm - 1992 - 2116 pages - Aurobindo's philosophy is held to be characterized by a continuously running hidden dialogue« with Christianity; ... from Orissa [Engl.]. In: AA 47, 1 , 1 986, pp. 5 1 -66, 34 fig. ' Iconographic and archaeological study of Orissan ...
Life in Sri Aurobindo Ashram Narayan Prasad, Narayan Prasad - 1965 - 319 pages - It is a dynamic phase of Sri Aurobindo's Yoga. All the sadhakas are one in the Mother; all meditate in the ... shall visit the Ashram again for a longer period after I settle down in Orissa. I shall be writing to you now and then.
The white woman's other burden: Western women and South Asia ... - Page 285 Kumari Jayawardena - 1995 - 310 pages - Mira Behn argued that "If things go on as they are going, the peasants of Orissa will garland the Japanese when they ... It marked, as Sarkar says, the beginning of "the metamorphosis of Aurobindo from revolutionary leader into mystic ...
Dharma and development: the future of survival Makarand R. Paranjape, Samvad India, Makarand R. Paranjape - 2005 - 329 pages - The first effort in integral education in Orissa began with the establishment of the Institute of Integral Education in the state capital of Bhubaneswar in 1970. This had the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education of the Sri ...
Outlook: Volume 49, Issues 8-16 2009 - Many of today's disciples of Sri Aurobindo and his companion, the Mother, would rather sweep this aspect of his life under the carpet. Thus, someone has slapped a court case against Heehs in Orissa, thereby stopping the book from being ...
Monthly public opinion surveys: Volume 17 Indian Institute of Public Opinion - 1971 - Later she became the Secretary of the Orissa Women's Relief Committee. In 1958, Mrs. Satpathy organised the Orissa ... And Mrs. Satpathy also believes is Sri Aurobindo's philosophy. In fact on the gate of her official residence hangs a ...
Indian Political Thought - Page 257 K.S. Padhy - Popularly known as 'Madhu Babu' or 'Madhu Barrister', he is rightly regarded as the 'pride of Orissa' and ... Aurobindo described Madhusudan as a high-spirited and very capable person who roused political consciousness in certain ...
Introduction to the Constitution of India - Page 105 Sharma, Sharma B.k. - 2007 - 436 pages - The Act taking over the management of Aurobindo Society was held valid because the Society and Auroville were not ... I51. Aziz Basha v. Union of India, AlR I968 SC 662. I52. Biro Kishore Deb v. State of Orissa, AlR 1964 SC l501.
Development and faith: where mind, heart, and soul work together: Part 489 - Page 254 Katherine Marshall, Marisa Bronwyn Van Saanen, World Bank - 2007 - 329 pages - not quantity,” Sai Baba says.15 The final case study explores the Integral Education movement in Orissa, India. ... The movement follows principles enunciated by Sri Aurobindo, who founded the first Integral Education center in 1970 ...
A window lived in a wall - Page 59 Vinoda Kumāra Śukla, Satti Khanna - 2006 - 231 pages - in Colonial Orissa The Legacy of Sailabala Das 1875-1968 Edited by Sachidananda Mohanty In this pioneering volume, ... and the first chapter of Anandamath by Sri Aurobindo, and excerpts from the authors ideas and speculations.
Guru English: South Asian Religion In A Cosmopolitan Language - Page 69 Srinivas Aravamudan - 2006 - 330 pages - In Khulna, he successfully tackled “the smallpox of piracy and the greater pox of Indigoism,” according to Aurobindo, but ultimately fell afoul of two English superiors, who had him transferred to Jajpur in Orissa, from where he was ...