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Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Sachidananda Mohanty nominated to National Commission for Co-Operation with UNESCO

The Hindu-29-Sep-2015
The aim of the Auroville Film Festival is to connect with people and cultures within and beyond Auroville and to further the aspiration of human

Times of India-19-Sep-2015
Sustainable and eco-friendly, the products encompass the idea of Auroville as an experiment of unity and remind people of going back to basic,

The Hindu-21-Sep-2015
When a group of bustling school children entered the Hall of Peace at the Unity Pavilion in Auroville, a sudden hush fell over the group, as they 

The Hindu-04-Sep-2015
When Adil Writer, a ceramicist, painter and architect, built his home about five years ago at Auroville, near Puducherry, he retained all the 25

The Hindu-02-Oct-2015
Auroville, located near Pondicherry, is a shining example of how the ... hence Aurovilleideas may not work in the competitive marketplace

The Hindu-14-Sep-2015
Designed exclusively for Auroville by Russian bell-master Alexander Zhikharev, it was welcomed on September 4 in a special ceremony at the 

The Hindu-01-Oct-2015
As a science teacher in Auroville, Sundaravalli taught about becoming one with the subject, a complete identification with anything we perform

The Hindu-23-Sep-2015
For six students of the Masters of Professional Studies in Art Therapy at the School of Visual Arts, New York, their stay at Sankalpa, Auroville,

The Hindu-29-Sep-2015
With UNESCO having a close association with Auroville, including its several resolutions of support, Mr. Mohanty said his nomination is

The New Indian Express-26-Sep-2015
The scenic East Coast Roadway (ECR) that takes you to Auroville and Puducherry is loved by locals and international tourists. It's one of those

The Hindu-13-Aug-2015
A mela-like atmosphere was present at the Auroville on August 12, the United Nations-designated International Youth Day. Young people
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

So-called Hindu fanatic may be an expert on Shakespeare or Walt Whitman

Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Applied Vedic Knowledge, Power of Intellectual Passivity, and Yoga as Practical Psychology

  • Two interactive programmes on 10th October at the Library Hall, Sri Aurobindo Sakti Centre, New Alipore, Kolkata - a follow up to the Youth Conference held. Participants will DISCUSS and DEBATE amongst themselves. Kindly let us know if you would like to attend. Mobile : 9831040853

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18 hours ago - He has continued the work of Sri Aurobindo and Kapali Sastry in revealing the deep meanings of Veda mantra-s. The translation has received deep praise from  ...
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.