Monday, May 10, 2010

Murugesu played a lead role in Sri Lanka

We remember Mr. Murugesu as a trustworthy, capable corporate lawyer.  We also knew of his involvement in spiritual activity.  Unlike in religion where the outward signs of pious worshipers are noticeable, spirituality is an effort at development inwardly. But little would be known of the individual’s endeavours and his inner progress.
Forty years ago the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother was not known in Sri Lanka except in a cursory way by a very few. Murugesu was responsible for the transformation of the Sri Aurobindo Society in Sri Lanka, from a social organisation to a solid base of a spiritual centre.
1972 was the birth centenary of Sri Aurobindo. The main Society in Pondicherry, at Mother’s behest, opened many branches in various states of India and in numerous other countries.  I was in Pondy for the centenary and was fortunate to have been given the responsibility of carrying Mother’s hand written blessing for the Sri Lankan Society that was being activated.  There were colourful characters taking a leading part in the Sri Lankan Society who wanted the patronage of politicians and people in high places to take leading roles in the committee.  The colourful start was deemed to fail and it did not take long for the inevitable. However, a few people kept the lamp lit and had meetings at their homes.
Much later, Mr. Murugesu played a lead role to transform the Society from a pseudo spiritual organisation to a vibrant living centre and gradually the Society took shape.
The Sri Aurobindo Centre in Sri Lanka was opened on February 21, 2001. Mr. Murugesu was solely responsible for the construction of the imposing building where the current society is located. He never took credit for it but said it is ‘Mother’s Grace’. The sincere devotion and tireless work of Mr. Murugesu not only brought about this magnificent edifice but he started an educational centre for students, a children play place, library, Hatha Yoga classes, had talks on Savitri during Satsang evenings and regular meditation.
Sraddhalu Ranade a nephew of Sri Pandit, who travels widely lecturing on Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s teachings visited
Sri Lanka during the opening of the Centre on Murugesu’s invitation and lectured in our new premises. By his attitude and commitment, Mr. Murugesu illustrated that he practised the philosophy he believed.
The force of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo is firmly established in the Centre and their presence is felt more palpably after the placement of Sri Aurobindo’s relics a few years ago. When the Spiritual consciousness descends on you inside the Centre’s meditation halls, there is a silent prayer of thank you that goes to him. Thank you, Mr. Murugesu. Trustee of the Sri Aurobindo Centre (Sri Lanka) Posted by sanjeewa on May 9th, 2010 and filed under Appreciations

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