Thursday, November 13, 2008

Psychological principle behind using Mantra in one's spiritual practice

SACAR welcomed a group of 20 young and enthusiastic learners from Germany who visited us on September 12-13, 2008. These individuals are currently living, in Auroville and will spend a year studying and working there. Special sessions were arranged during their two-day visit to SACAR. On 12th morning they visited Sri Aurobindo Ashram and several departments, and enjoyed lunch at the Ashram Dining Hall. A session on Demystifying India was presented by Beloo Mehra in the afternoon. This session involved a discussion on the foundations of Indian culture as explained by Sri Aurobindo, followed by a short review of some of the contemporary voices about India and Indian culture.

The morning of the September 13 started with a session on Mantra Chanting conducted by Deepshikha Reddy. The participants were given a general background on Mantra and the psychological principle behind using Mantra in one's spiritual practice. They also practiced chanting a couple of Mantras under Deepshikha.s guidance. On the same morning Larry Seidlitz made a presentation on Introduction to Integral Yoga. In his talk, he emphasized the aim of Integral Yoga, its similarity and difference with other traditional yogas, the central guiding principle of Integral Yoga and the triple labour of Aspiration, Rejection and Surrender.

Powerpoint presentations, video clips, and interactive discussions made the learning experience enriching for everyone. The 2-day event ended with a general Question & Answer session. Participants enjoyed the peaceful surroundings at SACAR campus and relished the samosas, pavbhaji, and other Indian snacks served during tea breaks.

Workshop on Integral Education, August 29, 2008
On a special request from Andhra Mahila Sabha College, Institute of Human Study conducted a work shop on Integral Education for a team of teachers from Badrachalam Paper Board Company School.

Dr. Chhalamayi gave an insight into Sri Aurobindo.s vision of Integral Education. Smt. Kanakavalli spoke about child development and growth processes. Mrs. Vidya Raghavan spoke about the approaches to and challenges involved in the implementation of integral methodology in the classroom and the need for new ways of assessment corresponding with this methodology. Mrs. Geeta Matha explained about the significance of a resource room in every school building which can house a wide variety of teaching learning materials to be used by teachers and students. Teachers were also introduced to the concept of environs. Mrs. Rama, the team leader and all the participants were highly enthusiastic about using new methodologies in their classrooms. They especially appreciated exploring how education is related to life and life skills.

We invoke the Grace and Blessings of our beloved Mother and Sri Aurobindo through our reference to MASA, October 2008 Contact: Beloo Mehra Phone: 0413-2348067

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