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Release of Jitendra Sharma's book by P Valsala in Kozhikode

A book on Sri Aurobindo released R. MADHAVAN NAIR NEWS » STATES » KERALA KOZHIKODE, August 2, 2011
Literary scholars have been fascinated by Sri Aurobindo’s poetic genius, particularly his epic poem Savitri . To this group belongs Jitendra Sharma who teaches French at St Joseph’s College, Devagiri in Kozhikode. His doctoral thesis, published as a book titled “Concept of Man in Sri Aurobindo’s Poetry” is being released by novelist P Valsala in Kozhikode on Saturday.
It comes as no surprise that Jitendra Sharma became an ardent admirer of Sri Aurobindo’s life and poetry. For, he had stayed at Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Puducherry for his graduation studies, before joining Karnatak University Dharwar for his post-graduate course in French. He is now trying to implement Sri Aurobindo’s education methodology in teaching profession .
A salient feature of Sri Aurobindo ‘s philosophy, reflected in his poems, is his strange concept about Man. Man, he believed, heralded the emergence of a new species of Superman. Practice of yoga convinced him through an “adventure of consciousness” man will finally attain divinity.
Says Jitendra Sharma: “Aurobindo considered Man to be a transitional being constantly driven by an impulse to exceed himself and evolve towards divine consciousness, harmony and joy. In his poems Sri Aurobindo prophetically describes the transcendence of man as the consummation of a supra - mental race on earth”.
The books is also replete with a biographical sketch. Sri Aurobindo, born on August 15 -1872 in Kokotta, was educated in United Kingdom from the age of seven . But, even during his stay in England, he became disgusted with British rule in India.
On his return home, he wrote ICS examination under pressure from his father but deliberately got himself disqualified in riding test because he wanted to live as a writer, not as an administrator .
Aurobindo, who died in December 5 -1950 is now revered as an outstanding figure in Indo - Anglian literature , a yogi, a seer , and a true patriot who demanded total freedom for India from British rule.
The release of Jitendra Sharma’s book is an occasion to recall the greatness of an eminent Indian. The book is sure to be hailed as a welcome addition to the growing body of scholarly works on Sri Aurobindo and his poetry.

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