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Maggi had explained in the News and Notes the origins of these remedies

January 2010

More and more countries are passing legislation to ensure that people with disabilities are allowed to participate fully and equitably in society. In this issue of Auroville Today, we examine how well Auroville is doing on this front – assuming that a community which has human unity as its goal and invites participation from all people of goodwill would be in the forefront of this movement. The issue reports on the first workshop devoted to makingAuroville more accessible (Page 1 and page 2) for everyone, held in October, and carries in interview with Susmita, the initiator of the conference, and Frederick , Pino and Sauro, three of the coordinators of L'Avenir d'Auroville.
In the sector ‘services' we publish an interview with Anandi and Isha of the Auroville Board of Services. “Serving the spirit of service” is their motto: to bring together all the service activities of Auroville, so that they can share their aspirations and difficulties, their projects and their experiences. There are also articles on the work of the Auroville Dental Clinic in the surrounding villages and what it means for Teens to Service the community.
In the section ‘research' we publish two articles. One is the research on the effects of homeopathic remedies prepared from substances originating from the hair of The Mother and the nail-clippings of Sri Aurobindo. The second article deals with researching the effects of food on the body by Auroville's Food Laboratory managed by Lorenzo, the Raw Food Centre run by Anandi and Peas versus Pills, the name of regular seminars, run by Dr. Nandita Shah.
In the section profiles you'll find an article about Afsaneh, who first came to Auroville in 1979.
Lastly we publish a review of the theatre play The Caretaker , a book review of Travels of the Psychic Being , a review of Nele Martens' recent displays of mobiles and paintings at Pitanga, and Jogging Through the Auroville Countryside, One December Afternoon , written in the late 1980s by late Aurovilian Raymond Thépot.


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December 2009

The question ‘how aware are Aurovilians of environmental issues' features as one of the main articles of Auroville Today's December issue. We spoke to four Aurovilians who are working to increase environmental consciousness within the community.
The issue further contains the recent UNESCO resolution on Auroville passed by its Executive Board, wherein it invites its Member States to actively participate in Auroville's development by contributing a permanent or temporary exhibition in the International Zone. A view on how the International Zone should be seen is shared by Jan Lohman from Auroville International The Netherlands
In the section ‘services' we introduce ACT: Auroville Community Transport, which has introduced a regular and reliable bus service for Aurovilians.
The section ‘research' carries three articles. In ‘The Play of Painting' we write about a research project which uses painting as a means of self-discovery, highlighted in the book Looking at Children's Paintings in a New Light by Claire Le Touzé, published by the Sri Aurobindo Institute for Educational Research (SAIIER).
The research work in wastewater treatment has been in the forefront of research done by Auroville's Centre for Scientific Research, CSR. After having successfully introduced the sustainable DEWATS system (DEcentralized WAstewater Treatment System), CSR is now experimenting with another promising device, the Schauberger vortices.
The third article describes the work of Auroville ecologist Rauf Ali in theNicobars islands. He has developed a press that will produce coconut milk in large quantities, which will substantially increase the income of the local population.
In the section profiles we introduce the outgoing chairman of Auroville International France, Satyakam, (Salim Karim) who speaks about his life, the role of the Auroville International Centres and his forthcoming move to Auroville. And former Ashramite now Aurovilian Ashesh Joshi speaks about his life in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville, where he works for the Matrimandir Access Group and offers workshops on Integral Yoga.
In the section book review we present Alchemies of the Nighta collection of poems by Roger Harris. We also publish the 2009 population statistics.
In conclusion we write about the Ultimate sports experience; and give a view of a Newcomer on life in Auroville called Psychic gibbonsHome > Journals & Media > Journals  > Auroville Today > Current issue

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