Thursday, June 04, 2009

Auroville is possibly the cornerstone to the foundation of a New Earth

Conference on Human Unity in Chicago on June 27 to Feature ... PR Web (press relase) - Ferndale, WA, USA... She was inspired to learn more about Auroville after reading the works of Sri Aurobindo on evolutionary spirituality and visiting the ashram of Mother Mirra Alfassa, who founded Auroville. ...

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) June 4, 2009 -- A film about the international community of Auroville, India: The conference will also feature the film premiere of City of the Dawn, a remarkable documentary about a modern, universal city with 2,000 people from 40 nations who are working to develop innovative and inclusive solutions in every aspect of human social life: caring relationships, participative government, arts and education, architecture and building materials, complementary medicine, reforestation and sustainable industries. The city of Auroville in Southern India provides a demonstration of what is possible when people attempt to live together in a community beyond the boundaries of nation, religion and race that often separate us. Their experience raises questions about what can be accomplished on a broader scale when awareness of oneness drives our actions...

The second panel moderated by Francis Rothluebber, President, New Momentum for Human Unity, will highlight the power of unity in action as experienced in the city of Auroville. This panel will include current and former residents from Auroville who will share the challenges and accomplishments of living in conscious awareness of oneness as a community. Panelists include Jean-Yves Lung, Economist; Bhavana Dee DeCew, Community Organizer; Deepti Tewari, Educator; Julian Lines, Chair, Auroville International, and Bryan Walton, President, Auroville International USA and his wife Fanou...

The first project New Momentum is undertaking is a documentary of a small city in Southern India. Here people from 40 nations are experiencing the risk, the challenge, and the adventure of participating in a laboratory of the future. The city, Auroville, was the dream of Mother Mirra and Sri Aurobindo that there would be on the earth a city in which individuals pursuing higher consciousness would live collectively.

The basic requirement for residence in Auroville is a commitment to live a life increasingly attuned to the evolutionary movement of Divine Consciousness. Auroville’s city plan uses the galaxy as it’s model.

The film will trace the transformation of the major aspects of this human experience called Auroville as they continue to unfold dynamically. The key areas are social relationships, ecology, government, education, health care, industry, finances and culture. But outstanding developments in these fields, and they are here, are not the primary purpose. The primary aim is the development of individuals living in higher consciousness who manifest the progress in service to all.

Auroville is an experiment in the art of being human and possibly the cornerstone to the foundation of a New Earth, a place where a more evolved human family lives and shares and supports each other no matter where they exist on the planet.

This film is designed to inspire the hope and inner work to shift us individually as well as collectively. It is one more beaming example that we can look towards to help inspire us towards a better existence. View City of the Dawn fundraising video Photos in video courtesy of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives and Auroville Today.

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