Friday, February 06, 2009

Beharilal Pattnaik and B.V.K. Deo

Aurosri Vihar, Gunupur
Managing Trustee : Sri Jogendra Narayan Deo
Date of Installation : 6th February,2002 , at 10.45 AM.
Installed by : Prof. Chottenarayan Sharma
Garden attached : Yes
Integral School attached to the Premises of RC : Yes
Ashramites : 1
Timings of Public Darshan of RC : 7AM to 3 P.M. & 6 PM to7.30 PM (working days) 7Am to 10.30 AM and 6 PM to 7.30PM (Sunday)
Cost of Construction : Rs.10,00000 (Approx ten lakhs)
No. of persons visiting daily : About 50 numbers
Plan made by : Own Plan
Flooring Marble finish : Yes
Daily activities of the Ashram : Daily Meditation,Weekly Study Circle,
Sri Aurobindo Study Circle started at the residence of Sri Beharilal Pattnaik in the year 1966 and then at the palace of Sri B.V.K. Deo. The study circle was visited by Sri Babaji Maharaj Ramakrishna Das (1972, 1974), Prapatti (many times), Sri Champaklalji (1978, 1982), Prof. Chotte Narayan Sharma (many times) and Sri V.Madhusudan Reddy (many times). The inspiring person behind all the work was Sri Babaji Maharaj and Prapatti. Champaklalji gave the foundation stone in 1982 and on 6th February, 2002, the Sacred Relics was installed by Sri Chhotte Narayanji.
What Sri Aurobindo represents in the history of the earth's spritual progress, is not a teaching, not even a revelation; it is a mighty action straight from the Supreme.
-The Mother

Other States - Orissa Discourses on Aurobindo's works Correspondent : The Hindu Monday, Feb 12, 2007 KORAPUT: The 5th anniversary of installation of relics of Sri Aurobindo in Aurosrivihar was celebrated at Gunupur in Rayagada district. Badrika Nath Patra, PA of ITDA, Gunupur, attended as chief guest and hoisted the spiritual flag. Students took part in the march past on the occasion.

[February was named after the Latin term februum, which means purification, via the purification ritual Februa held on February 15 in the old Roman calendar.]

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