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Government has given us the freedom of not appearing in the Common Board Examinations

A meeting of the New Life Education Trust was held at Matru Vihar, Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar on 17.10.2007. Sri Sriballabh Panigrahi, President of the Trust presided over the meeting. The meeting started at 10 a.m. with the observation of two minutes silence.
As per agenda of the meeting Sri Prasad Tripathy, Secretary of the Trust read out the minutes of the last Trust meeting held at Matru Bhaban, Cuttack on 5.8.2007 and placed the action taken report for approval. Then the following decisions were taken.
1. Standard VII Common Board Examination: The members present in the meeting were informed that some of the schools are still appearing in the Standard VII Common Board Examination, despite clear instruction from the Trust to the contrary. The President, Vice President and the members present in the meeting felt that firm action should be taken in this regard, including de-listing/de-affiliating those schools. The following resolution was unanimously passed in the meeting:
"In view of the specialty of our system of education Government has given us the freedom of not appearing in the Standard VII Common Board Examinations. Accordingly all Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centres were advised not to appear at the said examination. However, it has come to the notice that a few schools are still appearing at the said examination. It was unanimously resolved to ask those schools not to repeat appearing in the Standard VII Common Board Examination from this year onwards. And if they still continue to appear in the said Examination this year and in future, those schools shall automatically be delisted from the list of schools affiliated to NLET. Sectretary of the Trust was authorised/advised to write to such of the schools who are still continuing with this practice."
2. Problem of Dhenkanal School: As per decision of the last Trust meeting an appointment was fixed with the Collector, Dhenkanal. In the meeting, the Collector requested the delegation to intervene in the matter. The Collector was convinced that the Dhenkanal school was a good one but due to some misunderstanding the situation has flared up. No final decision could be taken in the matter in the absence of the CI of Schools, Dhenkanal. The Pathachakra members were requested to meet the C.I and the Dist. Project Coordinator (DPC) after Puja vacation. It is expected that a solution will come up soon. The President however felt that in some schools such situation are created which invite the administration to intervene in the matter. The Secretary said that the members of the Pathachakra should be firm on their aim and every effort should be made to resolve the problem of the schools in the Pathachakra itself. When the base Pathachakra becomes weak different types of problems arise in the schools.
3. Publication of the Trust Books : It was informed in the meeting that all books upto Standard VII will be ready by December, 2007. A meeting of 16 Senior schools was convened on 7.10.07 with the purpose to collect feed back on text book publication. Teachers from 11 schools participated in the meeting. It was suggested in the meeting that once a text book is published it should not be revised normally within a period of three years. A proposal was also came up to introduce only one Text book for a class which will cover all the subjects. Anjali Tripathy, Principal of Gopinathpur School was entrusted with the responsibility of preparing manuscript for such an Integrated book for Std-1. Although a few selected schools were invited to the meeting to collect the feedback, all other schools/teachers were requested to submit their valuable suggestions and extend a helping hand. Even some remuneration can be given to those teachers who will be entrusted with the text book publication/ improvement work.
4. Approval of MCs of Schools: It was revealed that no uniform policy is being followed in the matter of approval of MCs. The matter will be taken up with the Secretary, Education and Director, Elementary Education for issuing a direction to follow uniform system in the matter. The President was requested to kindly look to the matter.
5. Low participation in the Teachers’ Meet: Against an anticipation of 500 teachers only 307 teachers participated in the meet (15-18 October,2007). Members present in the meeting analysed the various reasons for such low participation in the Trust organised meets This has been discussed several times in the past. It was however decided in the meeting that the District Organisers and the Trust Co-ordinators will remain in touch with their schools for encouraging teachers to participate in such meets. This issue will also be discussed in the meeting of the Principal/Seccretary/Presidents to be held on 10-11 November, 2007 at Matrubhavan, Cuttack.
All the High Schools were requested to depute students of Std. VIII, IX & X to the state level students’ meet to be held at Khallikote from 23 to 25 December, 2007.
6. Common questions for all Schools: A proposal to prepare common question paper for all Schools came up for discussion. After detail discussion it was decided that individual schools will prepare question papers for their respective schools. This will enable them to evaluate the standard of their students in a better way.
7. Issues putforth by the participating teachers: Since the meeting was taking place during the Integral Education Centres’ Teachers’ Meet, the participating teachers were requested to put forward their proposal, if any, for discussion.
(a) It was proposed that examination system should be abolished. Instead constant evaluation of the child should be made throughout the year. May be there will be more pressure on the teachers, but this will be appreciated by the guardians. Freedom can be given to the schools in this respect. Proposal was approved.
(b) It was proposed that while granting affiliations to schools Zonal, District and Trust Coordinators should submit joint report. This proposal was also approved.
(c) Proposal came for funding the cost of text books for poor students. In this respect, in schools to mitigate the hardship of poor students a proposal can be sent to the Secretary of the Trust seeking text books at concessional rates for those students.
(d) In the matter of opening of Standard VIII in Integral schools, the Secretary welcomed/encouraged the schools to open Standard VIII. Detailed guidelines for opening new High Schools can be had from Trust office.
(e) The proposal for publication of English Grammer book is under consideration.
(f) A book depot of the Trust was opened at Sohela (Bargarh district) school some times past which has since been closed. An amount of Rs.20432/- is outstanding against Sohela centre. The Secretary was requested to write a letter to Sohela School to settle the matter by either returning books amounting to Rs. 20432/- or by paying the amount to the Trust.
(g) In the matter of introduction of Welfare measures for the teachers, the proposal was discussed. It was however, left to the individual schools to take decision.
(h) The proposal for opening a permanent Teachers’ training institute is under consideration. It may take some time to materialise
(i) The proposal to have a uniform School leaving certificate / transfer certificate book for all the Integral Schools up to Std. VII was examined. This was approved for classes up to Std-VII.
(j) There are many schools established more than 10 years back, but not getting any financial assistance. The possibility for the same will be explored. Similarly, full amount of SFA is not being received from the Govt. now a days. With the number of schools increasing, the sanctioned
amount is decreasing. However, the Govt. has assured to release the full grant this year.
8. A book on the achievement of Prof. Mohapatra Nilamani Sahu has since been published in the name "SAHITYA SADHAK – MOHAPATRA NILAMANI SAHU". Although the book is priced at Rs. 225/- it is available to Integral Schools at a concessional price of Rs. 140/- at Matrubhaban
and Khandagiri stores. Our schools are advised to purchase atleast one book for their schools. Similarly another book "PIONEERS IN EDUCATION" written by Pravat Kumar Dhal, an ex-teacher of the Oupada School costing Rs. 150/- is available at 40% discount to our Schools at Matrubhavan and Khandagiri stores. All schools may avail this opportunity.
9. It was decided to co-opt Sri Bichitrananda Paikray of Paika Kusadiha as a member of the Executive Committee of the Trust.
10. Then the proposal for affiliation were considered. The following Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centres were affiliated as mentioned.
S.L Name of place of SAEC Nature of Affiliation
1. Papadahandi, Nabarangpur Standard VI &VII Regular
2. Bellari, Kendrapara -do- -do-
3. Khandapalli, Baragarh -do- -do-
4. Pandakipali, (Loharachhati) Baragarh -do- -do-
5. Sankaradiha , Jajpur -do- 2Yrs. Provisional for land
6. Nayhiadiha, Kendrapara Standard V -do-for land &
7. Bansa, Jagatsinghpur -do- -do- for Building
11. The following Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centres have applied for affiliation. The members mentioned against each are requested to visit the centres and report to NLET for extending them affiliation.
Sl. Name of the place of SAIEC Name of the member to visit and submit
1. Paikakusadiha Khordha Sanjaya Mohapatra, R.K.Sahu and Shanti Patnaik
2. Mandosil Baragarh Braja K. Behera, R.K.Mishra and P.K.Panda
3. Kanasingha Baragarh ———do———
4. Bijepur Baragarh ———do———
5. Diptipur Baragarh ———do———
6. Nagaon Bolangir Anup Sahu, Braja K.Behera & Lalit Mohan Khuntia (For affiliation of New Education Centres)
7. Nuasarsara, Baragarh R.K. Mishra, BrajaK. Behera & P.K. Panda
The following Education Centres could not be taken into consideration as the visiting report from the concerned members have not been received in the Trust. However, they are again requested to submit their visiting reports as early as possible, so that their cases of affiliation may be considered in the next meeting.
Shyam Sundarpur- Anugul, Themra – Sambalpur, Gadakujanga- Jagatsinghpur, Barigaon – Keonjhar, Padmapur (Kiamunda)- Jagatsinghpur, Perjong – Dhenkanal, Sanjubani – Mayurbhanj, Gangraj- Mayurbhanj, Kosida – Cuttack, Kuchei - Mayurbhanj
The meeting ended with two minutes’ silent prayer to the Divine Mother.
A meeting of Sri Aurobindo University (SAU) was held at 11a.m. on 23rd September, 2007 at Matrubhaban, Cuttack. The members from Satya, Nistha and Krupa zones attended the meeting.. The purpose of the meeting was in connection with starting the activities of Sri Aurobindo University in school level among the students of standard VII to IX.
The meeting started with prayer at The Feet of The Mother. Sri Prasad Tripathy, Convenor of SAU explained the importance of motivating the students to study the works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. He highlighted the role of teachers to motivate and guide the students in such study. He said that the students would choose some topic from the list provided by SAU, study the relevant books and magazines under the guidance of some teacher or counsellor and submit a dissertation to SAU before the annual examination.
Then Sri Bhagirathi Mahapatra, a counsellor of SAU, was requested to explain how to study a topic and write the dissertation on it. Sri Mahapatra spoke on why one should have a study on Sri Aurobindo and The Mother and how to collect information on it from different sources. As an example he chose the topic of " Sri Aurobindo and The Mother on Women " and explained how to collect information on the topic from different sources and write a dissertation on it as per the methodology prepared by SAU. He concluded by highlighting the responsibility of the teacher-counsellor in the programme.
The matter was discussed at length by others like Sri Ramesh Chandra Nayak, Prof. Prafulla Kumar Mishra, Dr. Sushant Kumar Kar, Sri Balakrishna Nayak and Sri Uttam Kumar Paikray etc. All of them appreciated the programme and gave valuable suggestions for its successful implementation.
Sri Gadadhar Mishra spoke on the practical aspect of the programme and emphasised on the responsibility of the teachers of each school and explained how they should prepare themselves to become true counsellors of the junior learners.
After some discussions the list of the topics prepared by SAU for the junior learners were distributed among the participants of the meeting. Some of them were requested to prepare the preliminary sources of reference on some topics and Dr. Sushant Kumar Kar, Prof. Prafulla Kumar Mishra, Sri Balakrishna Nayak, Sri Uttam Kumar Paikray, Sri Bhagirathi Mahapatra and Sri Ramesh Chandra Nayak volunteered to do the work. They were requested to send the lists to SAU at earliest possible.
It was decided that the programme should be implemented forthwith and accordingly the following participants were requested to start in the schools mentioned against their names and they agreed.
Sl. Name School
1. Sri Ramesh Chandra Nayak Sri Aurobindo Institute of Higher Studies and Research, Matrubhaban, Cuttack
2. Sri Bhagirathi Mahapatra Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centre at Khallikote,
3. Sri Uttam Kumar Paikray Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centre Banapur, Nachuni,
4. Sri Balakrishna Nayak Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centre , Jagatsinghpur,
5. Sri Sashibhusan Praharaj Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centre, Netajinagar, Ctk
6. Sri Rabindra Kumar Rout Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centre, Balikuda,
7. Sri Sibaprasad Behera Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centre, Baranga,
8. Smt. Sagarika Parida Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centre, Taharpur,
9. Sri Ranjan Kumar Sahoo Sri Aurobindo Integral Education and Sri Sunil Kumar Prusty Centre, Rajsunakhala.
The dates for future meetings were discussed and it was proposed to hold such meetings on the third Sun days of December, March, June and September of the year. The meeting ended with gratitude at The Lotus Feet of The Mother.
Prasad Tripathy
Convenor, SAU

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Sri Aurobindo has shown the world to think something beyond mind

Author : Anil Kumar Mohapatra Summary by : kokimira
Sri Aurobindo has been acclaimed as a world teacher. He is a rare genius of Asia who is said to have represented a synthesis between the east and west. He has inspired and influenced his own and will be guiding the succeeding generations across the globe through his immortal teachings. Prof. Fredric Spiegelberg of Stanford University, California (USA) is worth quoted here who wrote:
“I have never known a philosopher so all-embracing in his metaphysical structure as Sri Aurobindo, none before him had the same vision…”
Sri Aurobindo’s masterpiece the ‘Life Divine’ and his epic poem ‘Savitri’ ( perhaps the longest verse in English literature), epitomize his vision of the future of human race and has the potential to solve the problems of the mankind of today and of the future. He attributed the present miseries that the world confronts today; to our acceptance and thinking that mind is the ultimate end of evolution. He has shown the world to think something beyond mind. To him the present man is in a transition to become super man having supramental consciousness where there will be the conquest of matter by the spirit. There will be the manifestation of a new race and a new world: the Supramental. There will be then human unity, global governance and at the same time a space for ideals of self-determination. Nationalism and internationalism will be compatible to each other. We will then neither quarrel for patent rights nor suffer from inequitable international trade. Finally man will be really happy and free when he finds a way out of his spiritual problems.
Sri Aurobindo was not an arm chair philosopher. He lived his vision of the reality. Being one of the foremost intellectuals of our times he penetrated the course of evolution and human civilization and has made a solid and lasting contribution to thought and life. It is necessary that the younger generation should be made aware of so varied and valuable a contribution of Sri Aurobindo because that would enable it to solve the problems of today and of the future. Published: January 17, 2008