Friday, January 18, 2008

Sri Aurobindo has shown the world to think something beyond mind

Author : Anil Kumar Mohapatra Summary by : kokimira
Sri Aurobindo has been acclaimed as a world teacher. He is a rare genius of Asia who is said to have represented a synthesis between the east and west. He has inspired and influenced his own and will be guiding the succeeding generations across the globe through his immortal teachings. Prof. Fredric Spiegelberg of Stanford University, California (USA) is worth quoted here who wrote:
“I have never known a philosopher so all-embracing in his metaphysical structure as Sri Aurobindo, none before him had the same vision…”
Sri Aurobindo’s masterpiece the ‘Life Divine’ and his epic poem ‘Savitri’ ( perhaps the longest verse in English literature), epitomize his vision of the future of human race and has the potential to solve the problems of the mankind of today and of the future. He attributed the present miseries that the world confronts today; to our acceptance and thinking that mind is the ultimate end of evolution. He has shown the world to think something beyond mind. To him the present man is in a transition to become super man having supramental consciousness where there will be the conquest of matter by the spirit. There will be the manifestation of a new race and a new world: the Supramental. There will be then human unity, global governance and at the same time a space for ideals of self-determination. Nationalism and internationalism will be compatible to each other. We will then neither quarrel for patent rights nor suffer from inequitable international trade. Finally man will be really happy and free when he finds a way out of his spiritual problems.
Sri Aurobindo was not an arm chair philosopher. He lived his vision of the reality. Being one of the foremost intellectuals of our times he penetrated the course of evolution and human civilization and has made a solid and lasting contribution to thought and life. It is necessary that the younger generation should be made aware of so varied and valuable a contribution of Sri Aurobindo because that would enable it to solve the problems of today and of the future. Published: January 17, 2008

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