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Dharanidhar Pal gave a brief account of the construction work of SAU at Dalijoda

All Orissa Conference of Sri Aurobindo Bigyana Parishada & Annual State Level Science Exhibition, 6th and 7th September 2008
Dear friends,
You may be aware, the All Orissa Conference of Sri Aurobindo Bigyana Parishada and & Annual State Level Science Exhibition for year 2008 will be held at Matrubhaban, Cuttack on 6th and 7th of September 2008 (first Saturday & Sunday of September).
A letter in this regard had been sent to all schools earlier requesting to send us details of projects being planned by the schools for exhibition by end of April. We hope you must have received the
same. We have so far received a few responses to that letter.
We hope you have already started working on the projects you plan to exhibit. We would appreciate if you can send us the details of your projects by end of July 2008 so that we can stay prepared.
Please note that participation in exhibition is open for students from Std-5 to Std-10. We invite projects (Maximum 2) from your school.
You can confirm your participation through the following channels:
1. Intimate Samarendra Bhai (Ph: 9438436620)/ Muni Apa (Ph. 9437277208) at Matrubhaban (0671-2344338)
2. Send the details to The Convener,
Sri Aurobindo Bigyana Parishada
Matrubhaban, Sri Aurobindo Marg
Cuttack – 753013
3. E-mail your project details to
4. Provide your details to the state organizers of Sri Aurobindo Study Circle Committee during the July tour
In any case please send the project details to Matrubhaban address mentioned above.
Sri Prasad Tripathy Er. Ananda Subudhi Er Biraja Kinkara Sinha

Sri Aurobindo Engineering and Technical Group
Dear Friends,
SAETG has been in existence for quite a few years now. While each one of us has contributed towards the cause and objective of the group in some capacity over the years, we are sure each one of us also believes that there is so much more to do than what we are able to do now. We believe there is a significant need to build the strength in our organization to come together and do something different. We need to get organised, communicate with each other, share our thoughts and ideas to make it a much more effective group. Needless to say it requires absolute sincerity from each one of us.
We feel its time for each of us to think seriously about it and work with more commitment and sincerity to achieve the objective. Towards this we have jotted down a few thoughts as our action plan for this year.
1. As the first step towards getting effectively organised and sharing our ideas, let’s have a meet of all SAETG district convenors and other interested members in the month of September 2008. We can organise it on 6th of September at Cuttack. This date coincides with the date of Annual State Level convention for Sri Aurobindo Bigyana Parishada and also almost a month prior to the Annual State Level conference of SAETG.
2. We urge the SAETG district convenors to conduct similar district level meets to organise the team at Block levels to make it more effective and participative. Apart from these two key points we feel there are few other activities that can be taken up by us during this year.
1. SAETG monthly special pathachakra may be held in the residence of a member every month in rotation. It has been observed that this pathachakra plays an important role in organizing the unit. District convenors and SAETG convenors are requested to ensure minimum of 12 pathachakras in every district.
2. In the last few annual conferences, we have felt the need to compile a list of SAETG members in different parts of Orissa to help communicate to everyone regarding our activities and to build the organization. We request SAETG district convenors to compile and send us a list of the members of SAETG in their areas with details such as Name, Address, Phone, Mobile, e-mail etc.
3. While we believe many of the schools have now constituted Sri Aurobindo Bigyana Parishada in their schools, there might still be some schools where this has not been implemented yet. It would be prudent on our part to identify such schools and work with them to organize the Bigyana Parishada. We request all the SAETG district convenors to work towards this.
4. Similarly many schools, districts and zones are now organizing school, district and zonal level science exhibitions. We request all the SAETG district convenors to continue their focus towards this and help organise such events in a way that meets our core objective and aspiration.
5. Workshops, seminars, awareness programs in schools and centers on safety, solid waste management, energy conservation continues to be our focus and we urge the SAETG disctrict convenors to work towards it as before State Level Program for 2008
1. All Orissa Conference of Sri Aurobindo Bigyana Parishada and & Annual State Level Science Exhibition to be held on 6th and 7th September 2008.
2. All Orissa Annual Conference of SAETG for 2008 will be held on 12th October at Dalijoda, Cuttack. Theme for this years conference is considered to be "Architecture".
Sri Prasad Tripathy Er. Ananda Subudhi

Proceedings of the meeting of Sri Aurobindo University held on 08.06.08
A meeting of the district convenors of SAUER (Sri Aurobindo Unit of Educational Research) and the Counsellors and Registered Learners of SAU ( Sri Aurobindo University) was held at 10-30 a.m. on 8th June,2008 at Matrubhaban, Cuttack in order to discuss the progress in the activities and some organisational matters. Altogether 25 members attended the meeting and Sri Prasad Tripathy, Convenor of SAU presided over it.
The meeting started with a silent prayer at the Lotus Feet of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. The Convenor Sri Prasad Tripathy welcomed the members and briefly explained the purpose for which the meeting was called. He also hinted on the points that were discussed in the 2nd Annual convention of SAU held at Dalijoda and called upon the members to expedite its activities.
With the request of the President Sri S.C. Mishra briefly pointed out the future programme to be undertaken by SAU. He particularly emphasised on the activities of the University to be introduced in the Integral Education Centres of the state so as to create the Junior learners and the Teacher Counsellors. He suggested that the New Life Education Trust (NLET) may be requested to discuss the matter at their level and take suitable steps to implement it.
The President then requested the District Convenors of SAUER to present brief reports of the activities undertaken by SAU in their districts. Accordingly, the district convenors attending the meeting presented their reports and suggested some programmes for better implementation of the activities of SAU. Those were as follows.
1. Sri Lambodar Dey, (Baleswar):- There is not much progress in the activities of SAU in the case of senior level Learners. In the junior level, the work has just been started and the application forms have been distributed among the schools with classes above Std. VII.
Suggestions:- Some writings of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo should be included in the syllabus prepared by NLET for awareness among the students.
2. Sri Sahadeb Sahoo, (Sundargarh):- A project has been under proposal to write the history of the three Relic Centres of the district by three members of Pathachakras in the senior level. In the Junior level activities of SAU have been started at SAIEC, Biramitrapur and 22 students and 04 teachers have been involved in the programme. The SAIECs at Sundargarh and Rourkela have been contacted to start the work soon.
3. Dr. Kanakalata Sahoo, (Jajpur):- All the 22 SAIECs of the district were requested to start the programme of SAU as soon as possible. Only 02 schools have reported to have started the work. There are two senior registered learners in the district and their projects are in progress.
4. Dr. Golakbihari Sahoo, (Bhadrak):- There are two senior registered learners in the district and one of them, Sri P.Hrushikesh has submitted his thesis on Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press which is under examination. The other is slowly progressing. In the junior level the activity has been started in the SAIEC at Charampa. It is yet to be started in other schools of the district.
Sggestions:-Some orientation camps with the learners and counsellors should be organised at Dalijoda. A good library should be developed there or at Matrubhaban , Cuttack for their use.
Each counesellor of SAU should be requested to submit a model synopsis on some of the topics of his/ her choice that would be published in Matrubhaban Patra or a bulletin of SAU for the benefit of the learners. Every project taken up by the learners should have a definite objective to find some new findings /ideas.
His model synopsis on "A comparative study between Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga and the Yoga of the Geeta" may be published in the Matrubhaban Patra for guidance of interested learners and counsellors, if felt so.
5. Kamalini Mishra, (Dhenkanal):- The activities of SAU in senior/junior level is yet to be started in the district. Steps would be taken soon to implement it in the SAIECs of the district.
6. Sarat Chandra Mishra, (Cuttack):- There are three registered learners in the district and their projects are in progress. In the junior level the work has been initiated in the Integral Schools at Matrubhaban, Cuttack and Kalapada. It will be started in other SAIECs of the district having classes above std. VII just after the summer vacation.
Suggestions:-The New Life Education Trust should be requested to take steps for implementation of the programme of SAU in all the SAIECs having classes above Std. VII of the state. A student will be allotted the Project in Std. VIII and must complete it before the Annual examination of Std. IX. The teacher counsellors should be oriented phase – wise to go ahead with the programme.
7. Sri Bhagirathi Mahapatra, (Ganjam):- There is only one registered learner in the district. In the junior level the programme is yet to start in the SAIECs. It will be taken up soon.
Suggestions:- References on the topics suggested for school level should be prepared by some counsellors and circulated to the Principals of the SAIECs and the District convenors of SAUER for guidance and progress in the activities of SAU.
The counsellors of the registered learners should be requested to review the progress of the learners from time to time and intimate to SAU.
As per the agenda the President then requested the registered learners to mention briefly their progress in the projects. Accordingly the five registered learners:-Sri P. Hrushikesh, 2. Sri Rasabihari Mahapatra, 3. Smt. Jyotshnarani Dash, 4. Smt. Kanakalata Sahoo, 5. Sri Kalandi charan Senapati and 6. Sri Pradeep Jena expressed their experiences and difficulties faced by them during the progress of their Projects.
Counsellor, Sri Dharanidhar Pal gave a brief account of the progress made in the construction work of SAU at Dalijoda. He expressed that nearly four rooms would be ready within the next four months to start small workshops there. He emphasized on the submission of synopsis for any research project, particularly in the case of senior learners.
He said that the aim of SAU is to make one enter into the consciousness of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo through study.
Sri Pravakar Mishra, counselor, explained point-wise the writings of The Mother on Psychic Discovery and requested everyone present in the meeting to practise it in daily life for progress in consciousness.
In his concluding remarks Sri Gadadhar Mishra impressed upon all the tremendous possibilities behind the implementation of the project and requested every body to work with sincerity and patience for the success of the programme. He hoped that all hurdles in the path would be overcome slowly and gradually by the Grace of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.
Sri Prasad Tripathy mentioned that a copy of each letter sent to the learners/ counsellors /principals should be sent to the respective district convenor for information and required action.
After a vote of thanks extended by Sri Ramesh Chandra Dalai, the meeting ended with a note of gratitude at the lotus Feet of The Mother and one minute’s silent prayer.
Sri Prasad Tripathy
Convenor, SAU

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