Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The spirit of 1972

January 4, 1969 Mother's Agenda
(Soon afterwards, Mother turns to the question of Sri Aurobindo’s centenary, in 1972.)
They’re preparing here a publication in Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, and two other languages I forget, to which they intend to add Tamil and Telugu, of all the works of Sri Aurobindo. It’s a tremendous task.
At the same time, in America, there are two or three editions of Sri Aurobindo’s complete works: one edition for libraries, one for America, and one for India. They’ve sent me samples – they’re magnificent! The edition for America is a marvel: big like this, with a marvelous paper …
It’s a pity we aren’t doing the French.
Yes, in France they don’t respond much.
No. And also there should be someone to look after it. As for me, I’m not looking after it at all. There should be someone. But is it … maybe it’s not necessary.
But I’m looking after it a lot for France! To publish Sri Aurobindo in France …
Yes, but people answer you that they can’t do it![i]
But there is a possibility, the last I read out to you.[ii]
Yes …
So I am waiting. Maybe it’s going to start off there?
It would be good if we published the whole thing. It’s for 1972, his centenary … There was only six years’ difference between us.
There was some difference with Gandhi – it’s Gandhi’s centenary too, isn’t it?
It’s this year.
This year …
Yes, there’s “Some difference”!
Now, under the pretext (what pretext, I don’t know) not to tire me (or I don’t understand what), they take things away from me, they don’t leave them with me (Mother laughs). I wanted to show you this American edition. which is very beautiful, and now … I don’t know where it is.
I would really like something to be done in France ….
Yes, it would be good …. It would be good for the FRENCH!
Your book has had an enormous action, enormous. It’s still having it.
I remember that even here, when Pavitra read it, he told me (he was quite enthusiastic), he said to me, “Oh, he has made me understand something I hadn’t understood!” (Mother laughs) Pavitra, one of the old disciples who lived with Sri Aurobindo!
No, in France, things got off to a wrong start because of J.H., it was he who … Ambition and …
It has warped something.
Warped, yes. It has warped the French approach [to Sri Aurobindo].
[i]Three of the best French publishers rejected Sri Aurobindo’s works or did not reply …
[ii]A collection of “spiritual adventures” (in the plural) in which Sri Aurobindo might have found a place amidst drugs and psychedelia.

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