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New Life Education Trust - 29.09.2006

Proceedings of the meeting of the General Body of the
New Life Education Trust held at Matrubhaban, Cuttack on 29.09.2006

The meeting started at 10.30 AM with Sri Sriballav Panigrahi, President
on Chair with 2mts silence Prayer to The Mother.
First The Secretary read out the proceedings of the last General
Body Meeting held on 20.10.2004 at Matrubhaban, Cuttack and this was
Secretary’s Report : Then he presented a report for the term 2004-05-
06. He mentioned in his report that the present situation is very difficult.
The total Integral Education movement in Orissa is facing challenges.
There is doubt, disbelief, fear, depression among the persons who are
working in the field. There is also the attack of our ego and self interest.
Disharmony spreading from one school to another school. It seems, we
are at the midst of a very difficult situation.
He also mentioned that our path must be like that. Mother has said,
“you tell of difficulties, I am talking about impossibilites”. Our path must
be difficult because we are doing an adventure. No adventure in the past
has ever been easy. Sweet Mother’s Grace and Babaji Maharaj & Prapatti’s
Tapasya are giving us protection. Otherwise we would have been no
where. We are able to laugh in the midst of danger. Let us march towards
that luminous goal in spite of all danger and difficulties. He stressed to
keep Harmony among everyone which is extremely essential. In his
report, The Secretary presented districtwise total data of the schools, data
on total no. of Executive Body Meeting, Teacher Training, Students Meet,
Regional Meets, Sanskrit Workshop, Printing of Text Books, Govt. Special
Financial Assistance, Govt. liasion, Internal Audit, State level Sri Aurobindo
Study Circle Committee, Sri Aurobindo University. He also mentioned
that the Office of the New Life Education Trust has been opened by Sri
Sriballav Panigrahi, President at Matrubhaban, Cuttack on 26th Sept’
2006 at 10AM and Sri Binod Debata the representative of Angul District
has already taken up the charge of Cuttack office. He requested the
members to come forward and join hands in this massive task and
extended his gratitude to everybody for their co-operation. (Report
After the Secretary finished his report, President requested the
Treasurer Cum Joint Secretary to place the accounts of 2004-05 & 05-
06 and the Joint Secretary Cum Treasurer Sri Sankar Mohanty presented
the account (Copy of Accounts enclosed). Then the President asked the
members to discuss on the report of the Secretary & Accounts placed by
the Treasurer in which the following members participated.
Saroj Pattanaik of Rourkela appreciated the report of the Secretary. He
also appreciated the procedure of school affiliation in which both District
Co-ordinator & Trust Co-ordinator recommend. He showed his concern
over the fact that about 1/4th of the schools opened so far have not been
affiliated for which immediate arrangements may be made. He also
appreciated the procedure of students meet in which District students
meet will be among the Std-V, Zonal students meet among the students
of Std. VI, VII and State level students meet among the High School
students. He also mentioned that even if the Internal audit is complete
still one Chattered Accountant may be engaged to prepare the Accounts
of the Trust. He appreciated the opening of office at Matrubhaban within
a very short time.
2. Pravakar Mishra of Saheed Nagar proposed to impose certain
principles for opening of Integral Schools. He placed a complain that two
Integral Schools have been opened within a radius of 1/2 km of Saheed
Nagar Integral School for which 25% of their students have been reduced.
He requested the Trust members to seriously think before allowing new
schools and see that they do not run away from the ideology.
Prof. M.N. Sahu, Adviser emphasised that the Trust be strict in granting
affiliation to new schools after looking to Distance, land, building, Teachers,
Study Circles etc. Let the school first take permission and then open.
P. Tripathy, Secretary clarified that the new schools are granted affiliation
after Joint verification made by both District Co-ordinator and New Life
Education Trust Co-ordinator. Hence they can take this into consideration
before recommending for affiliation. When the schools are already opened
and students have already passed class V, we have to countersign their
certificates just to allow the students to read further. Since the problems
are raised from Bhubaneswar, the distance does not matter much.
Moreover, the senior Pathachakra members are also involved in opening
of the new schools who could easily advise them to maintain certain
disciplines before opening of schools.
Prof. M.N. Sahu, Adviser advised that the list of affiliated and nonaffiliated
schools be circulated.
B.P. Das, Vice-President described the problems of two such Integral
Schools near his residence at Nayapalli. He advised that the Integral
Schools should always be opened in consultation with the Study Circle
Members. He congratulated the Secretary for his excellent and
comprehensive report. He appreciated the new idea Sri Aurobindo
University & said that this was the dream of Babaji Maharaj.
S. Panigrahi, President said that in society the Integral Schools have
proved their worth. People have liked them and put confidence on them.
There are other schools in the same name to create confusion in the
society. He advised that the list of affiliated Integral Schools be circulated
among the CI/DI of Schools.
B.P. Das, Vice-President suggested that the schools running without
proper procedure be considered for de-affiliation.
Prof. M.N. Sahu advised to open Study Circles in everybody’s house.
S. Mohanty, Joint Secretary cum Tresurer said that the non affiliated
schools be visited by the District Organisers. They may be given a fixed
time during which they may complete their visit and send report. Let them
not come in the last moment.
G. Mishra,Vice-President said that a resolution was made in the meeting
of the Core Committee that Study Circle would be opened in the house
of each M.C. Members. Let that be ascertained. Each school may join in
the activities of Sri Aurobindo University and at least 2 or 3 teachers
partcipate. Recognition procedure be made clear to all new Sri Aurobindo
Integral Education Centers. Let each Integral School resolve in their
meeting to take part in Sri Aurobindo University and send their resolutions
to the Sri Aurobindo University which may encourage the organisers of
Sri Aurobindo University.
Anjali Tripathy of Gopinathpur proposed to prepare a Calender of
events for the whole year. A state level list of activities of the Trust may
also be get published. She emphasised that atleast one teacher from
each Integral School participate in the state level Teachers’ meet. She
also proposed to prepare a Catalogue and Issue Register for the books
available both at Cuttack & Khandagiri Trust Office.
Sanjay Kr. Mohapatra of Kalupadaghat, agreed to the proposals of
Anjali Apa and insisted that Dist. meets / Zonal meets should not clash
with state level meets.
Secretary clarified that the Calender of events as proposed by Anjali
has already been printed in the Matrubhaban Patra. However this will be
again published separately & circulated.
Dr. B. Mohapatra Joint Secratary emphasized that all meets should
have co-ordinations among themselves. State level Mahila Samilani,
State level Girls’ Child Meet are going to be organised at different places
in which all should participate. She said that somebody objected to
conduct separately Girls’ Child Meet but when Babaji was told about this
he gave his opinion that whoever may oppose you continue doing it.
She also requested everybody to take part in Sri Aurobindo University
Maheswar Mahakud of Kendujhar , mentioned that few years back the
participation of teachers in the annual meet was very high. Everybody felt
that in future, schools will be more and teachers will be more too. In order
to restrict the no. for smooth management, each school will be requested
to send a limited no of teachers. But to our dissapointment this year only
200 teachers have participated. He also mentioned that the schools are
becoming indifferent after getting affiliation. We should look to the
qualitative side and there should be some imposition too.
Sarat Ghose of Raghunathpur (Soro) insisted that the meeting should
start at exact time under any circumstance. He said that the new schools
are getting open more in urban areas than rural area. Dissatisfied
members of one Integral Schools are opening another school in the near
by area. It is seen that new schools opened are more active than the old
schools. It is to be decided that which school should be given affiliation.
He expressed his gratitude to the Secretary for his report. He also
requested that let the report consist the no of teachers, students and
other details. We may keep more time for the Executive Body meeting
since the total schools have been 429. He requested to have more
seminars and meeting in the Zone & District level, Conduct Refresher
Training Camp for more times, start a permanent Training Centre and
conduct three monthly training round the year. About text books he
expressed his concern as some schools have still not introduced Trust
Books in their schools. Let the books have qualitative value and errorless.
The review be perfect. Regarding Govt. grant he said that the schools
those are receiving Govt. grant are not co-operating. Since the amount
have been reduced, we may try to get the actual amount but for that the
schools those are receiving grant should co-operate and deposit the
Utilisation Certificate very early which is actually not done. Let us decide
whether we shall receive money from the Govt. or not. The Internal audit
may be done more seriously.
Lambodar Dey of Kharidchhak said once Babaji Maharaj had said not
to discourage anybody who has opened a new school but to show him
the right way. But we are giving so much empasis on giving affiliation by
restricting them.
Sashikanta Bhoi of Kaptipada requsted to print the handbook of Physical
Education and prepare guide books to teach sanskrit easily. He also
proposed to have workshops on different subjects on Zonal level.
Prafulla Panda of Sambalpur appreciated the standard of Text books.
He insisted that affiliation of school may be withdrawn if nobody from that
school participate in the state level meet. Let us give time for 6 months
and if they don’t change their affiliation be withdrawn. He also insisted
that the list of schools who are not maintaining the minimum discipline
should be circulated. He insisted also to increase the zonal activities.
Sudhi Bhai of Indrabati proposed that there may not be any text books
for Std-I but let there be teacher’s guide book. Let the students be made
free from the burden of text books. He insisted that the education should
be from Heart but not from Mind.
Hari Bhai of Koraput proposed to conduct teachers & students meet on
rotation basis at different schools. He said that the Govt. is insisting to
open NCC and wanted to know if we can start Army of Light instade of
Pradeep Bhai of Bonai expressed his gratitude to the Trust for the
workers meet. Requested to open a permanent Training Centre as early
as possible at least within 3 months period and separately for Nurs/KG
Teachers, Primary Teachers & High School Teachers.
Fakir Sankhua of Soro expressed his gratitude for the total programme
of the workers meet in which “ Group Discussion” was very lively. The
Questions & Answers were very effective. Requested to reduce the
delegation fees so that members of all categories may attend and listen
to the discussion.
Satyanarayan Babu of Sambalpur, requested to reprint the handbook
of Instruction and Syllabus. He also requested to take a decision if
experience Certificate can be given for IGNOU Admission.
Ganesh Mohapatra of Kuliana requested to accelerate the Govt. liasioning
work. Also appreciated the idea of a Permanent Training Centre. He
expressed his grief for fighting among the school members. This gives
bad impact on the students. He invited to conduct the next Trust meeting
at Baripada.
Binendra Mohanty of Kohla expressed that the text books are all of old
pattern, have nothing new in them. We may start permanent research in
it. The Study Circle members are in the management of the school but
their own children are reading in English Medium School. At certain
Centres rich persons having no connection with “The Mother & Sri
Aurobindo” have been taken in the managing committee and they are
creating all type of problems. Let there be a guide line to open an Integral
School. Let the Trust utilise some of it’s powers to the indisciplined
Bibhu Bhai of Kodala proposed to conduct one state level student’s
sports meet.
Ramesh Panda of Gania said that this workers meet is partly successful.
Let there be more activities so that everybody can know each other. Even
the member of Study Circle have not been able to change their attitude.
No harmony among the teachers and M.C. Members. Let us practise what
we read in Study Circles.
Sarat Panda of Berhampur explained that worker’s meet was having
more participation initially but now the no. have been reduced. There
should be Study Circles in the houses of teachers and M.C. members.
Each District co-ordinator, Zonal Co-ordinator & State co-ordinator should
at least visit once the schools in their district during the year.
Srinibas Bhai of Jagatsinghpur proposed that the Teachers should be
careful to bring out the internal qualities of the child. They should not get
upset or angry with the students. Let there be training centre for teachers
6 monthly / 10 monthly etc.
Ajaya Bal of Dhenkanal said that New Life Education Trust is not an
administrative body. It is a co-ordinating body. SFA has been disbursed
through NLET. We have already published Text Books for the entire state.
These are very good efforts. Let the approval of MC be also done by
NLET. Let each members of MC should have Study Circles in their
Benu Bhai of Karanda complained that they are facing troubles in Govt.
offices. District and Block Co-ordinators may try to visit and help.
Pradeepta Panigrahi of Khallikote said that the no. of non affiliated
schools are more because of the conditions of affiliation that they can
apply for affiliation after 2 years. of opening of the schools. They should
have own land and building. Trust Co-ordinators must visit the newly
opened schools. Each school should send at least one representative to
the annual meet of the workers. He extends his satisfaction for the group
discussion made in the workers’ meet.
Urmila Apa of Charampa emphasised to have Study Circles in each
organisers house. They must be aware about ideal of Mother & Sri
Aurobindo. Let each Teacher of the school should participate in such
meets by rotation. Let not one teacher always participate in each meet
from a school. She complained that some schools are not sending
teachers and in some school teachers are not agreeing to attend. She
insisted to conduct state level parents’ meet by the Trust and expressed
her gratitude to Trust for the nice arrangement.
Lalit Mohan Khuntia of Balangir expressed that there in no coordinaton
among the Dist. & Zonal co-ordinators. Trust members should not directly
approach the schools. There should have refresher camps twice a year
instead of once. He insisted that the audit report may be circulated
among all schools. He said that all plans projects are coming out of our
aspirations like Dasakarmadhara, Sri Aurobindo University etc. Let our
Education be in such a spirit that it can challenge the Govt. Education
and all so called sophisticated Education. We don’t have any
misappropriation problem. He appreciated the idea of Sri Aurobindo
University and emphasized that each school should at least have 1 or
2 teachers who will participate in it’s programme.
Secretary Sri P. Tripathy then clarified the following points.
1. Regarding less attendance, Secretary said that the no of students in
Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry has been reduced. Have they been
worried? Nothing depends on the number. It matters whether the number
those who attended have utilised their time or not. For that matter, we
have said several times that it has become more intense, more fruitful.
2. Regarding accepting money from Govt. he said that we shall receive
money from Govt. as long as our ideal is not compormised. After we
receive special recognition from Govt. this problem will not be there.
3. Regarding what Babaji Maharaj had said about opening of new
schools he said that Babaji Maharaj can not be quoted anywhere and
everywhere. Of course we should not be very strict but we should also
be careful about our ideal.
4. Regarding the delegate fees to attend the meet he said that the
school which can pay, should pay. Those who can’t pay may be given
some concession but in any case this will never help in increasing the
no of delegates, because there are teachers who have come paying
themselves as the school has not paid them and there are others for
whom the school has paid but they have not come. Unless one feels the
necessacity of attending the meet, one shall not come.
5. Regarding NCC or Army of Light he said that the Govt. authorities
those are insisting us to open NCC can be made to convince that Army
of Light is a better organisation to keep the students Active, Disciplined
and Spiritual and they may not give pressure further to start NCC.
6. Regarding the recognition of our schools, the Secretary said that the
declaration of our school by Govt. as special type of school will solve all
these problems.
7. About Permanent Training Centre, he said that this matter have been
discussed in the last two Core Committee Meetings and after detail
discussion this will be opened but there are many questions to be
solved such as substitute teacher, Course Fees, accomodation etc.
8. About conducting the Trust meeting by rotation he pointed out that
such experiments have been made previously when the total strength
have been less than the quorrum.
9. Answering to a complain that the text books are of old pattern he
said that this is very ridiculous to be heard as we have so many times
requested everybody to come forward to help us and assist us in correcting
the books. It is painful that you don’t participate in preparing the Text
books and complain. However, he requested that whoever may come to
help in this regard is welcome. Even if required some monetary help can
be made to them for this purpose also.
10. Regarding approval of MC by the NLET he said this too can be
solved once we are declared as special type of school.
11. Regarding conducting state level guardians meet he said that we
may request the Principal/Secretary to bring one or two guardians with
them for the Secretary / Principal meet initially. If it gives some result we
may ask more to participate.
12. Regarding conducting refresher training twice a year he said that
our refresher training can not be conducted for less than 15 days and
we don’t have vacation more than 15days twice. It is only during summer
we are having a long holiday in which this can be accomodated.
President Sri Sriballav Panigrahi in his Presidential Remark said that
the Secretary has very clearly answered to all the querries and doubts
keeping in view the ideal of Integral Education. He said that the journey
is long hence we should be ready for that. Initially a few people were
members in the NLET but now there are so many members and even
this no. may increase also. But to conduct a meeting since at least one
third members are essential, we started a Core Committee. He said that
all the proposals raised by the members are very thoughtful and shall
be taken care in the immediate meetings of the Executive Body or Core
Committee. He said that Integral Education movement is a tringular effort
consisting of Teachers -Organisers, Parents and Students. Unless the
parents co-operate, no real progress can be made. A new experiment is
started at Sambalpur by organising parents meet with children. We may
wait to see its result. He very much appreciated the idea of starting a
Permanent Training Centre as the Orientation will definitely help in running
the Integral Movement. He said this may be for two types of teachers like
beginners and experienced. We need Integral Training for Integral
Education. The Sri Aurobindo University may take up the responsibility
of Teachers Training Programme. Initially schools were opened and
gradually they will improve but in any case if they don’t obey the principles,
disciplines, we may think of issuing them de-affiliation or de-link.
Regarding mistake in the Text Books he said that some mistakes
may occur in the beginning but gradually we shall try for perfection. He
said The Mother has emphasized in reading Sri Aurobindo as
Sri Aurobindo is the real answer to everything in life. Whosoever works
in the schools may be organiser or teacher should read Sri Aurobindo.
He said that contradiction are natural but we must overcome them. He
congratulated the Secretary for his beautiful report and brilliant clarification
raised by the members. He said that we are trying our best in the Govt.
level to find out something to our problems but the internal disharmony
in our institutions must be taken care of by ourselves. He said that
Integral Education is imparted with a very minimum expenditure. He
again reminded that Sri Aurobindo has said each teacher ought to be a
yogi. Here each of us should be yogi. He thanked the Education Minister
Sri Bishnu Das and Finance Minister Sri Prafulla Ghadei for having
attended the meet and given assurance to help us in declaring us as
special type of Education. Lastly extended everybody a Saradiya
Ramesh Rout of Panikoili proposed a list of following 25 members for
the next term 2006 -08 for selection of office bearers of NLET.
1. Sriballav Panigrahi 9. Bimal Prasana Das 17Niranjan Mohapatra
2. Prafulla Kr. Panda 10. Sankar Mohanty 18. Arabinda Das
3. Satyanarayan Babu 11. Sanjay Mohapatra 19.Pradeepta Panigrahi
4. Saroj Kr. Pattanaik 12. Gadadhar Mishra 20. Lambodar Dey
5. Lalit Mohan Khuntia 13. Prasad Tripathy 21. Sarat Ch. Ghose
6. Prasanta Kr. Swain 14. Bijayeeni Mohapatra 22. Ganesh Ch. Mohapatra
7. Ganesh Prasad 15. Anjali Tripathy 23.Maheswar Mahakud
8. Aparti Ch. Dash 16. Ramesh Ch. Dalai 24. Madan Mohan Dani
25. Bijay Kr. Das
Sashikanta Bhai of Kaptipada seconded this proposal and this was
accepted by everybody. It was decided that an emergency meeting will
be held on 22nd Oct. to select the office bearers for the next term and
to find out the reasons for less participation in the meet.
Dr. Bijayeeni Mohapatra, Jt. Secretary proposed a Vote of Thanks
and the General Body meeting ended with 2 mts silence prayer at the
Feet of the Sweet Mother & Sri Aurobindo.

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