Sunday, October 24, 2010

July tour to all 30 districts of Odisha

This is the first year of July Tour during which our dear Dada is not materially present. He was and is the guide to all our activities of organisation not only for the last 12 years after the passing on of Babaji Maharaj but has been in contact with the work in Orissa for the last 48 years. He took up the task of subjecting “The Mother’s Work in Orissa” to the direct guidance of the Divine Mother. His constant advice to rely on Her, to remember Her and repeat the Name ‘MA’ in the midst of all our activities is the source of a great strength to us.
The Divine Mother has initiated Her own work in Orissa through Her great child Babaji Maharaj who not only insisted upon constantly remembering the aim of life given to us by the Divine Master and the Mother but gave the practical format of translating Their Ideal in the society in the shape of the ‘Sri Aurobindo Study Circle’ movement. He along with Prapatti gave the clarion call for the necessity of upholding the purity of the being and courage of conviction in the Ideal and was an exemplar par excellence. When Dada took up the work as liaison to the Divine he gave a fresh impetus, a bold thrust and massive encouragement to march towards the goal which he reiterated was a certainty. In the midst of confusion and apparent retardations and danger, his clear support stood out as upon a rock to fight out all hostility.
In all past 11 years of our July tour, to all 30 districts of Orissa, we used to inform him daily, the detail report of the activities and challenges as well as achievements of the day. This year too we felt his close attention on us, guiding our steps to fulfill Her Intention in Her Work in Orissa. We remember his tender insistence of now trying to directly depend on the Guidance of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo from within perhaps trying to groom us for the day when he would no longer be there materially to do this for us. From the depth of our heart, we convey our deep gratitude for our Loving elder brother, this great son of the Supreme Divine Mother.
We pray at Her Lotus Feet that this infallible Guidance may be available to us in spite of our numerous shortcomings and failures.
Last year we have completed the silver jubilee of July Tour and this is the 26th year. During this tour in every district meeting we addressed the very purpose of this organisational work and we reminded all the members regarding the individual responsibility of an organiser. The subject of discussion was “The true Divine Work”. We observed a very positive effect of this discussion on all the listeners who were mostly the brothers and sisters offering service in Sri Aurobindo Integral schools and the organisers of Sri Aurobindo Study Circles of Orissa, they seemed to have had a fresh determination to participate in Her Work.
Anadi Charan Swain Ch.Nirakar
At/Po: Sri Aurobindo Shreekshetra Matrubhaban
Via- Kotsahi, Dist: Cuttack Sri Aurobindo Marg, Cuttack-753013
Kendujhar, Bhadrak Gajapati, Ganjam, Dhenkanal, Anugul
Mayurbhanj, Baleswar Kandhamala
Janardan Acharya Udayanath Reddy Rudra Prasad Mohanty
At: Keshdurapal At: R.Damodarpalli Ma Ashis, House No -19
Po : Deogaon, Kendujhar Po : Aska, Ganjam-761110 H.B.Colony, Ramakrishna Vihar
Dist. Kendujhar Dist. Ganjam Baji chouk, Dist.Dhenkanal
Sashikanta Bhoi Bhagirathi Mohapatra Akshya Kr. Biswal
Joint convenor, Astha Zone Joint convenor, Aspruha zone Joint convenor, Krupa zone
At /PO. Kaptipada At/Po: Kanheipur Amalapada, Gandhi Marg
Dt- Mayurbhanj Via - Khallikote, Dt- Ganjam Anugul- 759122
Koraput,Kalahandi, Raygada, Sambalpur, Bargad, Cuttack, Kendraparda
Malkangiri, Nabarangpur Boudh Jajpur, Jagatsinghpur
Lalit Mohan Pattnaik Prafulla Kumar Panda Sarbeswar Mohapatra
Sri Aurobindo Study Circle Gantia Pada Sri Aurobindo Pathachakra
Nuabandha Sahi Aintha Palli Khurusia, Patalipanka
Dist- Nabarangapur Dist- Sambalpur Kujanga, Dist- Kendrapada
Nilamadhaba Mishra Sridhara Sahu Kirtan Bihari Rout
Joint convenor, Samarpan zone Joint convenor, Sangati zone Joint convenor, Satya zone
At: Near Radhakrishna Temple At/PO: Bheden Sri Aurobindo Int. Edn. Centre
Lingaraj Nagar Dt- Baragad- 768104 At/PO: Taharpur
PO: Irrigation Colony Via: Jajpur road
Jaypore- 764004 Dt- Jajpur- 755019
Dt- Koraput
Sundargad, Jharsuguda Nuapada, Balangir Puri, Nayagad, Khordha
Debgad Subarnapur
Dr Debidatta Kar Lalit Mohan Khuntia Tareswar Ratha
At/Po : Diamunda Palace lane At. Garvanipada
Via :Sargiapalli Bolangir -767001 Po: Bankoi, Dist- Khordha
Dist: Sundargad
Dambarudhar Sahu Ajit Kr. Dalapati Surendranath Jena
Joint convenor, Samata zone Joint Convenor, Shanti Zone Joint Convenor, Nistha Zone
At/PO: Kuchinda At/Po:Patnagad Sri Aurobindo Int. Edn Centre
Dt- Sambalpur-768222 Dt. Balangir-767025 At: Badapadar PO: Nachuni
Dt- Khordha